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There should be three different season throughout your development: off-season, pre-season, and in-season. Anyone that gives Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons needs to understand this and find the correct instructor who can help them based on the time of the year. The biggest difference is what you decide to work on and how much you decide to work on. We tend to take an approach of it doesn’t matter when you start with us, your off-season just started and what we mean by that is that the first year we are getting you ready for next year. We are going to take you through a player development journey that you are going to endure a lot of failure and you are going to learn more about the swing then you ever would have known. During the off-season if when we spend the most amount of time really breaking down the swing and getting the repetition needed to sustain a pattern. When we achieve the desired pattern then we keep going until we cannot get it wrong. When we cannot get it wrong then we move on to other aspect of the movement pattern. So find you a trainer who understand this and Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has been the leader in Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons when it comes to this topic and this approach.

During the off-season the objective is to start all over and correct bad habits that were formed or developed throughout the previous season. The off-season we will spend the first two month basically recovering and do what is necessary for the body to do it work. The off-season is where we spend a lot of time developing certain areas of our game that will make a huge different and it will prepare you like nothing before. The off-season is what Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is known for and why we are considered the best when talking about Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons. Being able to put in the work during the off-season is going to gain you the confidence that you lack, when you pre-pare and worked harder than anyone on the field, then you will successfully and deservedly walk onto the field. Softball player who put in the work and trust their work enjoy a lot of success on the field. The off-season hitting program refining movement patterns, getting the data capture, execute movement deficiencies work, and just improve how one moves in space. When one learns how to move in space then they are able to trust the work and trust their confidence and will execute and perform during games. When they are performing during games then they are able to be seen as a leader on their team and everyone wonders where they get their training from. Our client proudly acknowledge that they tracing the the best Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons facility of Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

During pre-season we will shift the focus of the training and it will be more focus on game time performance. So what it takes to execute and have confidence during the in-season you need to have a transition from off-season to in-season. During the in-season the focus is on getting ready for game performance more than it is getting the mechanics down. We have to trust all the work we put in during the off-season and just do it. At this time we are talking hitting more than we are the swing. When we talk hitting we are working on situations, we are working on our approach, we are working on game planning, we are working on routines, we are working on the other aspect of the game that most tend not to focus on. We are the only facility giving Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons that takes this approach. When we have these things into place and we take this approach we now are shifting the conversation from the swing to hitting. When we talk hitting we are having a conversation so much that it eventually ingrain into them why it is important. It is important to have this part of the process. This is where Athletic Mission Baseball Academy separates it self from everyone else that does Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons in that we actually teach hits to swing and more importantly how to hit.

The in-season Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons is where we focus on what is currently happening week in and week out during the season. We have hitters come in and tell us what they want to work on. We always keep our conversation more focused on the hitting part, if the swing is falling apart and we are not consistently barreling up softballs then we will revisit and remind our hitters and what they need to be doing and self correcting so that the swing doesn’t get so out of whack and the hits suffer. During the in-season we tell our hitters to take an easy and to focus more on their routines and their approach and getting their work in then trying to hit cage bombs. The in-season is all about building off and maintaining what we gained during the off-season. We are not going to progress on to other things but we are going to build off of and continue to maintain everything we did and feel confidence about the work we put in during the off-season. When hitters are continuing put in their work and leaning on our instructors to keep their head straight mentally and emotionally then they continue to have success. Our hitters have shown that if they are not ankle to come in during the week that they are unable to produce the same type to results a they would if they were coming in consistently each week. So when you are thinking about Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons you have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons.

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