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Athletic Mission Baseball Academy also provides the best Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons. We understand that the body movement need to generate the swing and to generate power is the same. The speed and the order in which we want to generate speed is exactly the same and the swing plane is exactly the same as well.

With hitting the biggest thing we are trying to get our hitters to do and understand is how to use their hands properly, how to sequence, and how to load. You want to turn the barrel into the baseball/softball. Too many are being taught to guide the barrel into the ball or use one turn to hit the ball and this creates directional problems and situations where you are hitting in a small zone. The sequence is letting the body turn in order automatically, we are trying with everything we have to resist rotation. When we launch the swing then the body gets projected forward. Then the turning of the bat allows early bat speed to be generated and the swing happens automatically.

When we first get a softball player, we will go through an comprehensive evaluation process, at which we will get to understand the individual as much as we possibly can. It is during this process when we will ask them to tell us their concerns, and ask them to tell us everything they know about the swing and everything they know about hitting. We are the only one giving Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons that takes it this far to really try and understand the individual and how we can help them. We are looking for a long term commitment and we establish trust right then and there during the first evaluation. After the evaluation, we will put them through a screening process that will help us identify how ones moves and how these inability to do certain things affect how they swing. We will then create a corrective exercise deal for the individual which we will reevaluate ever six weeks. Your body is a weird things and it will never be perfect, which is why this is a never ending process because once you are able to fix these problems a new set of problems will arise and need to turn our focus to those set of issues.

Now you are officially into the program and we start you off with movement drills and these drill are done without a ball in hand, and we are really just focusing on how the body should move, once you understand how the body moves then you will be halfway done with the battle and just have to understand the load and the swing plane. We start will getting hitters to understand how the body load around the rear hip, and when the load in the hip is good, we have to hold that load as we stride, once we are able to do that we have to be able to to get the hip and the scap to load, take the slack out. Once the slack is taking out the body will rotate on its own during the launch of the swing. The launch of the swing has to happen a certain way because the body is doing everything it can to resist rotation.The swing plane is next and teaching the swing plane is taught by teaching a hitter how to properly use his hands. We want the back arm the bat to work around the rear forearm in a farris wheel pattern instead of a merry go around pattern. So many use the merry go around swing happen which is very arm-y and slow. We need to take the arm out of the swing and let the hands work properly. When the hands turn the barrel into the baseball, then the arms do not have time to take over and dominate to push the barrel through.

After we get the assessment done and start to work on the swing, all of the swing get measured through with the k-vest three dimension motion analysis. We re-evaluate every six week and develop a new strategy during this process to help with getting guys better. We also take the approach of vision training, the vision training is super important when it comes to learning to hit. The ability to improve your vision is a huge reason why we are able to get guys better, this process is just as it is, being able to slow the game down and have fun with the process. There is an evaluation which we will get a baseline score as to what they are able to do vision wise and then will put together a plan to help develop the current condition and make it better. You will notice huge improvements with the hitting and with school work as you improve your vision and your ability to process information better and quicker. We are the only facility giving Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons taking an approach to also help with you vision which will enhance your ability to play. We are the only one, also, that care about ensuring you can do better in school. When you do better in school you are able to improve your chance of getting better grades and doing great things with your process.

Do not let anyone tell you that hitting for baseball and softball is different because it is not. We need to generate force, you need to move in sequence, you need to stay on plane as long as possible, you need an approach, you need a game plan, you need a routine, you need a process, you need a assessment and corrective plan, you need a vision plan, you need repetitions, you need goals, you need all of the same things if play at a higher level is the ultimate goal.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons.

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