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Recapping the Jason Papalio Conversation

Welcome to The Baseball Awakening Podcast where we dive into the raw, unfiltered, unsexy side of player development.


On this episode, Host, Geoff Rottmayer,recaps his conversation with Jason Papalio and we talk about his holistic approach to recovery. The biggest takeaways that he discussed in this show are:

  • Jason definition to recovery and how it is important.
  • The different parts to recovery: mobility, stability, balance, yoga, meditation, sleep, breathing and nutrition.
  • The importance of sleeping and the importance of having a consistent sleeping pattern.
  • The importance of breathing and meditation.
  • The importance of visualization.
  • The importance of nutrition.
  • Understand stress and the long term effect of it.
  • and more.


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Hey Guys Geoff Rottmayer here with the Baseball Awakening recap show where I share with you the biggest takeaways I got from my conversation with Jason Papalio – as well as how I plan to implement what I have learned with my players that train with me at my academy in Tulsa Oklahoma

Again, as I always say, we want to hear from you because different things mean different thing to different people so it would be interesting to see how you guys interpret something that Tony said or something that I am going to say today. I will make a show reading your email because we can all learn something from it, so my email is going to be geoff@baseballawakening.com, so so me your thoughts, comment, or feedback.

Ok, first off let me apologize for not having this recap show done after the interview, its been a rough couple of weeks with he sinuses and all. But I seem to be recovering ok, not 100% but better. 

So Jason Paplio a Professional Recovery Specialist. And this is a guy that talks all aspect of recovery. This is a non sense stuff that guys do not want to do, and professional athlete learn to embrace. Recovery includes which Jason covered little bit in our conversation : mobility, stability, balance, yoga, sleep, nutrition, meditatiing, breathing and I am sure there are other we didn’t get to, but understand these things and how important they are into recovering as an athlete is huge step in improving yourself as an athlete. 

When I asked Jason what recovery means and he essentially said we are trying to give our body time to get our nervous system back to equilibrium and slow it down instead of staying at high pitch. Because it is stays high then you are increasing your cage of injuries. Your body needs to recover, if it operating at high all time not only is there going to be some short term effect but there are some long term effect. 

Learning how to watch a guy and learning what things means is a valuable skill and ability to coach can have. Its tough at first but if you watch enough guys and really watch how they move you will start to ask yourself questions and be curious as to why a guy look like they do. And what you will eventually see is a pattern in which guy all fall into patterns, especially when you get into specific sports. 

And jason gave some examples, you can see if a guy is struggling to rotate, or struggling to get extended, or struggling to squat down to catch, or unable to hinge hips, you can observe all of these things and this is telling you something. You do not have to be an expert at fixing it, but it would be good to have someone you can outsource stuff to when you see things becoming an issue. 

I ask Jason about the timeframe because that is the question ou get all the time, how long is it going to take me – and really you can improve everyday or not improve at all. What you put in is what you get out. Same with learning how to hit and learning how to pitch. If you choose to work on it once a week then it results won’t be as good as if you choose to work on it every day for 5-10 minutes. Working on your mobility and your recovery is important, its not sexy by any means and really professional athlete do not all enjoy it but they do it because it will help them in their performance. They are paid based on performance so they focus on their recovery. If you want to reach your optimal potential on the field then you will focus not he recovery aspect as well. And again a little a lot not a lot a little. It is also one of those things like Jason and I discussed, you may never get to ideal equalbilirium but you can improve it and ensure it does get too out of hand. 

I went on to ask Jason about Breathing because this is something you are hearing a lot more of and I love how he brought out meditation. Meditation i believe is important. You are constantly having ideas come and go, thoughts come and go, voices come and go, and you have to learn to manage it and stay present if you can going to succeed on the field or int he office setting for that matter. 

Breathing and counting through your breathe is going to allow to to stay present – what does that mean be aware of your self and your surround in the very moment you are at. You are not thinking about something that happen or is going to happen, you are in the here and now, be where your feet are. You do this through breathing and counting through your breath. You need to ensure you are counting your breaths because the act of breathing in and out will not help distract the mind and allow you to focus on just the breathe. The breathing and counting is the act of focusing on the here and now and self talk so you are focus on the task of here and now. 

The other thing you can start to do while doing this process is visualize. Now during the visualization process you can get really good at trying to make the situation very really, and learn how to responded and react to situations, this is going to allow you to prepare. Just like anything when you can prepare for any situation the outcome is going to be better. The problem is, very few people really understand visualization and how to make it work for them. I’d tell you who is good at it and that young kids, who are creative and talk to themselves and have this huge imagination – it great. We can learn a lot of from kids. They self talk as well – tell themselves they are great, but another talk for another time. 

Then we got into talking about sleep and I learn somethings here – rem cycles last about 90 minutes a piece and if you can get 4 rem cycles in a night that would get you about 6 hours ad then you want to make sure you are going to bed and waking up at around the same time because the body needs and wants consistency as well your your body understand what it needs to do to get your body to recover it best. 

And I had asked about guy that are traveling and how they are able to work on their sleep patterns and I though this was interesting as well, he recommended still going to bed at the same times if possible even though you are in different times zones and doing the necessary things that will help you do such and you do so by doing such things to help stimulate the night time routine such as turning lights off, putting phone down and doing nightly routine to wind down. Then he said something about taking naps if things are thrown off and different options would be 25 minute power nap of 90 minute so you get the full rem cycle and not wake up groggy. So interesting stuff and stuff I want to learn little bit more about – i will go back and re-listent to this section to make sure what i said is correctly but def something i want to learn more about. 

We talked about Nutrition and we all know nutrition matters but also as Jason highlighted, stay hydrated matters. Staying hydrated throughout the entire day and through out the game. I know i didn’t hydrate enough when i played so keeping self hydrated throughout day and through out performance is going to matters. Before came and performance you want to ensure you get some carbs an hour or two before, and as you get closer tot he game you want to have less food and more liquid so the body can digest it. Post game you are going to want to get your proteins but you always want to get your carbs. So, this isn’t any areas I am super knowledgeable and not one i want to be knowledge about to be honest. So biggest thing is stay hydrated throughout the day and get your carbs 1-2 before games and after game get your portent and carbs and if you have more question Jason is your man. 

Then we talked about ideal times to perform some of the recovery work: He says in moving it good to do sometime of movement base exercise – someone low and easy like yoga – i myself have added this into my morning routine – about 10 minutes of yoga and some days i do more. Then you also want to do something slower pace and relaxing to end the days so it can be meditating so something to that effect. You want to focus on dynamic movements before games and after games you want to do more static stuff. 

The part where I ask Jason about stress, I would highly recommend going back and listening to this section because it will be important for guys to understand this because it can have a long term affect on the body and performance. This part of the conversations starts about 43 minutes in. 

Son ll in all, I think we did a great job covering a lot of topics and it a good one to listen to and take seriously. Like I said professional athletes do not always love this part but they understand how important this part is. If you want o be a professional athlete one day then and advantage you can get in your recovery game is a competitive advantage. 

Thanks a lot for tuning in and again I apologize for not having ti done on time, i was feeling horrible. Talk to you next time.   

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