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The 6th Tool - Pitch Recognition with Dr. Peter Fadde Welcome to The Baseball Awakening Podcast, where we dive into the raw, unfiltered, unsexy side of player development. Guest Bio: Dr. Peter Fadde, founder of Game Sense Sports Pitch Recognition Software and author of the ebook The 6th Tool - Pitch Recognition. Summary: On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Dr. Peter Fadde of Game Sense Sports Software. We discussed his software games sense sports app and pitch recognition. Show Notes: In this conversation Dr. Fadde talks about:
  • How is the fascination with pitch recognition started?
  • The thought process he had when he was going through this process.
  • How we do not train kids to properly see the ball.
  • Recognizing shapes, color, the spin of baseball.
  • It takes time to build mental data based on pitches.
  • What big leaguers are doing that we should be doing.
  • It only takes 5 minutes to train and make a part of your routine.
  • The Game Sense Sports Software and its objective.
  • How important the first third window of picking the ball up is.
  • The decision making process in picking baseball up early.
  • Eliminating pitches to improve the odds of recognition.
  • The role practice has and building the mental database.
  • and much more.
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