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Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons: Athletic Mission Baseball Academy Hitter Assessment Process

Athletic Mission Baseball Academy Hitter Assessment Process

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Geoff and Darrell discuss the Hitter Assessment Process that Geoff used for his Hitters that he trains remotely and at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

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– Transcribe –
On today’s show, we’re going to talk about the Baseball Hitters Assessment Process that I use here at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Hey guys, welcome back to for Strategic Baseball Podcast. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons In the last episode, Darrell broke down his Baseball Pitcher Assessment Process, and today I’m going to break down my Baseball Hitters Assessment Process that we use here Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.
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In every episode, we promise to deliver value on the strategic side of player development to help your players compete with players just as good if not better than them.
Today we’re going to talk about the baseball Hitter Assessment Process that we take our hitters through here the Athletic Mission in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where Darrell and I operate out of.
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Today man, I guess I’m gonna go ahead and keep talking. This is our Baseball Hitter Assessment Process.
So when we when we look across the internet and across social media, you see a lot of coaches advertising their Baseball Hitter Assessment Process, which normally consists things of like a video or now is the or a biomechanic reading or a device for everything, which at the end of the process reflects a green light or a red light, which ultimately highlight what a kid needs to work on. So again, the measurable and to be honest, this is the easiest part of it. And it’s important, you know, nobody downplaying the importance of that. But it’s important, especially when kids are trying to make team then trying to get the college and all that stuff. So this skills that is important. But when by with us at Athletic Mission, man, we are focusing on the individual player development and the individual hitter development. You know, it’s really about where these kids are at. And we call it the current state assessment. And it’s all about what they want as an individual. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons And it’s much more important than any of the measurable. And so the kids that come to Athletic Mission, are seeking out Darrell and Geoff that they’re looking for a strategic advantage. So So we start our assessment process with what we call the hitter related activity.
And what we do, though, we go through, you know, all the things that they do all year long, you know, what do they do during preseason? What do they do during the day? What do they do during offseason? What coaches are they working with? What strength and conditioning coach are they working with? We did want to get an idea of all the things that they are doing so that we can work around it because what we don’t want to do is create confusion for the hitter and we don’t want to create tension between what all the other coaches are staying as well so it’s really important for us to really just kind of understand all the things that they’re doing the hitter relayer activity and and so in the the Statham and we get we get we kind of get a blend of the kind of hitters that come in. And so firstly we have those those super aggressive hitters. You know, these are the one that you know they’re out there and they’re out there to flame. They’re gonna And they’re gonna swing hard. AndTulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons they tend the, you know, already have, you know, in their mind, they’ve already made the decision to swing the bat before steaming it, but really the pit that they’re looking for the pit they want and the pitcher group and then they’re, then they’re typically having some good days, but man a bit that pitcher that can move that ball around and keep them on balance, then it’s a long day because they end up expanding their strike though, and they don’t consistently square up the baseball. And this is going to cause them a lot of them to really start to kind of fall behind the count.
And now they’re swinging the missing, or they’re trying to do too much, and they just missed the by found it off, would now lead to strikeouts. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons You know, these are the type of guys that tend to be more comfortable hitting in practice than in game. You know, because we talked about the transition from practice the pressure is the key to success. And this is the strategic advantage that we’ve been talking about. But either to the guide that we see, you know, the strategic advantage mind that is the bridge from the the physical skill set into how we show up on game day. And this is the stuff that we do that in between, that really helped but you know, Master our skills and mastered the stick profit in the command prompt command hitting process, and eventually allowed the hitter to kind of create a strategy. And so the next, the next header we tend to get is going to be that that really passive hitter, you know, the one who’s hesitant to swing the bat, they decide that when they do swing the bat, when they do decide to swing the bat, they’re like have bought in, you know, the effort to swing it. So they’re kind of stuck in between not