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The 5 Pillars of Tulsa Pitching Lessons The Strategic Advantage Baseball Player Development: Practice

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Geoff and Darrell talk about The 5 Pillars of The Strategic Advantage Baseball Player Development: Practice

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Tulsa Pitching Lessons Let’s talk about practice. Yep. All right, do I’m gonna let you kick us off today, on today’s show we’re talking about we’re still we’re continuing the five pillars of the strategic advantage, baseball player development process with today’s show being about how we practice
Yeah, and again, I think, just review and real quick, the last couple of weeks, we dove into mindset, which is critical to us is kind of where we start the assessment process at. And we really do want to know, like, where these guys are at and where they’re headed that and kind of what their current state is. And then last week, we kind of talked about training, like, how critical offseason training is, and kind of the work that we do in the offseason, that, you know, the fruits are produced in season and and sometimes it’s hard for young players to really grasp that. But the ones that do the we see those guys making a huge jump. And this week, I want to talk about practice. And and again, there’s a million different practice plans out there. And so it can get confusing. But there’s four things that I really want to talk about today in the way we talk about practice. And, and the mindset that we want guys to have about practice. And the first one is, is purpose. And you and I always talk about that the purpose is really based on the intent, the measurable and the takeaway, like really, what are we wanting to get done? And why then Okay, if so, then what’s the measurable like, what how do we know if this is it getting better or not? And then at the end of the day, when the players done doing that drill, or working on this certain skill that they’re trying to build and develop, then how does that show up on game day. And that’s something that I think is pretty cool, because you and I always try to make sure that any drill or any skill that we’re really working on, that these guys see how it’s going to show up for them on game day. And when they see that they win seems like we get better buy in. And I think those three key pieces right there, the intent, the measurable and the takeaway kind of drives like the face to face conversation. And then the the last two pieces of purposes, kind of the the experience that they have and the story they tell themselves and at the end of the day when we’re training, that’s where our confidence comes from. That’s where our belief that the things that we’re doing makes us better comes from So again, I think as coaches, we can get caught up in just doing mindless drills or just doing stuff because that’s the way we’ve always done it. And when we’re not really breaking it down with a purpose to these players about the intent, the measurable and the takeaway, then the experience in and the story they tell themselves a lot of times is not making them better. And so that’s a big piece of our practice process is like, we want these guys to understand that every drill, every skill, everything that we’re working on, has to have a takeaway that shows up on game day, and that it’s done with purpose. And then the second piece is exactly that. Like, we have to explain the difference between a drill skill and then Okay, Tulsa Pitching Lessons what actually shows up on game day. And the way, the way we do it with the pitch in is like, hey, the drill says that help us physically or mentally, or emotionally get better. And understand something a specific piece. Tulsa Pitching Lessons A skill is something that we do on game day, a skill is something that is baseball specific a skill would be able to throw a curveball, are able to throw a fastball or Command our slider, those are skills, baseball specific skills. And so we might do different drills, we might do different mechanical drills that help us get that feel. And and that drive. And I think a lot of times, where we see the conflict between those and and just to try to bring a little clarity is drills is really about the the what we’re trying to do. The skill is the why and the how, and when we get that piece of it backwards, or when we get more focused on the How to part. And we really don’t understand the what and the why, then I think we have problems with the takeaway. But when we get that piece, right, the the what the why, and the how, and and again, we can even interchange those depending on where that kid that right then but when we get those three pieces, right, the why the what and the how, and and, and the what the why, and the how, then we see the drew work actually have a takeaway that builds baseball skills. And I think there’s so many drills out there. And there’s so many things that happen. And we get really good at mastering the drill. But we don’t really get good at understanding what the takeaway is that it’s going to build a baseball specific skill that is actually going to show up on game day and either help them be a better pitcher or help them be a better hitter. And so that’s kind of that second piece of it. And then the third piece is, is once we identify, like the skill work that we want to do, and for us specifically, it’s like we transition from offseason to preseason. So we go from offseason, the training the you know the strength and conditioning, all the mechanical work the the forums that we talked about last week, and we move into pre season, then it’s really about Okay, we’re going to practice two types of waves. The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to practice as we transition and start getting our arm and our body and conditioning in shape to get it right to get our pitches, right. And so that’s the key that when we do that initial transition in the preseason, we got to practice to get our pitches game ready. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And so at the beginning of that preseason, it’s really about, okay, how do I get to feel and I get my pitches, right, they’re doing the things that I want them to do the PML is what we call it, that pitch by velocity of movement to a specific location, I’m able to do it on purpose. And then once we get a feel for our pitches, and we’re able to consistently do and and get the movement and that velocity range and the movement pattern and locate that pitch the way we want, then we got to have a mindset shift to now I’m practicing that pitch to get it game ready. And now I’m practicing that pitch till I can’t get it wrong. And I think the difference it might sound a little semantical. But I’m telling you coaches, if you’re listening, it’s not the difference between thinking in a real game that hey, I got to get this pitch right is more about focusing on what the pitcher can do. When we focus on now I’m going to throw this pitch to where I can’t get it wrong. Now we have the ability to throw that pitch in any situation and count. Now the choice in the game is more about the opponent and not about my capability. Practicing to get a right is more about your capability. Practicing