Hey there…..Welcome to Athletic Mission, where we help baseball players, parents and coaches with understanding fundamentals, processes, routines and how to work hard. 

In 2014, I ,Geoff Rottmayer, started Athletic Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to teach everything that I have learned over the last 15+ years of developing players and coaches. 

In addition to the in-house training program…I have also started a Podcast, The Baseball Awakening, and a YouTube channel to further my agenda to impact the baseball community. 

My baseball playing and coaching career has been a journey, as it is with anyone who played the game, and you can get the full story, here

The super short version is that I realize that baseball is a tough game to get good at and it’s one that requires a lot of time and effort. I didn’t come close to reaching my potential and it bothers me to this day.  

This led me to the coaching side of things and down the rabbit hole of what it’s going to take to help kids reach their potential. 

What I found as I got into giving instructions was that the traditional lesson/session model doesn’t work. It’s not enough time to touch on all the things that are necessary to develop baseball players. 

Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is a year round, year in and year out training program that charges a flat fee to get access to everything we have and do. 

I started this business because there are kids who desire to receive next level information which includes the process, routines, and understanding how to work, which is part of our program. We wanted to be the solution for them. 

What  my team and I teach is based on the experiences and skills from developing kids from as young as 9, to as old as 28, youth to professionals.

The system I created is comprehensive and it works, however it’s a process. My training is not for everyone and that’s okay. You must be okay with going slightly backward in order to take big steps forward.

Everything I learned to this point has been my own experiences, from my mentors, reading, videos, seminars and clinics. There is no one size fit all in this. 

There is no training in how to develop people and how to develop baseball players, I just had a burning desire to figure out how I can help the players that really want to get better, get better. 

The path was long and challenging and it’s still ongoing and still challenging at times. It was the combination of taking it all in and developing a system that will work. 

Today, my goal is to teach as many players, parents, and coaches, tactics, strategies, and holistic understanding of this complication game we call baseball.

I have spent a lot of money searching for answers with all of the gurus, courses, clinics, camps, books, services, etc. I bought them all, and a lot of them were good, but not holistic enough, not deep enough to get players to realize their potential. 

We have answers and we are willing to share our answers. Please let us know how we can help you. 

Be prepared for the truth. 

This game is not easy, and our training is not for everyone. However, we know we can help you, your son/daughter get where they want to go, if you/they are willing to put in the work.  

Email us or Call us if we can answer any of your questions. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Geoff Rottmayer 

helps players, parents, and coaches gain clarity about what it is going to take to develop into a baseball player that is ready to compete day one at the next level. 

What started as a quest for answers as to why Geoff failed to reach his potential as a player, has turned into a blend between fascination and obsession, as Geoff started seeing players who are on their way to reaching their potential by his holistic approach.

Through the website, podcast, Youtube, and in-person speaking engagements, Geoff is dropping knowledge bombs to help players understand the mindset needed to create a sustainable process to improve tools and skills. 

With the ultimate goal of helping you cut through the noise found on social media and the internet, Geoff and his team only focus on what is working now and it stems from personal experience, not hear-say from gurus.