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ATTN: Parents 🗣 If you have a son who wants to play baseball in high school or college, this is for them! With over 80 hours of interactive classroom type setting, they’ll learn…

▶️ about playing defense. 
▶️ about the swing and hitting.
▶️ about throwing and pitching.
▶️ about the mental side of the game.

This program was created for kids between the ages of 12+ to pass them the knowledge that could bring clarity and understanding to their game and make them a better player….

Parents: Consider this Summer Baseball School.….

▶️ So your son can improve his knowledge
▶️ So your son can have an advanced understanding of the game and be ahead of his peers
▶️ So your son can contribute to his team in multiple and advanced ways
▶️ So your son has confidence in his knowledge in the game of baseball
▶️ So your son knows you have done everything to help him advance his game
▶️ So your son can fall deeper in love with the game of baseball

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Over 80 Hours of Baseball Knowledge

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