until you can’t get a wrong now gives you the ability to create a strategy with that pitch. Now when you have multiple pitches that you practice until you can’t get it wrong. Now you understand that you’re consistently and and to not get it wrong. I’m not trying to say perfect, but let’s say 80% of the time 85 plus percent of the time, you can throw that pitch by Velocity of movement to a specific location on purpose. See That to me is pitch for man. Now true pitch command is when we take strategy, like I got a plan for against this specific hitter. And now I’ve picked the pitch and executed by velocity and movement to a location on purpose. Now the mean that’s true his command that’s pitching. And that’s strategic thinking. And that’s what we widget when we stop trying to practice to get it right. And we graduate to now I’m practicing all my bullpen sessions are about me getting my pitches game ready and practicing until I can’t get a wrong. So now I can go honestly create a strategy. But will we keep flipping back to this trying to get it right, then then strategy is kind of thrown out the window because now we’re really questioning our capability versus what our strategy is. And and again, that is a huge piece of it. And then just kind of wrapping up like, again, everything we do is to get our pitches game ready. From the pitching perspective is to get them game ready. And and at the end of the preseason. Honestly, man, that’s what I asked all our guys like, what pitches Do you really feel are game ready. And the reason I say that is because we got to make sure that we don’t set up just our traditional bullpen schedules or we don’t just sequence out all our pitches. Because a lot of times in the preseason, our bullpens are fastball heavy, and all speed and we kind of just kind of throw in there and didn’t we kind of towards the end of the preseason hope that we can find those pitches. And then all of a sudden, when when the season starts, we want to flip that switch and expect that we’re going to have great demand, or we want to go out there and create strategic game plans with all three pitches. And truthfully, maybe our fastball is the only one that’s really game ready, or at least what I call 80%. Game ready. Tulsa Pitching Lessons It’s that PBL like you can consistently throw that pitch where you want 80 plus percent of the time. And I think that’s the disconnect that that I see with the way a lot of high school and colleges and the heck man, even pro guys get ready like they and again, I know it’s just habit, it’s just the way we’ve always done it. But the reality of it is I’ve always questioned that like, hey, the goal of preseason is to get all the pitches that I want to throw in season in a real game that I want to create a strategy with, I want to get those game ready. It’s not about throwing the percentage that I would throw in season, even though you might throw 70% basketballs in season, you know what you still need those other two, three pitches you’re going to throw to be 100% game ready. Because if you throw 30 off speed pitches in the game, and you only throw 15 of those 30 pitches where you want to now you’ve exposed yourself to 15 pitches that getting hurt, where if you threw 60, you know fastball, and you threw 55 of them where you wanted to, there’s only five pitches that maybe you feel like Hey, man, I miss location, that that, you know, if I get punished by those pitches, then it’s my fault. And so when I start weighing out the two, I tell coaches and players all the time. So you’ve exposed 15 off speed pitches, and you only expose five basketballs, which ones matter the most to you. Well, at the end of the day, every one of those pitches individually matters. But if you sit here and you’ve never really got your pitches game ready, or where you felt they were 100% game ready when you left the preseason, then that’s not a capability issue. That’s a practice problem. And that’s really a mastery problem. And that’s really that transition we talked about earlier about practicing and get your pitches game ready and then really focusing on that you can throw those pitches on purpose. And again, I know Jeff, this is probably a little bit a different conversation about the way pitchers practice and how we transition from offseason to preseason preseason to end season. But at the end of the day, for pitchers specifically man by the way you have true Pitts command is your ability to strategically throw your pitches on purpose. Now to me the debate between velocity and pitch command and and what’s more important to me is is the most ridiculous debate we could have. I’ve never met a pitcher that didn’t want both. Tulsa Pitching Lessons But the truth is if we if we want max velocity, and we want pitch demand, and we got to really start practicing, in a way that’s going to really develop pitches. And then once we develop the the the grip, wrist and forearm angle, the feel and what we do to get that pitch to do what we want it to do. Now we got to practice a specific pitch until we can’t get it wrong. Then we got to make sure that that pitches game ready. Then we can go out and play with it man. And so again, I know that’s a lot that we’re trying to throw on them this week, but we want them to see Then in this third pillar band like this is critical to us, like practice is not something we just do to kill time until the gangs show up or are something we do in between games, just, you know, again, going through and just getting reps in man. Tulsa Pitching Lessons Like, we want practice to be super intentional and purposeful. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And and for guys to take away the things they need to take away that’s going to show up on game day. And when they do, man, we see that the guys that grasp this have more success, man. And so, to us, the proof is always in the pudding. Man, it’s game day. And so when guys are doing the things they need to do, and then they’re having more success on game days than I think we can see the tie in between those two, the purposeful practice, then and then really working to show up on game day and execute man and, and that’s a critical piece of what we do here at athletic mission.
Yeah, I’m
gonna, I’m gonna pause right there. Hey, man, that was that was good. I was really good. That’s probably the best I’ve ever heard you explain something? I’m gonna redo my piece later, because I want to go back and listen to that. Because you didn’t tap into that. I never did. Tulsa Pitching Lessons I never heard you know, imperative. Did they nonpartisan? This? Yeah, competition with you. Yeah. So that was good.
What I really just kind of, yeah, I think we’re at a point now, man, where, you know, I think we’re getting in our wheelhouse of what we do. And I feel like we are now.
Yeah, but I liked. I liked the structure. We hadn’t talked about that before. But that right there. It’s really good. I like that a lot. Tulsa Pitching Lessons Yeah, not gonna, I’m gonna, I’m just gonna dump blurs a few things. And then I’m gonna kind of try to rework it within that that same format that I really like. You know, could that as I already am looking at that going Holy crap, like they’re the beauty that give me a little more clarity on my side, you know?
