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Tulsa Hitting Lessons The 5 Pillars of The Strategic Advantage Baseball Player Development: Mindset

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Geoff and Darrell talk about The 5 Pillars of The Strategic Advantage Baseball Player Development: Mindset

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Hi, Tulsa Hitting Lessons there, I’m gonna let you kick this off. We’re talking about the five pillars that the strategic advantage baseball player development process, the first one being mindset, we’re gonna go a little bit deeper into that today, so I’m gonna let you kick it off.
Tulsa Hitting Lessons Yeah, man. I think it’s a lot of great feedback from last week that now we want to try to take a little bit deeper dive in. And again, I think this is the foundation of probably the first question that we always get, Jeff, when people come in and do evaluations, it’s kind of like, you know, a lot of the times when we have elite players that are struggling or just not having the success that they thought they should be having already or at least the Parents or coach thing, then a lot of times we got a tendency to jump right into the tools and techniques or are really wanting to kind of break down like and find that quick solution. And oftentimes you and I found that Hey, man, we want to slow down. And and let’s come take a step back and look at the mindset. And when we talk about mindset here that’s like mission, we’re talking about, what is the core beliefs that that player thinks about why they have success, or why they’re not having success? And again, that kind of seems a little wishy washy, but the truth is, man, it’s not that that set of beliefs is what drives every thought that they have. And, and when we can dig a little deeper into like, truly, like, what are they literally thinking in that pre pitch process, whether they’re hitting our kitchen, and and we start breaking that down a little bit, then that’s really where we find a lot of the core problems that man and when we see that, then we have a chance to really talk about the tactics, we got a chance to talk about the reality of what’s happening. Tulsa Hitting Lessons But if we don’t know how we do what we do, and we don’t know, the thinking, and the beliefs that go into how we do or how we have success, then honestly, when we’re struggling man, when we just blindly tried to fix it. It’s crazy. And so that’s why we start with mindset. And we really do want to understand like, are they trapped in what we call the comparing convinced mindset, there’s three core mindsets that we really see a lot. The first one is the comparison, Vince. And that’s kind of that player that’s really trying to figure out whether they’re good enough to be in that to be on that team, or to play at that level, or to feel the role that the coaches want them to feel. And a lot of times that can be the problem in itself. It’s like that thought process of constantly being in that comparing convince mindset, man, that is torture on a young player, that’s really trying to figure out whereTulsa Hitting Lessons their role is and how they fit. And so all of a sudden, man, we start putting pressure on ourselves to perform almost perfect every time. And then when we don’t we’re in that constant state of mind, where we’re looking around, and really looking at like, Who’s gonna take my job or on coaches never gonna trust me, and, and a man that is just, it really is a killer, confidence killer, to be trapped in that so we try to identify that early and I don’t care how good of a player you are. Baseball is hard, man, that roller coaster ride you’re gonna find yourself in that in that state of mind, all the time and and and how fast we shift from that state of mind into that second piece that we call the competing contribute mindset, how fast we can shift into that, really, is the key to how long we struggle. And when we see guys in prolonged slumps, whether it’s struggling really executing pitches, or whether it’s at that point where now man, like you know, we were one for 14 and we have no idea how to hit the ball, then we can see that the after effects of being trapped in that compare and convince but when we can finally get them to shift to like, Hey, man, you’ve got the capability, you have the talent, you have that component of what you need to do to be successful. Now we really got to move into that compete contribute mindset. Tulsa Hitting Lessons Now it’s about how do I actually go out and compete and and really help my team like contribute to my team. And and the reason that that mindset shift is so important is because when we get out of that, that capability trap where we question our capability, and really, it becomes more about how I perform and how I prepare, then that is kind of that next growth step that is going to be the kind of that defining moment to them. And so then once they start feeling that confidence, now they see that they can compete and contribute at that level, and that they can really help their coach and they can help their team. Now it’s about Okay, what kind of a role can I feel and and again, it’s human nature for every player to want to be the star being the starter. And, and again, that that driver that motivator is, is, is something that we want. But but but at the end of the day, man, we got to have this final mindset shift into the what we call this strategic advantage mindset. And that really drives everything that we do. It drives the plan, it drives the daily practice that drives our offseason training and and it drives away we get a plan. And that’s the three core pieces of our developmental process that we really focus on. And when we have that strategic advantage mindset, then it helps bring clarity to our our offseason training goals. It helps us bring clarity to that transition into the preseason. And now it’s about me practicing my baseball skills, and really getting my pitches game ready. And then it helps us transition into in season, which you and I preach is always always about the opponent, how do we prepare for our opponent? How do we get ready a game plan versus opponent that day, and, and break it down individually, whether it’s the hitters versus the pitcher, or that pitcher versus of the hitters. And, and again, when we, when we break it down into that context, then it gets us out of that capability, worry fear, and really more focused on Hey, how we game plan, are we seeing what we thought we would see, and then what’s the reality of how we perform that day. And I think that’s the foundation of why don’t we start with the mindset because if we can help players get from that compare and convince them to that compete and contribute, and then ultimately get to that strategic advantage where everything they do has to give them a strategic advantage against an opponent, like my, my whole year round plan is based on me developing my skills, to give me the ability to game plan against a specific opponent. And when we get that deep with it, that’s usually when we see the best player shine, that’s usually when we see the talent come out, that’s when we see players maximize their capability, and honestly live up to you know, whatever really desire, they want to chase man based on their talent, based on the capability based on their ability to train and practice. And then ultimately, game plan. And, and again, you know, it’s not the deeper mental game that everybody wants to talk about, but it, but it is the piece.
