On The Path With Slade Heathcott

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Guest Bio:

Slade Heathcott, former Major League Baseball player and host of On the Path with Slade Heathcott Podcast.


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Slade Heathcott and we talk about his playing career and everything he learned along the way. .

Show Notes: In this conversation, Slade talks about:

  • His youtube days in baseball.
  • How playing multiple sports helped him in his development as a professional athlete.
  • Coaches that had an influence on him and his career.
  • How he learned to self-talk and the importance of self-talk.
  • How he developed competitiveness.
  • How he developed and the importance of confidence.
  • How and when he figured out himself as a hitter.
  • How and when he developed his routine.
  • How and when he developed a consistent approach.
  • What it was like getting called up to the big leagues.
  • What he learned about life from the guys on the New York Yankee roster.
  • and more.

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