Yeah. And again, I think that’s it. That’s a piece that I’ve been trying to put together down here, man, it’s like, hey, and and that revelation over the last like six months, even hanging out down here even more. And being with these guys week in and week out. And you I’m seeing by do we don’t practice, right, man, like, we don’t have the right mindset about practice. And we just think more just kind of produces, you know, and then the kids that naturally get it what kind of ensued that simply got that so wrong, man. Yeah. And so if we, if we can change the intent, the purpose of practice, and then really understand how the drills lead to baseball skills that lead to Game Day, then I think now, and hopefully this podcast that we’re doing about this piece, will show them like I can’t just do mindless practice food, Tulsa Pitching Lessons I can’t just say stupid things. And and, and think that these kids are going to take away what they what they individually need. Right. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And I think that’s something that you and I have tried to become more aware of, too. And I have Oh, yeah.
That’s the The more you talk then, you know, brain The more we brainstorm, but the but that right there, that you just talked about the more important than like the, the process that the structure of it. Yeah. I think that I think you explain that really, really well. I call let me just say a little bit of my piece, and we can kind of keep it going.
Okay, cool.
Yeah, Darrell, do that dude, you killed it. I that was you did explain what we do really well. So I’m the hitting side, again, we’re talking about more the breath to get game ready brought to have a thought process that allow it to be game ready. It’s really learning how to match our thought really learning how to organize our thoughts in a way that allow us to get the most out of our practice, and our practice getting up to be ready for game day against an opponent. And so on the hitting side, we talk a lot about the the stick process, you know, being the boss, the spin theme, the you know, and getting to the point where, you know, we understand that we’re not going to be perfect all the time. But getting to the point where we can get to a habit of seeing the ball early, and obviously on the hand, the better. But that just doesn’t happen 100% of time, but I always tell Guys, if we can improve that, you know, 510 15 20% of the time, better than you’re doing now. We’ve done really well. And then if we make that our mission and our task, then we’re now seeing that bar earlier than we’ve ever had, which is going to allow it to make better decisions. It’s going to allow it to speed the ball longer. And allow it to improve that timing and improve the pitches that we swing, I would ultimately improve our swing. And so that the Pete like in the in the preseason, and again, the offseason, we spent a lot on all that stuff that’s hitting in a real baseball game. That’s the profit we need to get out. And it’s not easy. It’s not easy, and then getting our thoughts to work together with our body is critical to things. So that’s kinda you know, how we practice on on this side of the cage, or on the side of the box? And, but yeah, but no, you did a great job explaining the, the format of it all.
Yeah, and I think the key to Jeff, we want everybody to take away is like, hey, Ben, there’s no magic drill. I mean, you got to have a game plan, working from Game Day backwards is way our philosophy is anyway, like, we want the kids to understand what it takes to show up on game day. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And then we kind of work backwards. Okay, what skills does this individual player have talent wise, physical capability wise? And how do we transform that into baseball skills that that fit him. And then what drills do we need to do to build those skills to show up on game day, and so whether you look at it from drill skills to game day, or from Game Day, the skills to drill, it don’t matter, the assessment, and, and the purpose, and the takeaways is what we found, man, it’s made the biggest difference here for us. And when we really individualize that man, then dude, we can take a kid at any level, and and wherever they’re at. And if they grasp this piece of it, then they’ll make progress. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And I think as a coach or a parent, at the end of the day, that’s ultimately what we want, we want to see our kids start somewhere, kind of figure out where they’re at. And we want to see them get better. And as they get better if they grasp the game, and they really want to play then to take off and play it. If they don’t, then they realize early like the some of the difficulties of baseball, and that is not an easy game. And that you know what it takes a lot of different types of skills, and then a certain type of mindset to really excel at it and, and day in and day out, do the things you need to do. And and again, we try to encourage that piece here, man. But once you have a purpose, man, and you know the intent, and the measurable kind of what should be what we want to see if it’s working or progress. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And then we look at the takeaway, if we get those three pieces, right, then you’d be amazed that certain drills will help build certain skills, and those skills will show up on game day. And even though each coach might explain it different, or it might be a different type of drill, if it really is what that kid needs, and it’s working on game day, then Hey, man, you’ve done your job. And at the end of the day, that’s all coaching really is, is it’s really helping these kids figure out where they’re at what they need to do, and kind of help push and guide them through that piece to where you know what, hopefully they show up on game day and have some fun and have some success.
Absolutely. And that’s something you and I are always talking about, oh, we talked about because I’m gonna get like some kid like they really get it and they really take off. And all of our gods off to a great start. I mean, they’re all playing really well. But there are a few guys that walk in and say, Hey, man, now I understand what you’re saying, like, yes, how you practice really matters. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And now they’re starting to that, you know, they had a little bit of a kind of a Awakener like, Hey, man, I’m doing good, but I can do better. Can I finally understand what you’re saying. And so that’s really cool whenever they can see that piece. And now, now you see their practice get better. Now you see more purple, now you seem you know, the more focus and you start seeing, you know, them really putting in the effort to try to get better. And then now they see how it helped them get better. And so it’s cool to kind of see the whole circle, and, you know, really start to turn their game around Tulsa Pitching Lessons.
Yeah. And what’s neat about that, man, just to put a bow on this thing is when you’re able to have those conversations with those guys. And it’s it’s around the things that we talked about today. They teach you man, like I learned so much from now, guys, man, they teach they teach me a better way to explain it, or maybe even explain something to me that I never even intended to be the takeaway. And I’m like, holy cow, man, like that’s good. Like I always learned and I think as coaches, when you open your mind to like having these real conversations, and it really is just about what the takeaway is and how the players are taking it, then they don’t become personal man. It just becomes about the relationship. And at the end of the day, that’s what we want. We want these players that have a good baseball experience and build relationships and learn life skills, man. And that’s that That to me is if we have that and the kids are getting better at that than we’ve done our job as coaches and parents and and hopefully that’s the kind of experience They take away from what we do here to athletic mission and, and for all the coaches and parents out there that are doing great things with their kids. Tulsa Pitching Lessons Hopefully that’s the takeaway that that their players and their kids have to men.