That mental game. Man, it’s hard to ever truly build that foundation, that that gives you the confidence to go out and play against great players day in and day out, man. And, and ultimately, that’s what our goal is here is really to help these players, you know, that want to play at the next level and, and not just play at that next level want to go compete and contribute and, and really dominate at that next level, then understanding that we got to get from that compare and convince to that compete and contribute to that strategic advantage mindset is a huge, that that long term success. And and the way that we a we attack that, honestly, man usually defines how good a career that a lot of these guys have.
Yeah, for sure. And, you know, for us athletic mission, you know, we work with the elite players that are like in that defining age where, like, they’re 14 1516 1718 1920, and they’re getting ready to go to the high school level, and they want to get ready to go to the pro level or at the college level and get ready to go the pro level and every time they level up, they kind of go through the theory, the mindset again, and I think I think we have to recognize that like a parent and his coaches, we have to recognize that they’re going to go through that they need to and that’s natural, you know, you’re going to level up and guy they’re getting better man. And now you’re kind of, you know, kind of comparing yourself and committed and committed yourself that you you belong there. And so we go through that mindset period a lot. And you know, over the course of the year, you can go through, you know, any, any one of those mindset too. So it’s one of those things where, you know, we have to recognize that we have to talk to the kids, we have to get into, you know, the conversation about where they’re at, and make sure that they’re focused on the right stuff. And I think a lot of times when we finally get them to that strategic and managed mindset, and when they get there and they feel really good there then like they really start to free but the player but that doesn’t change the fact that when they get the level up to that next level that they’re almost kind of bumped back down. So So yeah, I do feel it’s like one of the things where I get the constant, the constant conversation like every time guys come in, we’re constantly figuring out where they’re at. mindset wise, and trying to make sure that they stay in the strategic advantage mindset, and, and bigger now the Hey, what you’re doing today, it’s gonna it’s gonna help you against an opponent on game day, and that’s where you need to stay and not get so hung up on, you know, the guy on Twitter that you saw that, you know, throw 97 now is 15 years old. So, you know, so that’s, that’s why we’ve spent so much time on and it really does change how they practice how they train and how they gameplan Tulsa Hitting Lessons So and that for that the goal, you know, we want them to be the show up on game day giving them everything they have doing with what they have. And being in the right mindset. And when they do that man, then then it’s fun. And it’s fun to watch. And it’s fun, the fun conversations. But again, they do kind of bounce around on the mindset. And we have to stay on top of it. But you got to have conversation with them. You got to ask questions, and you got to see where they’re at.
Yeah, man, and I think to just wrapping this up, is that there’s a difference between what we call the mindset, their core beliefs, versus bingo game training. And I think that’s where a lot of people get confused. Because when you start talking about mental with ballplayers, man, if you and I test this with our guys all the time, like, Hey, what’s the first thing you seek when we say minimal, and most of them say bad, negative, you know, not good. And, and so we tried to redefine like that, hey, mindset is real, and it is who you are. And it can change man, especially as ballplayers, it can be something that is changing day to day or minute to minute, but the ability to really dial that piece in and understand like, Hey, this is real, this is a real part of the game. And it’s not a weakness, it’s just a reality that we have to train it. And we have to be able to understand where we’re at, and what the goal is. And I think once we bring clarity to that man, then it’s like a, they have that ability to see like, Tulsa Hitting Lessons Hey, man, my mindset can be a huge benefit. It can be the key to long term success. And they could really drive. Honestly, how they decide to move forward and and how much better they get and how fast they make adjustments. And when they grasp that piece of it, because that’s the reality of baseball man, how fast that we can make these in game adjustments usually really defines how well a player has success, and how long they’re gonna have success.
For sure. And when we have the conversation, and if we can’t get them to buy into that if we can’t get them to recognize that for what it is. Those are the ones that we can’t really help.
Exactly, man. Exactly, exactly.
All right, cool. all wrapped up there. You go with your pipe by the idea.
Yeah, I just put you on the I was just driving through the gate up here going to ballgame. Okay. So what you call with that? Is that kind of hit what we wanted to hit on that? Yeah,
yeah. No, real. Short. or short? To the point? Yeah.
