Athletic Mission Baseball Academy’s hitting system is based  off the understanding of human bio mechanics. Our researched, tested, and proven hitting instructions has worked for all of our clients that are committed to excellence. We spend a lot of time researching and studying the game to continue to improve our craft.

Evaluation: Set a Starting Point

Everyone must go through an evaluation before they can enter into the Athletic Mission Baseball Academy’s hitting system. Players will hit off a tee as well as off live pitching, at which will be video recorded. Once we finish hitting, the instructor will take you to the office and give you an honest break down of the swing. Once we review the video with the player and parents we will develop an action plan.

Sessions: We Teach a Higher Level Swing

People think they are buying a hitting lesson, but in actuality, hitting the ball is rarely the problem. We teach a high-level movement pattern progression, which is based on generating the most force, but also offering the highest opportunity to make powerful contact. Each lesson has a clear plan and goal for each hitter, based on his/her goals and weaknesses. You are not just buying batting practice; instructors may spend a whole lesson in the strength area working on movement patterns without even touching a bat. We do video analysis every session to track your player’s progress and identify areas that need improvement. You will be assigned homework and movement drills so you can train at home and the next lesson can be spent on something new.

With the rate of throwing injuries occurring at the youth and professional levels; we are trying to ensure our players get information that will create efficient, sustainable, and healthy deliveries. We take the studies and research and ensure the flow of the body that is seen in natural deliveries is translated into the pitching deliveries. It’s our job to ensure a player has correct throwing patterns first, before working on pitching patterns.

Evaluation: Set a Starting Point

Everyone must go through an evaluation before they can enter into the Athletic Mission Baseball Academy’s pitching system. Evaluations will be an opportunity for instructors to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, as well as capture your movements on camera. After throwing about 15-20 pitches, our instructor will breakdown your mechanics, as well as compared to a major league pitcher.

Sessions: We Teach a Higher Level Delivery

The lessons are structure based of your initial evaluation. Players must learn how to throw a ball efficiently and consistently before we can talk about pitching. The lessons are to teach a proper foundation of how to move into each throw. You are not paying for bull pen sessions, you may not even step onto the mound for several sessions. Players will have homework and be held accountable for their development. We will use video analysis and radar guns will be used every once in a while as a measurement tool.

“Geoff is a student of the swing and constantly searching for the best way to communicate to his students. He’s even gone as far as asking his students to take the TAP assessment (free to the athlete) to look for clues on how to individually structure how he delivers instruction. He incorporates technology to further determine what the naked eye misses, and to optimize the kinetic chain and movement efficiencies”.

Brett Gresham