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Rockland Peak Performance Nunzio Signore

Welcome to The Baseball Awakening Podcast, where we dive into the raw, unfiltered, unsexy side of player development

Guest Bio:

Nunzio Signore, Owner and Operator of Rockland Peak Performance


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Nunzio, Owner and Operator of Rockland Peak Performance

Show Notes: In this conversation, Nunzio talks about:

  • His starting into baseball as a strength and conditioning guy.
  • The assessment process he takes off of his players through.
  • The strength and conditioning process and how it will develop better movers on the hill.
  • The role of the back foot in pitching.
  • The role of the front leg and foot in pitching.
  • How hip and shoulder is achieved.
  • Why kids push the baseball.
  • Developing velocity and the nay sayers.
  • and much more.

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