Yep, very good. Listening. Yeah. That’s good, man. Nice. Really good.
Yeah, I think we’re starting to get like, we’re starting to get a feel man, like what we want to do and kind of and when you do, it’s true, man. It’s like he said that you guys keep grinding through these podcasts and keep talking and talking and talking. You find your message? I know I have. It’s gotten better. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And I know
Yeah, no, I, you know, I get that every time we do one. You know, it brings a little more clarity. And when you talk about it, and then it’s like, immediately I go back to crap man. Like, here’s what I need to be doing next year, you know, are you doing better at? And then I kind of lose my train of thought, but But no, it’s good. That’s good.
And I think that I think that’s the piece too. Like, I’ve been really focusing on the last, like, this weekend. of right now, like what coaches want. So instead of it being what I want, it’s like, how do we help these players give coaches what they want? Yeah, you know, because at the end of the day, that’s business man. That’s the business plan that we’re talking about. We’re pretty good at the baseball stuff. But but we got to have, you know, in the recruiting process, and even the pro guys are one that’s trying to get to the next level. He needs to understand like, what a coach wants, man, like for real. And so I’m also like, I got it wrote out and I’m gonna put it together as a little v Yes, no assessment, like, you know, you know, do they trust you, man, they you know, and are you a strategic thinker? Are you a team player? Do you have self awareness and maturity, self accountability? Lead by example. And in your words? Are you self starters smart work at they, you know, kind of, yeah, mentally prepared emotionally tough.
Do you know who you are? Do you have a plan? Kind of just like these little like justice and mindset checklists, just like right there. And kind of having the guys go through it. Because Have you heard anything from Kayden or his dad or his family or anybody? Mom?
I have not. I was I’m kind of I don’t really know if I should reach out or not. I’m kind of had content. Tulsa Pitching Lessons But apparently what i what i what i heard is, apparently they went out and they went to Kwik Trip and stole beer. Like they stole it. Okay, then they got hammered. Yeah, that guy hammered. And so they caught that on film. And so I guess I guess he would want them i don’t know if i don’t know if he would want the one that solar. I want the one guy hammer. So yeah, it’s really bad man. Like, and there’s plenty Let me pull up the message. Apparently, there are three different things that happened. One of them really bad, which is what I told you. And then let me see what the other ones I got some insight from someone that makes me Yeah. So
backup. But if mad, poor decision making for sure. I think it’s something that we need to talk about. Because since I’ve been in Tulsa, yeah. Three, three or four different teams have gone through this. And luckily, Caden Caden the birth one lap had the bathroom participate in it. Yeah. And so but it’s not I don’t know. Like, I know how parents are they’re not happy at all. Yeah, I don’t I don’t know if I should reach out or not. I just I’m just like, heads and 10
Well, if there’s legal things, and I’m not
like, yeah, yeah.
It’s easy though. That ain’t my place. And it’s something you know, I mean, if it fits a maturity thing or what somebody taught to then I’m all for that.
Well, that’s right. That’s where I were trying to figure out whether but then when I heard that the investigation there that investigation I was like, holy crap, like this is not good. Oh, the other two legit heat that they were Boyd Boyd being Boyd and better to get the school role. So maybe like hazing issues. So far. Yeah. I don’t know. I
mean, so they haven’t disclosed like who was where what
not Yeah, no but I apparently last year they got I didn’t know this but they last year I get that a hazing issue and he’d like do that this code might lose his job. And that’s why he would like he was like, maybe maybe gellner could get a head start. Tulsa Pitching Lessons But I don’t know.
in’t getting enough throwing in a sit through man.
Yeah, yeah,
I need this.
I mean, have you heard moden like he doesn’t talk to me. So I don’t know.
I haven’t heard for a man but he playing at all? No, but I was gonna text him today. I looked last night for I went to bed and it was too late. But
yeah, like he reminds me He reminds me of cable arcade. And one couple years ago, I did live streams of all time about where he’s at. And the next thing you know, he’s not playing.
Yeah. Tulsa Pitching Lessons And I think that’s, you know, that’s one of those conversations, man, I’d like to try to get him to come in Sunday at noon or something and just bring it down with him. And just spend an hour just talking like just mean you or you and him or me and him or whatever. It don’t matter who it is talk about.
Yep, yeah,
yeah. And seeing if we can get him or get him to come in Sunday early and just have a real conversation over Saturday or whenever works man don’t matter to me. But when you’re there, we need to talk to him and figure out that preferably Sunday where he can get some words. Right, right. And say what’s up because like I said, Man, he pitch our hit very well. So you know, is all in his head.
Yeah, absolutely. It is. And again, I mean, they were 13 they’re not playing anybody good. And so he liked the Youth Day you know, the pitching slow but Dude, that’s who you play dude. That’s who you play in your conference. You got 132 one yesterday? Yeah, so you got your faith thing 6470 miles an hour you gotta hit it
Yeah, man I hate
when God used that as an excuse I hate it yeah please change I get you want to get you I get you want to play again? Tulsa Pitching Lessons God they’re competitive you want to but the same time you just hit yourself away on lineups started the two hole went all the way to nine and now you’re not even in it because you can’t flow pitching Come on, man.
Yeah, dude, I’m I’m not sure. The that that’s even in his mindset. I think that is even beyond all crap right there. I think now he’s so much in his head, dude. And it can happen quick. It? Absolutely. It can happen so quick. And so that’s, that’s the crazy thing about it. I think now we got to figure out, like, where are we kind of reset? Because you know, his coach is probably hardcore to man. Yeah. Like his coaches probably buried him especially him being a junior like, his coach.