Yeah. So yeah. And so cuz I see what man and something to think about too, is we need to, like, the messaging. If we sit here and say, like, how many people do we really want and need to put in? You know, I mean, like that, we need to come up with a target. And I think that’s something we could do. And with like, and I know, we’ve talked about it before, but I right now, man, like, let’s get really clear, and say, Hey, we want 18 new kids. This is the type of kids we want. And then let’s just get hyper focused on going and finding those kids. Tulsa Hitting Lessons And we’ll just start sharing and we’ll be starting to hit all the kids up that are coming all the new people that are coming, because then new people when they have a good experience, they’re the ones who can make the best referral. Oh, absolutely. I
mean, yeah, these kids last night, they’re like fired up, man and really talk. And so for the most part, we that’s all we did, and they’re like, fired up, like ready to see this hottest thing falls out. So
yeah. And so I think that’s where we need to really start hitting him up and say, okay, man, where are we at? And what are we doing? And then, you know, like, how do we move this? This train forward? Yeah, and I think that
and what I’d like to do maybe if we can kind of keep that going, I’d like to stop accepting anybody under 14
I’m with you, dude.
Yeah, I know. I know. I know. But like would Logan go and I’m like, Okay, you know what, whatever. Did dad I knew he’s gonna do this to his head deck. Cancel that card. Yeah, so but whatever. Yeah, so But yeah, I was with him going if somebody younger one and maybe even the ones that are down I’m not sure we’re gonna take them but what is the what is the where they’re at? Yeah, and we’ll just say, hey, maybe that’s not the right fit. But can we got a lot of we got a lot of good guys this week. That makes up for the one we lost last month. So
yeah, and I think I think two bands do Seeing a real when you look around in there, and you’re a high school kid, and you see little kids in there, man, it’s just hard. It’s just hard. It’s being real with the, you know, and it’s not a knock against us and why we got them and why they’re there. But like I said, if we sit here and say, Tulsa Hitting Lessons Hey, man, now we’re really taken, anybody that’s on a 16 foot mound, or seventh or eighth grade. And, and that, I think that will change, you know, and then like I said, we need to find somebody that we really trust that we can refer these guys to. And so 256 years from now, if they turn into our type of client, then they kind of pass them back to us. Right.
Right. I agree. Great.
And so that’s why, you know, I really do think like, hey, if we can find that, that client, or that partner around here, that would be our higher man, our higher end and say, hey, you’re going to be that you’re going to be this guy.
Yeah, I just know, in the past, like, the young ones every once a while, but really like, that would step up and pay the bills. But we’re doing
really good.
But we’re in a good position right now. Tulsa Hitting Lessons So I think, you know, basically like the ones like the proctor boys, young ones, but we replaced them with better guys. And now our job to keep them around. So I think, like, I’m okay with, like, some of the guy that dropped off last month, so
Oh, yeah, I’d say again, man, it’s it’s not a personal thing. It’s just a business. Sure. Sure. Tim, but Tim, young kids, I
suck the life out of you do they do they do me too, man. Me too.
And so I just like I said, I just, there’s people that do a great job with them. And I’m not built for it.
Right. Right.
But, but I think we can figure that out to man, so. All right, but yeah, I am roll. Let’s do it.
Yep. Sounds good.
So, but if you decide that you don’t want to take anybody under 13 or 14, I’m with you, man.
Yeah, yeah. No, I mean, I just want to kind of see the trends. Like if we can kind of get some more like, like, get hyper focused on who we want, and really try to get, you know, the guys you know, who do you know, that needs to be here. And I think, I think we try to figure out like, what we could do for Kevin, you know, and Todd and, and Randy. I know like, Randy, though his struggle getting guys, man, but he he talked to him all the time. And he knows who needs Yeah, there. But Kevin and Todd, they they kill him and they get they get him there. Tulsa Hitting Lessons So I don’t know what they’re saying or how they’re doing it, but they’re doing it.
Well, I can tell you, I don’t know if it’s necessarily what they’re saying or how they’re saying it. But I think that lady that came in the other day with a Caleb mom. Yeah. She said it. And I think that’s why I think with Randy, it will get a little better too. We just got to figure out which kids are there. Yeah, but if you really think about it, man, we got we got most Union’s best players who?
Oh, yeah, no, I mean, like I said, it took him a while to get there. But yeah, we got there. I just want to figure out like, cuz I know, Randy, been working on it for a year. So like, how do we shorten up that curve? You know? And I know, like, the hardest part is like, Okay, well, I go to somebody already, which is cool, you know, but, uh, yeah, at some point, then, and again, I think I think I think what we’re doing now, and the way people are talking about now better than what I had before, for maybe that’s what it is.
Well, I think you I think it’s just been close man, you just grew your business to the point. And you know, now who your best customers
are. Yeah. And I think, you know, like I said, You helped me refine my process you by your own process, and it’s killing a man like, it’s a really good process in our assessments are good. So
yeah, we’re on the right track, man. Yeah, we are definitely on the right track. Thank you. But yeah, I think it’s just a matter now. Us targeting and how we want to do it? And really, you know, like I said, I think our the assessment process is to is the best part of it. Yeah. Yeah. And ultimately, that’s the best part of every program. Right? If you just want to know truth, is there any good, right? And so I think we’re fine, man, I think we just I think we do need to get super focused on who we want to be. Tulsa Hitting Lessons And just like in this, like you said, and we just got to refer people to the other. The other part Yeah. and say, hey, I want to do that. I think we’ll be fine. Cool, cool. Sounds good. Alright man, well, I’m gonna watch him get after it. I’ll holler at you later.
I‘m so good peace. Hi bro.

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