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The game of baseball and the game of life, becomes easier when you learn to embrace failure because here is the thing, it doesn’t matter how well you prepare, or how much you train, bad days are going to happen. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad player or a bad employee its just mean it was a bad day. Once you learn how to let bad days roll off your shoulder, success becomes for frequent. 

The keys in failing at anything is learning. I encourage you to keep a journal and reflect on your days and think on paper. Make sure you reflect on what happens and how you responded to it and how you should have responded to it so when it happens next time you know how to react. Learning to let it roll off your shoulder is the key to being consistent. It is not easy, believe me, everyone understands that. 

Remember when things are not going well, less is more. Baseball is what you get to do, you get to play baseball. It is not your identity, so when things are not going well, get your mind off baseball and off what your coaches things or other parents thing – go play fornite or hang with your girlfriend – just get away from baseball. 

Remember also that you have had a lot of success in baseball so you are better than that. You are better than 0-20 so just know you are better and it’s only going up from there. so believe in yourself that you will get it done because you are better than that. 

Lastly, in your journal, every single day, write down 5-15 things that you did well and as you get up to 15 things keep document what you do well. I got this concept from a book called Chop Wood Carry Water and it been great for me  when I started learning to document what went well. Learn to find little things you do well at: for example in hitting:

1. I stay balance and felt my feet during my stance.

2. I was able to catch my mind wandering and brought it back to focus.

3. I was international and deliberate about how i put the baseball on the tee.

4. I focus on my breathing and the timing of the breathing throughout the swing

5. I kept my core strong and stable

6. I visualize my swing and where i wanted it to go before I swung the bat. 

But you get the point. Name off the things that you did well and what you will find is that you will actually start planning on different stuff to focus on during practice/training/games. 

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