His coach known him since he was like four or five. But I like family friends.
And so I’m sure he treats him like a son.
So yeah, I’m sure he’s riding it. And so he’s probably still in it, too. But yeah, I’m gonna reach out to him this afternoon and say, Hey, dude, like, What’s up, man? Like, you know, let’s talk or something or Hey, man, when can you come in? And let’s, let’s work on some things. And just kind of get a feel he usually answers me pretty quick, man. So I’ll see what’s up with that and see if I can get him to answer and then, you know, if they don’t respond, and I’ll just keep on him until, you know, he tells me to screw off or whatever. Yeah, but we’ll figure it out. But yeah, we don’t want somebody swimming alone out there in this, you know, drowned or in this crap. And so I think we can work we can work on that. And get that piece right. And kind of tie that in. But outside of that, yeah, man. Tulsa Pitching Lessons So maybe tread is a place that we land one of these days. I don’t know what they do hitting wise, but you never know. Yeah. Right. One expand out like it could be a potential. That’s what I told Nancy earlier. You check it out, man. Because if you like them and and she she asked everybody now like, do you gotta you gotta invite those those strategic mindset stuff, like the game planning stuff? Yeah, she That’s what I said. She’s kind of being I think,
yeah, if we get into the licensing model. I mean, we can basically approach anybody. I mean, I don’t know how brands can feel about that. But if if he helped to develop that, I don’t know.
Well, again, I think it’s just a matter of seeing, like, where financially goes. It sure is, if he’s trying, you know, again, I’m not gonna assume anything, let’s just see cuz I have no idea. Like, we’re his vision is or
right. Oh,
excuse me a PC, you know, $500 a kid coming to us for each, you know, flair that does it, and they have, you know, 500 or 1000 people a year, go through it, then do it. I’m all in. Yeah, you know, I mean, they can have exclusive rights to it, you know, that don’t mean that we can’t teach it or other people can’t use it. Tulsa Pitching Lessons But sure, in that in the light performance in a model. But I think that’s the key is like, I don’t want to sit here and maybe that’s what they want. And if they want us to build that out, we can like hey, here’s a day to day hitting model or here’s a twice a week or once a week, hitting in season, offseason preseason and here’s the assessment and then you plug in whatever drills, tickles your fancy, you know, I mean, and then you can use a lot, you know, like, whatever key things now, here’s the command the Hitting stuff that we teach. Here’s some of the drills I used to teach the six process. And then you know, you fill in the gaps with what you want. This is how we do it. Do you know? And that’s why, that’s why I’ve been really working on coming up with this practice theory. And this because these are all sales pitches, man, these are not just philosophies These are your These are your differentiators. Man, these are your hooks, right is that you know what we don’t practice like everybody else. And we practice based on Boom, boom, boom, you know, and here’s the key. And for parents, man, like when you’re in the sales process, and you have a coach side drill that intense, measurable takeaway experience, and what kind of story of what your kids getting walking out of the building and go in and get in your car with man, like that matters. And Denise got to show up on game day, and play. If it don’t, then we got to, we got to dress it. See that’s what the parents are paying for man. Right? You didn’t have all the baseball knowledge in the world, man. If you can’t sell it, they don’t matter. Right. And so I think we’ve got this face to face down pretty good. We just need to figure out how to do it on the internet man or, and I think now that we’re feeling more comfortable with our live teaching process and our assessments, like we feel we feel like we got that piece, right. And we’re not trying to be the mechanics guys. And the swing guy, then i think that i think that that gives us the ability to kind of, you know, partner up with him guys and say, Hey, man, like I’ve been doing with Nancy, I’ve been picking her brain for two months now. And, and she gives me great insight about Tulsa Pitching Lessons Hey, man, you know, she looks at me is the mindset guys is the mental mindset or the strategic mindset. Like she she helped me even get clarity on like, because the way she uses it her conversations to the people she taught them with because because she’s flat told me that I you know, and we’re recording this are we? This has been you like me and your Yeah, yeah. New SEO man like has don’t have like, truly man struggles with the pitching side. Yeah. And he’s taught one way, and they struggle, man, like they struggle. The pitchers are struggling, because he’s got and so the pitching coaches that work for him just like our curtain going crazy. Yeah. Because it’s all about the method. It ain’t about the mindset or the reality.
Right. And so when we did that, that’s why I think like, that’s why I told you in the first time, like, I think he would be a good one because he’d grown to a point where he kind of getting the guys and now they’re not having success, and that’s gonna hurt business. And so
yeah, I think that’s when that’s when you sit here. And we got to just keep having these conversations because she she agrees like, amen. And I’m not like picking on him because I wanted it to that. But I think but having more people like her understand like,Tulsa Pitching Lessons  the strategic side of what we do and how we teach it, not just talk about it, like through this masterclasses men, she’s got a chance to see it. And then this last one that I did Monday was pretty good, man. Like she said, that’s the best one you’ve done yet. And it was the it was the three mindsets man like and, and I’m doing my phone went dead after 10 minutes, or that I ran out of video or whatever. But I’m gonna try to get her to get me a copy of it. Because, dude, I broke it down pretty good between the comparing events, competing tribute, the strategic advantage and kind of, like, you know, what do you really want? And like, how do you get a competitive advantage and not just talking about routines and habits, like, you know, you got to really understand that piece of, you know, those three aspects and I think, like that right there, man, if we can get that in enough people’s heads about like, this is how we teach hitting and pitching. And we use this context when I’m like, we got to go from comparing investments being contributed to and some of you will graduate to a strategic advantage. You know, I mean, like, not everybody’s gonna get there. You know, not everybody but and you can have a good career and that compete and contribute man, but if you want to own it, man, if you want to be a starter, you want to be a leader, you want to be big game, then you got to understand what your strategic advantages and you got to you got to practice that way. Tulsa Pitching LessonsAnd so, yeah, man, so it’s, I might have to go pick that master class. Just, you know. Yeah, because I didn’t it’s only recorded like the first 10 minutes and just like God, we do like, because the last few like and I’m getting a man like, I’m getting Feel of like what you and I want to do and like what we want to do. And, and so, so there’s no doubt like Brussels, right? Like if you do it for a year, which is what we’ve been doing now almost a year now. Yeah. Yeah. Like we’re starting to figure out like what we do really well and kind of like, where the holes are, and what I’m doing anyway, and trying to figure out what Yeah, not.
