Goata Movement Systems with Gary Sheffler

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Guest Bio:

Gary Sheffler, owner of GLS Training Facility in Lousiana and Master Goata Coach


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Gary Sheffler

Show Notes: In this conversation, Gary talks about:

  • The backstory of how Goata Movement System came to be.
  • How it all got started with watching Michael Jordan walk. 
  • How traditional training train guys out of the Goata Pattern.
  • What their Goata Assessment process looks like and what they are trying to accomplish. 
  • What their corrective process looks like. 
  • What is needed before they can get into the performance side of things. 
  • Baseball being a rotational sport and the need to train more into the the rotational movement.
  • How we combat our sitting culture while trying to correct movements. 
  • How the Goata movement will clean up pitching and hitting mechanics.
  • What the industry response has been with the Goata training principles. 
  • What the difference between, in-season- pre-season and off-season training.
  • Some of Gary best resources.  
  • and much more.

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