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Hitting Coach Kevin Wilson - Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy


Hitting Coach Kevin Wilson


Guest Info and Bio:

Kevin Wilson is a hitting coach to many professional hitters, helping them become the best version of themselves. He also created what he calls the KWB Experience where he takes amateur hitters and coaches through the process that he uses for his professional clients. In addition to that, he also has KWB Radio on ITunes, which is one of my personal favorites, where Kevin and Joe talks to hitting coaches. Lastly, he has written two books, The #GoodBatting Book, which is an Amazon Best Seller and Finding Clarity.

Twitter: Kevin Wilson

Email: info@kwbaseball.com


On this episode, HostĀ Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Hitting Coach Kevin Wilson of KWBaseball.com, where we discussed his approach to coaching the player first, which will coach the hitter automatically.

Show Notes:

Hitting Coach Kevin talks about the following:

  • Meeting the hitter where they are, and not starting at ground zero for everyone.
  • What he learned when he first got into coaching and how he evolved as a coach/instructor.
  • Knowing himself as a coach/instructor and how he knows he isn’t for everyone but he is for someone.
  • Gaining theĀ trust of the guys and hows it’s a process.
  • Being flexible and being willing to make adjustments if something isn’t working.
  • How things get easier over time if you have the players trust and get them into a routine.
  • His opinion as to why he thinks there isn’t enough attention focused on a persons emotions.
  • Letting the player vent and just being a world-class listener.
  • Asking questions and seeking to understand the hitter instead of barking orders.
  • About breaking the season down into weeks and reflecting every week by developing next week game plan.
  • Talking about how to prepare for the worst case scenario so that when it does happen it’s not a reaction.
  • Talking about routines and how important they are.
  • Understanding your why and purpose to why you do what you do.
  • Dealing with hitters that are doing well but you as a coach can see it heading the wrong way.
  • Studying the pitcher and what he is doing to you as a hitter.
  • The coach’s role in the dugout to assist hitters in their at-bats.


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