Yeah, no, I get that, you know, having you here thing, great, good. It’s shorten my learning curve up, you know, 10 years. So it’s been, it’s been good,
and I really good. And I think now we got a really good plan moving forward of like, who we want to partner with, or at least an idea of who would make good ones. So now it’s just gonna be networking, man, it ain’t gonna be like, we don’t feel we don’t need them right now. And that’s what I’m gonna tell Brent, like, I don’t need to do this right now. But man, it would be cool that, you know, if we can build out a business model for your performance centers that actually lets them make money. You know, I mean, like that, it becomes a real business. And we give them a plan, that they can plug in their own unique drills and things that they do well, but if they do it within this structure, man, we know kids are going to get better or the right kids will get better. Right? And they give some away to teach the mindset, it gives them the way to teach the vision piece that you want to teach, you know, I mean, here’s some concept and, and some tools and some drills to actually do that. And then they can add in their own, you know, twist and stuff. And that basically, ours is just assessment base, to kind of get them to figure out like, where their kids are at and kind of the things that they want them to do preseason in season offseason. Right. And I think that’s kind of how we scale our stuff. Because that’s what Nancy and I’ve been talking about, like, how do we scale it, and I’m saying the only way you scale it is if you add more view, like you got to you got to add more view and then have people trust them. You know, I mean, and then you got to empower those coaches to want to do it themselves, that they’re not many means that they’re themselves. In, you’re just showing them how to do the assessments and how to communicate, and then how to listen and kind of how to, you know, different conversations, you got to have a different time span. And I think that’s the unique thing about what we’ve been working on and playing in ourselves. And I think now it’s starting to come out in the podcast and the masterclass is in and how and how we’re talking and communicating with the kids, the parents, how we, you know, when they come in, like, we’re getting a pretty good idea, really, of the type of people that we want to work with and don’t.
Right, you know, I
mean, my, and that is the cause the assessments are right, it’s not because of the demographic. Right? You know, I mean, that’s because we’re finally asking the right questions, getting the right answers, or at least an answer that fits. Yeah. And I think that’s where most business, you know, if you’re in that scarcity mindset, man, then you will hear crap, that probably ain’t true when you’re assessing people. But when you’re not in that scarcity mindset, and you’re really assessing them based on the type of players that you want to work with demand, that’s a whole different grasp, because now, I think you just come across different, you don’t seem neat, you don’t seem needy, or that you’re just a money grab or that you’re going to say whatever you got to do. And I think what will let us do to Jeff is it will let us build out like products inside of even here at athletic mission. Like we can build out a free a preseason program for 1000 bucks and just bring somebody in for six, eight weeks and take them do it, you know, I mean, right? And just be cool with that. That’s like, okay, man, we’re gonna hit them up and take the, you know, we’re just going to take advantage of those ones that don’t want to be here year round, but just want a couple months, okay. And we’ll create a model that fits just them and like maybe we just dedicate a couple hours a week for five of them, or six of them. You know, we say hey, we got six slots available, it’s 1000 bucks for two months and here’s what you get a boom, boom. Yeah, and I think once you start being able to do that, then those people will end up being your best leads down the road. So instead of stressing over it, we just go ahead and build a piece of it and don’t we don’t want it to be the whole model but we just don’t want to miss out on the opportunity. You know, our goal is to keep them longer or build in but I think once we do, and then the guys will realize the ones that are paying monthly, it will be more expensive to do it component and do it individually like by seasons and it will be to do it monthly. I mean so, so for the so for the people that want to make the decision based on money, then the monthly will be cheaper than the Individual seasonal stuff. Right, right. Based based on what they get, based on what what how much time they get and what availability they have to it. So the ones that do monthly will have more opportunity, more time, more availability, the ones that want to do it seasonally is going to have limited times we’ll have more availabilities. And here’s exactly what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a preseason practice program, you’re going to come in, we’re going to warm up during the dynamic, we’re going to do our bullpen, and we’re going to do our takeaways and walk you know, and really just focus on getting your pitches game ready, period. That’s it. Tulsa Pitching Lessons Not gonna be a bunch of the strategy stuff not going to be a bunch of, you know, the game planning then sees in the post game. And I think once you create a product like that, then maybe you add the extra 10 people for a month or two, there’s an extra 10 grand.
Yeah, yeah.
