The College Recruiting Process Part 2

Geoff Rottmayer explains the college recruiting process he uses with his guys. This process has saved parents, times, money and frustration throughout the process. In Part 2 we talk about the following:

  • Making a Hot List: Based on your understanding of your current level of play, put together a list of programs you would like to play for.
  • Make a video: Now that you have your hot list, it’s time to develop a skill video to send to coaches on your list.
  • Sending Emails: You have your hot list and video, now its time to reach out to coaches.
  • Am I Being Recruited? I am getting emails and letters from all of these colleges, does this mean I am being recruited?
  • How to use visits? Understanding how to use your visits is important, as choosing a school is very important, so this visit will give you vibes.
  • Scholarships: Now scholarship is coming in and it’s exciting, but what do I do now?

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