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Too many young hitters spend too much time worrying about what the pitcher MIGHT throw instead of concentrating on the pitch you want to hit. 

This is a byproduct of not having an understanding of what you want to do,

Know who you are

Not knowing what makes you good

Know knowing what makes you bad

Not knowing your strength

Not knowing your weakness

Not understanding what the pitcher is trying to do to you

Not working smart 

and not understanding how to make an adjustment

The best players in this game understand what they want to do, they understand who they are, they understand what makes them good, they understand what makes them bad, they understand their strength, they understand their weakness, they understand what the pitcher is trying to do to them.

A lot of young players do not take the time and do an honest assessment of themselves. And it, not their fault, they have to be taught, but it also one of those things where young players have to seek out help. They have to ask, I have had a handful of players by themselves come to me and ask me to help them with this front, this is a huge step for a player. But it can only happen if a player is ready. If they are not ready then you are wasting time and getting frustrated because they are not all in with taking this next step in their development. 

But let’s get back to the original topic which too many players worry too much about what the pitcher might throw instead of concentrating on the pitch you want to hit.

You go to any field and you watch most kids hit and they stand on top of the plate, and I always ask them why they are standing too close and they say they are trying to cover that down and away pitch. So I will ask them, are you sitting on that pitch, and most of the time is no. So why would you position yourself for a pitch you are not sitting on. You want to sit on a pitch over the fat part of the plate. Pitchers make mistakes all the time, and you want to wait for that mistake over the plate. 

The other thing I see is since a plate is so worried about covering the down and away pitch, they get jammed on pitches down the middle. Their pitch, they are getting jammed. 

Then there are guys that having no clue what they want to do and they try and cover every single pitch a pitcher has. So they will swing at whatever pitch, they are cover them all. 

The best approach to take is to learn to be disciplined and wait for your pitch, but you cannot miss your pitch. I will see guys to really try to work on sitting on a pitch to the point where they freeze because the deciding factor isn’t there.

You don’t have time to decide whether you are going to swing or not swing. You have to the get the point where you trust your eyes and your eyes get lost into the baseball that the body just react. So the vision is super important. 

Have an approach that has you sitting on your pitch instead of everything they pitcher has, and then trust your eyes to execute. You will instantly become a better hitter when you have a plan and learn to lay off stuff while waiting and hitting for your pitch. 


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