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Recap Show: Aaron Chamberlain

Welcome to The Baseball Awakening Podcast where we dive into the raw, unfiltered, unsexy side of player development.


On this episode, Host, Geoff Rottmayer, recaps his conversation with Aaron Chamberlain of Great Lakes Bat Co. The biggest takeaways that he discussed on this show are:

  • The bat fitting process is really cool.
  • The bat fitting process is really easy.
  • Every hitters and parents of hitters need to identify ideal swing weight profile before purchasing a bat.
  • Buy the bat fitter and the blast motion sensor and get to work.
  • and more.

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Hey guys Geoff Rottmayer here and this is The Baseball Awakening recap show where I share with you the biggest takeaways I got from my conversation Aaron Chamberlain of Great Lakes Bat Co – as well as share how I plan to implement what I have learned with my players that I train at my academy in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Before I get started, one thing I want you to know, is that I want to hear from you because different things mean things things to different people so it would be interesting to see how you guys interpret something that Aaron Chamberlain said the last couple of days or what I am going to say today. I will make a show reading off your emails because we cal all learn something from it, so my email is going to be geoff@baseballawakening.com, so send me your thoughts, comment, or feedback.

Aaron invested a bat that with the blast motion sensor will identify a hitters ideal swing weight. When I first heard of the concept I was not really that convince and wasn’t sure how the process work or if it worked. And throughout this conversation I just been process in my head how the whole thing worked, and once I did get my head around it of course i had plenty of question I would have loved to have asked during this conversation that was recorded.

A lot of my questions got answered one I purchased a bat fitting bat and put my players through the process. It is a fairly simple process. You put the blast sensor on the bat and take three swings off a tee with a tennis ball inside middle and out side. You will capture the data from each of the groove in which the weight ring moves up and down. So all in all they took about 36 total swings.

I took the data from the blast motion of the weight rings grooved slot and submit the data. About 15 minutes later, I get an email and it list the recommended wooden bat as well as the recommended BBcor 2019 bats.

Its a very simple process and a very easy process and believe everyone should work to find the ideal swing weight profile for all of your hitters. I have seen it first hands, guys go out and purchased bats that were recommended and swing that bat really well.

I saw consistency  in their ability to hit the ball and they were hitting the ball harder. I though it was a coincidence but i had about 10 guys that got fitted and saw some immediate improvement in their output.

SO I am a huge fan of this process it would be cool to see the handle/grip size study when that comes out and see what addition it can have in conjunction with having a bat that fits your ideal swing weight profile. So check out Great Lake Bat Co. and reach out to Aaron, he is very passionate about it and will answer any question you may have.

A very cool process and highly recommend this being a part of your yearly bat buying process. Thats my biggest takeaway – purchase the bat fitter and the blast sensor and start helping your guys get their investment worth when it comes to bats. Thanks for tuning in.


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