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How It Works

Strategic Anticipation Plan
There’s a little known thing called Strategic Anticipation. Very few hitters or coaches talk about it. It’s like a special 6th sense that the best hitters have that struggling hitters don’t. Once you master it you’ll raise your batting average, hit for more power, and strike out less.
Complete Assessment
Struggling to hit sucks and it’s almost never the “caption obvious” problem that most hitters think it is. We’ll do an in-depth assessment of every detail of your current hitting program. We’ll identify where any problem spots may be and create a plan to fix it now.
Get Your Mindset Right And Your Confidence Will Grow
There’s 3 dominate mindset: Compare and Convince, Compete and Contribute, and Strategic Advantage. One of them is the secret to becoming a hitter that has this 6th sense. We’ll find out which one you currently have and how to make sure you are dialed in on the right one.
Seasonal Plan
Through out the year, there are different things you need to focus on. Always know they right work you should be doing during the off-season, pre-season, in-season, and game day.
Situational Count Awareness Measure, Tracked, and Mastered
Stop wasting your time with mindless batting practice. Every aspect of your custom hitting plan has a personalize pre pitch and post pitch metric that is tracked. Hitting your hitting skills game ready and trusting you ability in all 12 counts gives you a strategic advantage.
In-Season Weekly Game Planning Session
Do you have a strategy against every pitcher you’ll face? Once you master reading and studying pitchers your confidence will go through the roof. Don’t skip this or blow this off, it’s a true game changer and the missing link to success for most hitters I work with.
In-Season Post Game Evaluations
No judging here, just assessing and adjusting as needed. This is where growth happens. This is where Big Game Strategic Hitters are born and made. How you mentally handle this can make or break your career.
Unlimited Communications
All members of AMBA has unlimited access to our staff to ensure you have everything you need and are doing everything you need to continue to make progress.
Take Ownership of Your Baseball Career
High School, College, or Pro -if you want to play at the next level becoming a dominating 6th sense hitter is the absolutely best way to get coaches and scouts attention to prove you are ready for the next level. If that’s your dream call, 918-856-9167 now.

What Do I Get With AMBA Membership

  • The complete Strategic Anticipation Hitting System that will give you a year round baseball plan so there’s no more guessing and you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when you need to do it.
  • Season and year round in person semi-group training to build your personalized plan to make sure you get results fast so you can hit with more confident on game day.
  • A Strategic Hitting Journal to guide you through the plan so you’ll see progress you’re making is real and feels great.
  • Weekly assessment to measure and track progress so you can see what is working and what is not working, so you are not wasting precious time on useless drills and workouts.
  • STKS and Command Hitting Plan to get your baseball skills game ready so you can trust your situational count awareness process.
  • The Strategic Hitter pre-game routine builder checklist to make sure you are mentally and physically ready to dominate on game day. 
  • In-Season post game evaluations so we can talk about your games and make sure you feel confident about your game plan.
  • Unlimited access to staff via private cell phone.

Who is a good fit for AMBA?

  • 7th and 8th Graders who have the desire to make the high school team.
  • High School Hitters who want to be a varsity starter.
  • High School Hitter that want to play college baseball.

How do I become a member of the AMBA family?

The first step to becoming a member of the Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy Family is to call 918-856-9167 and get set up for an evaluation.

Are your sessions one on one?

Our sessions are semi-group. It is structured like a college club house experience.  We are in the business of teaching your son/daughter a process and a routines at which they will take ownership. Everyone has their own personal development plan.

Do you do lessons?

We are a long term membership based facility, we do not do lessons. There is a process to getting you where you want to to go.

Our average client lifespan at Athletic Mission is 42 months, with the end of the journey for most guys is playing college baseball.

How do I pay for my membership?

Each member will have a card on file and a monthly autodraft.

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