Picking the Mind of a Guy Whose Organization Sent Over 500 Players to D1.

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Guest Bio:

Rob Bruno is the founder of the NorCal Youth Baseball Organization. Over 27 years over 500 kids that played for him went on to D1 and over 50 have gone on to play in the Big Leagues. He has set the standard high and is a model and an approach other organization should thrive for.


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayersits down with Rob Bruno of NorCal, where we talk about the process that is used to develop his program, the different conversations that he has as well as what he thinks the future of the youth game is.

Show Notes:

In this conversation Rob talks about:

  • About why he started NorCal and his vision for the organization.
  • The changes to the travel ball culture over the years.
  • His process of recruiting players to come to play for his organization.
  • The difference between his term development vs. the culture term of development.
  • How his players respect him as a person and love his approach.
  • About how youth baseball lack baseball IQ talk.
  • What guys should expect when joining his program.
  • How to manage unhappy players and parents.
  • How there is a lot of education involved and having to get parents to get it.
  • What he would do if he was to start his organization in today’s culture.
  • What college coach is looking for that is missing.
  • and much more.


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