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Tulsa Baseball Lessons - How It Works

The AMBA Next Level Hitting Assessment

At Athletic Mission we know you understand that it takes more than talent and skills to be a next level hitter. So we start our evaluation process focusing on how you’re hitting on game day and your mindset.

Everyone knows how important confidence is for a hitter, so we start there and have an honest conversation about how you’re thinking and how it affects how you’re hitting.

The AMBA Next Level Hitter ‘Dominate The Plate’ Program is a step by step system to help you easily understand everything it takes to be an elite hitter, a framework for how to think about hitter development, game day preparation & performance and how to barrel up great pitchers.

We focus on 5 key areas of Hitter Development that you’ll need to master.

1. Mindset: What do I need to believe to be a confident and give me a strategic advantage over all my competition?
  • Taking Ownership
  • Being Self Reliant
  • Surround Yourself with Smart People
  • Compare & Convince Mindset
  • Compete & Contribute Mindset
  • Strategic Advantage Mindset
  • Lost?
  • Defensive?
  • Curious?
  • What are your beliefs around being a Big Game Pitcher/Hitter?
  • What is focus? Setting intent or thinking hard?
  • Train the Brain, The Mind – Body Connection
  • Talent & Tools vs. Game Day Performance
2. Off-Season Training: What do I need to do to get the starting role I want for this upcoming season?
  • Relationships & Information
  • Strength
  • Conditioning
  • Nutrition
  • Mechanics
  • Velocity/Exit Velocity
  • Transition to Pre-season
3. Pre-Season Practice: What do I need to do to make sure my baseball skills are game ready?
  • Drills vs Skill Batting Practice Plan
  • Game Ready Approach
  • Max Velocity Barrel Control Process
  • STKS
  • Set Up
  • Stance
  • Swing
  • 12 Count Approach Test
  • Situational Awareness Charts
  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Transition to In-Season
4. In-Season Game Planning: What do I need to do to prepare a plan for each hitter or pitcher I will face this season?
  • What they know about me
  • What I need to know about them, each team
  • What I need to know about him, each pitcher
  • Pre-Game Scouting Report
  • In Games Cues and Clues
  • How To Ready a Pitcher (PVML)
  • Patterns, Habits, and Tendencies
  • Power or Finesse
  • Control or Wild
  • Loses his mind? What Situation and Counts?
  • What pitch(es) is you trying to get you out with? Situation and Count?
5. Game Day Performance: What do I need to do to confidently execute my game plan vs each hitter/pitcher I face?
  • Pre-Game Routine
  • Situational Count Awareness
  • Proactive vs Reactive
  • Early Count K’s Attitude
  • In Game Adjustments
  • Post Game Routines
  • Post Game Evaluation
  • Transition to Off-Season

5 Core Problems Areas we help Hitters Identify and Solve

1. Mental / Mindset / Confidence Issues
  • Coaches don’t trust you
  • You don’t trust your coaches
  • You don’t trust yourself
  • Lack confidence
  • Feel Pressure
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others
  • Feel stressed out
  • Over coached
  • Feel like you’re faking it, just going through the motions
  • Feel confused
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Lack focus and intent
2. Bad Mechanics
  • No plan / approach
  • Not seeing the ball
  • No consistency in barreling up baseballs
  • Consistently late on pitch
  • Swinging and Missing too much
  • Pulling off the baseball
  • Consistently rolling over
  • Striking out too much
  • Constantly making swing adjustments
  • Do know how your swing plays
3. Lack of Velocity / Exit Velocity / Explosiveness / Athleticism
  • Lack body awareness
  • Low exit velocity
  • Hardest hit balls is weak
  • Inconsistent mechanics
  • Lack athleticism
  • Lack strength
4. Poor / Unfocused Practice Habits
  • Over coached
  • Under coached
  • Mindless practice
  • Constantly changing methods and tools
  • No measured and tracked progress / improvements
  • Lack approach
  • Lack adjustments awareness
  • Generic routines and practice plan
5. Lack of Strategy
  • No pre-game preparation for the opponent
  • Don’t study individual pitchers
  • You have glaring holes in your approach
  • You are an easy out because of your lack of discipline
  • Coaches take the bat out of your hands in certain situations and counts
  • Don’t make in game adjustments

AMBA Next Level Hitting Program Plan

Core Job Responsibilities:
    • See The Ball / Be On Time / Discipline / Barrel Up The Baseball / Don’t Miss Your Pitch
    • Have A Strategic Advantage Mindset
    • Do the Right Work 
    • Earn Your Confidence 
    • Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You
1. Off Season Plan: August, September, October, November

Core Focus: Competitive Advantage

    • Physical Measurables 
    • Strength & Conditioning Plan
    • Nutrition Plan
    • Mechanics Mastered
    • Swing Metric Training
2. Pre-Season Plan: November, December, January, February

Core Focus: See Pitches & Master Approach

    • Command Hitting Program & Calendar
    • Visualization & Mental Simulation 
    • STKS 
    • 12 Count Approach Test
    • Set Up / Trigger
    • Situational Count Awareness
    • Pre-Pitch Approach
    • Attacking Pitches
    • Game Planning Batting Practice
3. In Season Game Planning: February, March, April, May, June, July

Core Focus: Strategic Advantage Mindset

    • Self Scouting Report
    • Opposing Coach / Team Philosophy
    • Game Plan for each opposing Pitcher
    • Study each Pitcher
    • Read each Pitcher
4. Game Day Performance

Core Focus: Get Hitters Out

    • Pre-game Routine
    • Execute the plan
    • In Game Adjustments
    • Post Game Evaluation
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