And so you just kind of put it there, like, hey, man we got a week is 1000 bucks, here’s what it is. It’s, you know, two hours a week, and you can, it’s on Thursdays. That’s it, we got eight slots, you know, so we’re so when we have those two way slots that we want to feel when we go back to Monday through Thursday. And we just kind of take that 536 30 and say, Hey, here’s what you know, this is the only time we offer it Thursday at 530 or 630. Yeah. And so when you put some stuff together like that, then I think that’s a way for us. It’s almost like doing a weekend camp, man, if you want to know truth. Or May, or maybe We even offer it like that, like say, Hey, man, we got some, you know, some preseason, you know, Saturdays that we do, and we just treat it like camp money. But there’s some different things we can do within this man to bring in some extra revenue to kind of bridge that gap or try to, you know, like I said, to bring in, bring in some coaches that want to do the younger kids and kind of build out that side of it. And on different days, or add a few use days in or whatever, you know, and kind of
I’m starting to feel more comfortable with and the more I think about them to me with all with the cash flow thing, it’s like, okay, yep, man. Like, what? What’s going to be the down here? What’s going to be the up period? And how do we manage all that? Yeah. But the more I think about it, the more I’m like, you know, that probably not a bad idea that we can, at least we’re getting them in the door. And I’m, yeah, they’re the right fit and style on a year long thing? Absolutely. If that’s what they want to do.
Yeah. And then I’m telling you, man, bobbin, some of them guys, I’ve been tracking a little bit, man, like, they’re, they’re killing it with that model. They got it, they got a monthly model, but then they also have a seasonal model, which is a great idea and to be totally real, which is, I mean, I get why you don’t want to start your business that way. But once you’ve got it established, and you got that, that core group of people that want to come in every week, then starting them off with a little more expensive seats only program and then saying, Hey, man, it’s only 355. If you build a monthly, you know, when you do, yeah, so when you do it by season, that’s usually you know, 150 bucks a month more or whatever. And so you just
figure you want to think about, like an offseason one or summer one, or
Oh, yeah, I think we need to, we can figure out like what we want to do with it, depending on what days and like, when we’re going to transition back to the Monday through Thursday schedule and kind of stuff like that. Yeah. And so when we, when we work on that transition, that’s when I would say, Okay, let’s look at offering some different packages.
Okay, cuz I’m thinking that the end of next month now going into June will probably transition.
Yeah. Okay.
So, PA, but I’d like to get back at them. 15. And now, like, at the beginning, I was like, Holy God, no, I don’t see it now. And the more I think about it, the more I am like, Okay, I see it. So,
yeah, I think if you offer it straight seasonally, then we can control who comes in and who comes out to man. Right? Tulsa Pitching Lessons You know, I mean, and then some of the people that are afraid are gonna lose, or we might that leave the cause of they think it’s a year round thing, then Hey, man, if they can only do they in seats, and then they want to pay a little more than go for it, do that danza de, the cash flow on the numbers are going to be what we we have to calculate. You know, I mean, if you’re, if you’re wanting to make an extra 1000 a month and I’m wanting to make extra 1000 a month if we want to get to that point, then what do we need to do to get there? Yeah, you know, I mean, it and again, and so that way, we just look at the monthly number versus okay then what is the number that we need to get to To get to bring somebody else on, you know, I mean, with tie on and all the other stuff, I would like to make it another 1000 or so a month, and then bring somebody else on. And so I’m all in on whatever we got to do to do it. But if, but if it’s to offer in like a one month program for 50, you know, for and here’s the trial thing or whatever it comes with assessment, we just come it doesn’t matter, man. Like I said, what we need to do is get people to try it. Our best people that buy in will be the ones that want to stay. Right. And then and then while we’re in there, then we can start talking to Mike. Hey, man, here’s what we do in the preseason. Here’s what we do in the offseason. And if you want to transition to a six month plan, or a preseason, an offseason preseason plan, see, I think we can create it however we want. And I think if we do that, then just offering the option, I think one says, Hey, if you want to know the truth, right now, it’s month to month, and basically, it’s two months, because they’re supposed to give you 30 days notice. But if you if you sign them up for a three month summer program, then you know, you got that money for three months. If you sign them up for a four month preseason program, then you got that money for four months. Right now all that is guaranteed is two months anyway. Right? And that’s, that’s it, they don’t cancel their card on it. Right? But what if we go ahead and plan that and say, Hey, this is a three month program, the rest of our year round? This is a three month or this is a six month program? It almost feels like it gives them options. Yeah, you know what I mean? Yeah. And I think I think we might be able to fill in some gaps. Or even if we have to open an extra day to get that extra money that you and I want, or that we want to bring somebody else on, then that’s something you and I can make a business decision on our time wise, whether we want to do that or not. Right. You know, and then I think it gives us the ability to go ahead and and know that we can, we can fill in enough use people in there to probably pay somebody else to be honest with your lease, right? 20 hours a week, and pay him pretty pay I’m pretty decent man. Right? You know, to come in and do what we’re doing with the youth kids anyway. Tulsa Pitching Lessons Yeah. And that way, it becomes something that, you know, still make a little money on them. But at the same time, if you gave them, you know, 100 bucks a kid or 200 bucks a kid a week, then you know, they did 10 kids and, or 50 bucks or whatever, whatever it works out to be if it’s 50 bucks a kid a week, and they get 10 or 15, or whatever. And they can make five or 600. And you’re still getting for, you know, 30 40% of it. And everybody’s doing okay, and we’re still hanging in there money wise. And then, and then they know that we’re bringing people in farm to men. Plus, if they start graduating and taking over some of our clients and some of the kids we got, then they can make a little more money. And then they’re not stuck in that, you know, 20 bucks an hour either, man. Right, but, um, but you could even think about starting it out like that, like, Hey, man, we’re gonna pay 20 bucks an hour. And then, you know, if you come in and improve what you can do, then you can switch over to the, you know, from, you know, commission model or bonus model or whatever, we’re now can go up to 30 bucks an hour, whatever, then you might be able to get some people to come in for that. Right?
