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There is a major issue with softball players and that is that they tend to throw like a girl in many cases. What this means is that they keep the throwing arm elbow down and tend to push the ball instead of throwing it. There are several different reason why we think this tends to happen, because the softball is a little bit heavier and girls tend to have a harder time getting it up, they don’t typically play long toss due to the size of the field, and that they learn by watching. When we throw with our girls we have to throw the same way that you are to throw instead of trying to make sure that they don’t get hurt. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has a proven throwing program and is a place you need to be thinking about when it comes to Tulsa Softball Lessons. When we look at softball thrower, we first try to get a general idea of how they are throwing in a general setting and then in an athletic movement setting, so we would have them field a ground ball.

During the assessment, we will do a video analysis and layout the foundation of throwing and ensuring that each kid understand how they are to throw. We then want to look at what deficiencies there are in the shoulder cuff, scapulae, t-spine region and just the entire body in general. There are issues that will prevent players from being able to execute certain throws. We also have a throwing censor at which we are able to track what the arm is doing as well as the workload it is withstanding. The process of learning how to throw is a process that thrower need to do every singe time they throw so that they do not fall into bad habits. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you level you are at you need to perform the most basic fundamentals of throwing. When seeking Tulsa Softball Lessons and trying to understand who has a proven system to ensuring girls are not getting hurt or robbed of their potential because they haven’t been taught how to throw is an important part of the process. Every program comes with corrective assessment, arm care, arm recovery, and proven process depending on what position you play.

There are different arm actions ones must display based on the position they play. There is an infield arm action, an outfielders arm action, and catchers arm action, and a pitchers arm action. Depending on the position you play you need to develop the most suitable arm action for the position. The outfielders arm action is longer than the others, the infielders arm action is a bit shorter than the outfielder, and then the catcher movement is a simple forearm movement. Te principles are all the same, the process the arm takes is slightly different. When you get the most suitable throwing action for your position then you are able to get the most efficient arm action for your position. When you have the most efficient arm action for the position then you are able to be much more consistent and when you re most consistent then you are able to use your body as designed. When are you able to move as the body is designed then you are able to then measure how important you are to your team and also measure the minimize risk of injuries. Your throwing instructors also needs to understand how the growth plate works on the risk that a thrower take by having the growth plate open. If the growth plate is open you are not to be done weight balls. We have seen a lot of kids come sin lately who have had arm injuries due to the weight balls program. This is especially alarming when a young kids is doing this program and their growth plate is open. Be really careful in terms of falling for this trend. Find someone who understand s this when doing your research for Tulsa Softball Lessons.

You have only one chance to get it right. Most kids by the time they are 12, their playing career is half way over. Do not wait until it is too late. You need to be able to recognize quickly what is a good investment and what is not, when you are able to recognize a good investment you need to make the investments and not hope that there is something out there similar but cheaper. There are a lot of important life lessons that can be learned from the game of baseball and lessons that can be learned by training at a place like Athletic Mission Baseball Academy for Tulsa Softball Lessons. It is important to ensure that the person you choose to hire and work with has a proven system that has been able to develop the throwing pattern that will translate to the field and minimize injury potential. When you are able to find this and put the process to work and see the results, you will no doubt be satisfied and want to tell all of your friend about it to ensure they are receiving the best training the area has to provide. Tulsa Softball Lessons need to be understood as human body movement and not so much of softball vs baseball. The softball vs baseball argument doesn’t hold water when it comes to understanding how the body moves in space. The thing you can do here at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is measure how well we move and how well we move in space. We do this through the kinematic sequence process and this process measure exactly how we move in space in three dimensional.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Training.

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