swinging a swing, but they don’t swing the bat very well, are they hard. Now, these are the guys that don’t track what they’re doing, they don’t track their ability to execute in a real game. And, or they could be you know, maybe they’re afraid of baseball, because nobody taking the time to teach them how to see the ball, you know, and then not seeing the ball leads them to timing issue with lead them to swing issues, which, you know, lead them to a wide variety of situations and, and that leads them to athletic missions, you know, so then the lead the to where ultimately we want to take guys, we want to help them evolve into a Dominating Strategic Hitter. And this is where you know, the the Dominating Strategic Hitter, this guy can pick up spin this guy seed the bar really, really early, and he sees it for a long time, which allowed him to consistently drive the baseball with authority, as well as having great plate discipline. They’re good at taking good pitches, because they understand how the pitcher pitch move, and has an approach for each count in each situation. This is why the athletic mission, we do what I call command hitting, we’re constantly putting our guide into situation where they have to think about the game and what they’re trying to do at the plate. We constantly have them going through their pre pitch routine, see the ball, and all the things that give them a strategic advantage. Because again, we’ve talked about before the mind, look, practice, but not give you a strategic advantage. So because you know, we’ve got to be able to master the Command Hitting Process so we can have a strategy that we can have game day results. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons So again, the Dominating Strategic Hitter, this is the guy that had great vision, great timing, got discipline, he got the ability to drive the baseball with authority. So yeah, you know, this is, you know, really quick, you know, this is where we start with the hitters staffing process. We look at where they currently are, where they are at. And then we look at their hitters related activity. And then we we have what we call that unique hitting assessment. And this is a list, you know, like 20 different things. This is the list of all the things that we think hitter development is all about, and what they are and that we asked them to go through the kind of kind of go through and fill out what they think they’ve mastered. You know, and we’re talking about things like like your approach places discipline, you know the ins and outs of the the strength and conditioning program, you’re prepared your pregame routine, you know, all of this is who the hitter become Yep. And how we create a process, from competitive advantage to mastery to strategy. And ultimately how we show up on game day. This is where, you know, this is where we tend to go back, man, when whenever guys are struggling, it’s always more about what they’re not doing versus what they are doing. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons So, so yeah, this is what our profits look like man and nine is really, it really allowed us to identify where guys are at, and where we need to start. Because not everybody needs to start over. Not everybody needs a blank slate. Because most of them don’t, that we need to figure out where they’re at. And, you know, that’s what’s cool about demand that this works for individual player. What do they feel like they have mastered? And what do they feel like they haven’t mastered so that we can build
it out and fill in the gap from there. Absolutely, man. And I think what’s cool here to Jeff is that we got a lot of really good two way players. So we have some awesome conversations here, man because again, you and I always are are banging on each other trying to figure out how we can push each other and get these guys to see the game a little bit different. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons And and we always ask them man, if you’re pitching How would you pitch to you? How would you get you out? And vice versus if you were hitting off a you How would you What would your approach be? And and it’s been pretty cool man because we’ve seen some aha moments happen in those situations based off the things that that you’ve been teaching and kind of walking them through how to really create an approach and and vice versa. How do we really you know, how do we attack a hitter based on what we do and based on what we know about them and that kind of just changes the way they see the game and and the little intricate pieces of baseball man, it makes it so cool. Yeah. And the other thing that’s cool that we do is you know, we’ll have our hitters watch your pitchers and see what we can pick up and you guys to watch and see what you pick up though. The we’re actually taking what we want to do in a game and actually really practiced it and in a practice setting. Yeah, and really figure it out. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons Yeah, we can get it for he took advantage over them.
No, that’s cool, man. Yeah, that’s good stuff, brother. Yeah, so that was our were athletic mission hitters assessment process. Remember, guys, if you guys are finding any value in any of these episodes, please go and leave us an objective review and also head over to strategic that baseball.com and join our circle. We’ve got some pretty cool stuff that we’re working on. Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons And we’re going to be sharing them with you guys as we develop it. So, but thanks for listening, and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons
Tulsa Baseball Hitting Lessons
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