Geoff Rottmayer

“The only way to do great work, is to do something you love – Steve Jobs”

Geoff Rottmayer has a great passion for sports and for kids. He believes that every youth athlete has the potential to be the next best athlete that’s ever played the game. Geoff also recognizes that there is a ton of misinformation and things professional athletes do, that we are never taught during our development.

Geoff was born into a military family who told him he had the potential to do whatever he wanted, even when the rest of the world told him he couldn’t. He was born with bi-lateral, sensorineural hearing loss, which created a lot of challenges. It instilled in him mental toughness, and got him to tune out the naysayers. Sports were his escape from the reality of the way the world was, and something he was actually good at. Sports carried him through middle school and high school, and then he hit a sticking point trying to get into college, as he couldn’t pass the test. That is when he discovered that he didn’t know how to read. This was another challenge he had to overcome – learning to read at 18 years old. He finally went on to college, then got drafted and then ended up getting hurt.

Getting hurt was the best thing that ever happened to him, because it forced him to do research he wouldn’t have otherwise done. He spent the better part of the last 12 years studying and learning proper ways to develop athletes. There was a lot of misinformation taught to him that kept him from being as good as he could have been. So he made it his mission and passion to improve and change the ways we develop athletes.

What he found as he got higher and higher in competition was that it became more about the mental game than about the physical game. Nobody ever taught him the mental game. So he spent the better part of the last 3-4 years as a mental game coach helping athletes overcome barriers.

Outside of Athletic Mission, Geoff enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Nikki and his daughter, Aniston. 

We at Athletic Mission are looking forward to having a positive and lasting impact on the athletes of Oklahoma.

“Geoff is a student of the swing and constantly searching for the best way to communicate to his students. He’s even gone as far as asking his students to take the TAP assessment (free to the athlete) to look for clues on how to individually structure how he delivers instruction. He incorporates technology to further determine what the naked eye misses, and to optimize the kinetic chain and movement efficiencies”.

Brett Gresham

“I have known Geoff for 3 years now. He is student of the game as well as a great teacher. He brings an element of compassion and work ethic that is contagious and explains why clients continue to count on and trust Geoff’s advice. He has personally help me think through tough some issues with my clients and I know that I can count on him to give solid feedback. If I had son that was wanting to get deep into what it takes to be a next level player I would feel totally comfortable dropping him off at Athletic Mission and knowing he was in good hands”. Darrell Coulter