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A Talk About Running, Defense, and Offense With Former Big Leaguer Greg Golson

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Guest Bio:

Greg Golson, Former !st Round Draft pick and Big Leaguer for Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, and New York Yankees


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Greg Golson, Former Big Leaguer for the Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees.

Show Notes: In this conversation, Greg talks about:

  • His journey as a player.
  • How he developed his speed.
  • The thought process he had when he was on the base path.
  • The thought process he had on stealing bases.
  • He thoughts and favorite piece of technology.What he would focus is eye on while on the path.
  • His approach in the outfield.
  • How he stayed present during games.
  • His thought process about reading hitters to help him get a jump.
  • His approach as a hitter.
  • When he figured out what kind of hitter he was.
  • What his thought process was in the batters box.
  • Dealing with slumps
  • and much more.

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