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From Tennessee to the Big Leagues with Michael McKenry

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Guest Bio:

Michael McKenry, Former MLB Catcher


On this episode, Host Geoff Rottmayer sits down with Michael McKenry, a former Big League Catcher and we discuss his youth days and his path to the big leagues.

Show Notes: In this conversation, Michael talks about:

  • His youth day as a baseball player in Tennessee.
  • Coaches and his dad coaching him techniques and what to work on.
  • Being an athlete first then become a baseball player.
  • Was always swinging and throw even during basketball season.
  • Who helped him develop a plan and approach to improve as a player.
  • The information is out there if you want to get better.
  • How he developed the confidence and belief he had.
  • What his college coach was like and how it was different from previous coaches.
  • What it was like getting drafted.
  • Expectations he had going into professional baseball.
  • Coaches who messed with his catching and swing.
  • Getting the call to the big leagues.
  • Who took him under their wing and taught him to be a big leaguer.
  • The transition from being a professional athlete to a retired athlete.
  • and much more.

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