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The College Recruiting Process Part 1

Geoff Rottmayer explains the college recruiting process he uses with his guys. This process has saved parents, times, money and frustration throughout the process. In Part 1 we talk about the following:

  • First thing First: We must first understand a few things before we talk about the process.
  • Reality Check: This is where we have a real conversation and a real understanding of yourself as players and parents.
  • Evaluation & What They Look for: The importance of an evaluation┬áthat is based on truth and understanding, as well as understand what they are looking for.
  • The Academic/Skill Pan: After your evaluation, you need to develop actions plans to improve your academic and skills.
  • The Right Level: What is honestly the right level for you right now.
  • Make a Hot List: Based on your understanding of your current level of play, put together a list of programs you would like to play for.


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