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How To Add Velocity To Your Fastball This Off-Season

How To Add Velocity To Your Fastball This Off Season

The off-season is the ideal time for young pitchers to focus on adding velocity to their fastball. By following a few simple guidelines, pitchers can make significant gains in both arm speed and pitch velocity.

1. Increase Strength and Power

One of the most important factors in increasing pitch velocity is improving overall strength and power. Pitchers should focus on exercises that target the large muscle groups used in throwing, such as the chest, shoulders, and legs. Weightlifting, plyometrics, and other types of explosive training are all great ways to build strength and power.

2. Improve Pitching Mechanics

Another key to velocity is proper pitching mechanics. Pitchers who throw with poor mechanics will not only be less accurate but will also produce lower velocity pitches. By working with a pitching coach or other experienced instructor, pitchers can make sure they are using good technique and getting the most out of their arm speed.

3. Use velocity-specific training drills

In addition to general strength and mechanical work, pitchers can also benefit from velocity-specific training drills. These types of drills help pitchers to develop the explosive power needed to throw a fastball with velocity. Many velocity training drills can be done with little or no equipment, making them ideal for use during the off-season.


By following these three tips, young pitchers can add velocity to their fastball and take their game to the next level.


At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy we help you create a plan using all three of these methods.


We take all our clients through a personal assessment to see what they do well and identify the things they need to work on.


From there we build a custom plan for each pitcher so they can get the most out of their training and add velocity safely and in a way that protects young pitchers arms.


If you’re serious about adding velocity to your fastball and being able to control it and throw strikes when the season starts…now is the time to do it.


What you do this off season will absolutely be the key to how hard you throw next baseball season.


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