So hey, say you’re gonna do from three to 530, Monday through Friday. So you’re going to get, you know, 200 bucks a week or 250 bucks a week Plus, you know, as long as we got it cool, and you’re able to manage it, then you might get an extra 100 200 a week or 300 a week, whatever you think it will take to get somebody to do it. Do you think you’ll find some some people locally or do you think there has to be somebody that would move here where you’d have to pay him more?
Man, I don’t know. I mean, I last time, when I put out that I was looking for someone I had three hips. And I ended up taking the one guy though I don’t know much more would have followed up for that. But when I did the the abca one yeah, I probably got 100 people interested. Was there anybody locally from that? Or was a Oh, no, no, no, no, nobody was local. I had to bring them all in and they all want to like, you know, and I get it they all want to like 3540 grand.
Did they want 3540Tulsa Pitching Lessons grand as an employee or as as an independent contractor
as an emplWell, how we done this is crazy. Yeah.

look at the lineup. There’s not a ton of guy though there wasn’t like it would have it our lineup. But the pride that neither came with one of them.
Well, Caden and that Max, right, and then
I thought they said there were four starters is what? Yeah, somebody told me. Yeah.
But I don’t know, like I said in a place like that. It’s got pretty good program and it’s just opportunities for some other kids to step up and play. Yeah, and then, like I said, the problem is, is that was, I guess they’re number one and number two pitchers with Caden and maxo.
Right, exactly. So
I thought to be interesting to see, because and then it was their third baseman to admit.
Thanks. So yeah,
that’s that’s the other kid I didn’t see in the lineup. Yeah.
Yeah, so we’ll see if he shows up tonight. He didn’t show up Sunday. And I don’t mean Yeah, they just got busted. So
yeah, yeah, I want what about
what about real Rouse man? We got to get a man from how
they just can’t come on Sunday.
They can’t come on Sunday. Tulsa Pitching Lessons
So when does he want to come? Tonight? Can he do it late or is it too late? He
can’t get peeking. He can’t get there drop seven.
So seven Yeah. Well,
I don’t know maybe maybe he can do a half hour pitching and I could do I can do hitting Why would you talk to them? I don’t know. I mean
well, it just depends on how long they want to stay man if he wants to come in and throw a little bit at seven and then kind of hang out with us and talk a little bit and then do the hitting stuff after we’re done. I mean, I don’t plan on talking very long tonight most people this God issue you know, I need to talk to Lana please shake because he’s walking too many dudes. But outside of that Tulsa Pitching Lessons he’s bouncing back and you know, but you know again, what I was going to talk about tonight was a little bit about what we talked about that the other day with a tape Avery numbers like hey man, like you’re at that point in the season now where you got to stay diligent and like you got to do if you’re not, you know, if you’re not recovering, then we got to dress it if you’re you know, if you need to throw more because you know, you’re five or six eight days in between throw and then we need to come in and set up a time that you can throw a little mini bullpen or so and so we just kind of got to tackle those midseason issues kind of thing but I tell them in pro ball the June and July issues like we got to get through these Dog Days and get in see the end of it man that’s just the the natural evolution how this plays out. But yeah, we’re gonna go super crazy deep tonight and now we’re getting towards the end of the season or playoffs man that now let’s start about health and then do we need is there pitches they need to get game ready or stuff they need to do and didn’t take the last you know, some tonight might only be half hour 30 minutes at the 2530 minutes at the most. So if he wants to hang out and and then jump in and do some hitting stuff after that, then that’s I mean, we can get him in like that. But he but he’ll just have to sit and go through it because I mean
by we should probably be good for him because he needs a tube.
Yeah, so we can talk about it. But if he’s cool with that hanging out till like nine o’clock or so then we’ll be good. Or which he would be anyway man. If he’s coming in at seven. I’m going to get a cup. Yeah.
Yeah, that’s that. You know, it’s like he wants to come. Yeah, the only time they can come. So they’re willing to do it I guess.

Well, if he wants to come and seven man we’ll make it work he can throw first and then we can kind of work our way down. Let’s talk to the guy’s a little bit too else because I know Trent wants to throw tonight too. Okay, yeah, cuz he ain’t like a bunch of these guys. That aoyee,
so they wanted to be an employee. Eat and make? Yeah. Okay.
Well, I get it. I mean, which wasn’t, which wasn’t terrible. I mean, Tulsa Pitching Lessons it’s really not that bad. No, I just didn’t have the time. No, no, no. So
yeah, but we can’t. Yeah. So how many of the youth? Like have we turned away that you think we could have got those sign up?
Probably all of them. Some of them, some of them, you know, and I did on purpose a little crosses, you know, trying to discourage them a little bit. Yeah. But I think we could have got I think we I think, you know, we could have got them all. I don’t think money was the thing.
And then none of the content of the count, you know, people on the phone that I call on turn away, yeah, not even set up an email for. We’ve got we’ve got two events coming up pretty soon. one’s going to be hitting pitching and one’s going to be fair to hitting. Okay, one 1/8 grade and the other one stem kind of thing.
Yeah. Well, that’s the right age group for us. So we’re So where were we at people was?
Um, I don’t know, let me let me let me let me put the time on that this afternoon. And then okay.
Yeah, that way, we can start really modeling this thing out, man, let’s figure out a way that we can do both. Tulsa Pitching Lessons If we want to really scale it this summer, man, let’s figure out a way whether it’s even with three month programs or whether it’s with like, use specific, you know, maybe we give them names and labels and stuff to where people are like, Hey, man, I’m going to the command hitting summer camp or whatever, you know, I mean, yep, we get up get more good. Yeah. Get more creative with it. Alright, brother. Well, I’ll tell you what, man, let’s keep cranking. We’ll keep working and growing it dude.
All right. Sounds good,
buddy. I’ll talk to you later. All right. Bye.

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