Geoff is a student of the swing and constantly searching for the best way to communicate to his students. He’s even gone as far as asking his students to take the TAP assessment (free to the athlete) to look for clues on how to individually structure how he delivers instruction. He incorporates technology to further determine what the naked eye misses, and to optimize the kinetic chain and movement efficiencies.
– Brett G.


We almost waited too long to get hooked up with Athletic Mission. Don’t wait…get signed up today and get your kid learning correctly so they can get to the next level. Best equipment around. Very beneficial to have individual in depth evaluations. Best decision we made….our son has improved mentally and physically… his future in baseball is looking a lot better bc of Athletic Mission!
– Katie E.


Geoff has worked with my son for several years and has made a huge impact. He has a long term vision for every kid and is constantly looking for ways to help them achieve their goals. If your son or daughter wants to reach their full potential Athletic Mission is the place.
– Chris B.


Athletic mission is a great place for kids looking to take their baseball game to the next level. They have super advanced training technology and a very educated staff. It’s a great place for your kid to advance skill wise and potentially be looked at by college recruiters. Highly recommend looking into this program if you are serious about baseball.
– Cody H.


Geoff has been a great mentor and coach to our 13 year old son. It is obvious that he knows and loves the game of baseball and takes pride in instilling that same love in his players. Our son has not only grown in baseball IQ, but his improved mechanics has translated unto the field. I would not hesitate recommending Geoff to anyone.
– Krista W.


Geoff and his wife Nikki are amazing!!! They are constantly finding new ways to help the players get the most out of their training process. They are always on call to answer any…and I mean any question or concerns you as the parent or you as the kid that’s going thru the process have. It’s an amazing feeling knowing your child is learning from one of the best & you can see the changes in them as they go through the process!!! It’s so exciting to witness!!! I highly recommend Geoff to everyone…I promise you will not be disappointed!!!
– Brandi P.


Athletic Mission Baseball Academy in Tulsa does a fantastic job! They have the latest and greatest technology to help the athletes get better. Geoff works tirelessly with the athletes helping them continue to improve. He makes a point to teach the entire game of baseball, not just hitting or pitching, by focusing on the importance of being mentally prepared. Great place for athletes to learn and reach their full potential!
– Janet T.


Geoff is the best. Geoff has a passion for instructing young players who are wanting to go beyond high school and college. My son has great respect for what Geoff is doing to prepare him. Geoff not only works on the physical aspect of the game but emphasizes the mental aspect. I highly recommend him every time I have an opportunity.
– Rick G.


Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the best baseball academy in Oklahoma! Geoff is an amazing trainer. He is knowledgeable, patient and successful in teaching the fundamentals of baseball to anyone wanting to learn. If you expect overnight results then this is probably not the best place for you. However, if you want your baseball player to learn correctly and your willing to work the process then I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
– Corrie L.


I have known Geoff for 3 years now. He is student of the game as well as a great teacher. He brings an element of compassion and work ethic that is contagious and explains why clients continue to count on and trust Geoff’s advice. He has personally help me think through tough some issues with my clients and I know that I can count on him to give solid feedback. If I had son that was wanting to get deep into what it takes to be a next level player I would feel totally comfortable dropping him off at Athletic Mission and knowing he was in good hands.
– Darrell C.