Winning requires superior mental performance. Sports science shows that it’s cognitive abilities that give athletes a critical performance advantage. The ability to perform under pressure, remain aware, in control, and rapidly process everything that’s going on around them, are the abilities needed to make better decisions, and consistently perform at their best.


NeuroTracker has scientifically demonstrated advantages for professionals athletes seeking to raise their level of situational awareness and decision making abilities on the field.

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The TAP Assessment measures the athletic mindset and improve their mental performance. For sports teams at all levels including high school, college & the pros, the TAP is at the core of the ground breaking Athlete Type System – the world’s only end to end solution for assessing, evaluating, developing, and coaching athletes for optimal mental performance.

ZenoLink was developed as a means to make kinetic and kinematic measurement which provides information for the use in the diagnosis, evaluations, and improvements of functional performance and injury potential during activity.
ZenoLink measures bio mechanical function and provides crucial information on performance and injury potential.
KVest 3
K-Vest a the only swing capture to range of motion and biofeedback training system on the market. K-Vest create human motion learning system for fitness, medical, and baseball industries.


Athalonz created G-Force shoes that are scientifically designed to maximize ground reaction force. For baseball players, ground reaction force reaction is the force between the body on the ground that provides the power for athletic movement.