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The game of baseball is built of the ability to throw and catch. Yet, when you go to the baseball field all across america, you see very poor foundations of throwing. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is one of the best in the nation and especially in Tulsa when it comes to delivering high quality Tulsa Throwing Lessons. There is just things that have to be done properly and if not done properly then you risk the health of the arm. Most Tulsa Throwing Lessons do not include the arm care and recovery program that is needed for the proper arm care. We take charge in the ability to deliver the most quality lessons available in the mid-west. Throwing properly must be learned first before pitching. The foundation of throwing will help you be come a better pitcher. We start our Tulsa Throwing Lessons as young as seven and we take great pride in ensuring that every kids has an arm path and and arm action that is done with the body and can let the body perform the action. We take the approach of actually putting kids into the certain position and taking them through the movement that they arm must take and we do this over and over and over until they cannot get it wrong. We tell them to be aware of what is happening and just let it work. They will find that hitting becomes easier on the arm and effortless.

Once a player has learned the basic of throwing, then they are now able to get into our full flesh program, and our full flesh program gets much deeper into the arm action the arm care and recovery as well as mechanics work. The warm up is the process each guys goes through the get all of their muscles warmed up to be able to withstand the action of throwing. We have these guys perform these movements until they are breaking a sweat. Then they are taken through an arm care program that is design to train each of the little muscles in the body. The band work will activate and get each little muscle ready for the blow it is about to get with the action of the throwing a baseball takes. When you take this approach you are able to let the body get ready to absorb and be ready to take the heat of the throwing action they all are taking. The in depth throwing mechanics involve getting on the hill and actually performing the throwing motion while creating bigger movements with the pitching motion. We tell kids all the time, that just think about throwing and not pitching, because it is the same thing. Pitching is a mindset of how to get hitters out, just be a thrower first and then learn how to pitch. That is the main difference you will find with Athletic Mission Baseball Academy Tulsa Throwing Lessons that we are telling thrower that they need to be able to throw the ball and throw it for a strike before you can work about thinking of it as pitching because again pitching is a mindset.

This is the process of the basic fundamentals. We take the approach of guys developing the fundamentals and getting really good at it and then let purity hit before we focus on velocity. With good fundamentals throwing the ball a lot and throw long and far and you will start to see the arm get stronger and stronger which will in turn help with velocity. When we get to the pitching component of throwing, we turn hundred percent focus on getting hitters out. When you turn your focus to getting hitters out then you are turning your focus to the mindset. We are the only one that gives Tulsa Throwing Lessons that make kids aware that it about throwing first and then pitch is a mindset. When you have a seven you old and he is learning to pitch, you have to wonder what it going on and wonder why an instructor will take such a violent such as throwing and not make sure that their arm is ready for the blow it is about to receive on the hill.

Remember when you are looking for Tulsa Throwing Lessons, look no further than Athletic Mission. We develop people first and then the ball player. We are interested in helping you develop the long term vision for your future of baseball. We will show you the way and the path, you have to put in the work. The work involves the following things: proper throwing fundamentals, proper arm care, proper recovery, routines, game plan, approach, secondary pitches, mindset, work ethic, competitiveness desire.Athletic Mission Baseball Academy takes that entire approach but you first have to enter our Tulsa Throwing Lessons program first. This is when you start to work on things that will allow your arm to hold up. It is sad seeing so many kids whose arm are hurting. There is no reason your arm should hurt and the reason it is hurting i because you don’t have proper arm care, proper throwing mechanics, proper recovery and the proper Tulsa Throwing Lessons instructor. If you want to play at a high level, you have to be able to throw the baseball, if you are not able to throw the baseball then you are not able to play the game. If you are not able to play the game then you will be kicking yourself for not taking a slight step backwards and ensure that you are able to fully understand your throwing motion and that pitching is just like throwing. You have to know that pitching is a mindset, always revert back to playing catch. Catching and throwing the ball when it comes to throwing strikes and getting hitters out.

This is a serious topic and one that requires a serious oversight and guidance on how to do so. Let the Academy that has been ranks in the Top 25 by Youth1 be the Academy to help you with your Tulsa Throwing Lessons.

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