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At the end of the day, would would you want to get training? Its about the life lessons, the working hard, the skills they develop, and its about game results. Giving your player every chance of being successful by being ready to play through preparation. At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy and with our Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons we deeply care about our clients getting a return on their investment, we care about game results. It is a process and sustainable results come over time. This is what we tell our clients or soon to be client that it is a process and it will take time but you got to build a foundation that nobody has built with you before. The foundations are the fundamentals, the things you can go back too, the basic to hitting well. Right now you tell a hitter to go back to the basic and they cannot tell you what that is. So because most kids who come to us have been getting training for a long time, they end up having a horrible foundation of which their swing was built on. Because the foundation wasn’t build properly there is not going back to the basis. When we talk about game results we are talking about understanding the difference between back spin and top spin. Understanding the difference between a nice hard barreled up hit and book static hit, understanding the difference between throwing strikes and getting hitters out, understanding the difference between move you feet to make the lay and just making the play with no fundamentals.

When you understand the difference of just doing things and doing thing where next level coaches like, then that’s when you are getting better and that what is going to stand out. I see a lot of people who are happy with top spin hits and acting likes its great. Top spin hits are not good, you want backspin. Getting a soft hit is not good, barreling up the ball and hitting it hard is what next level coaches are looking for. These are things you can measure as well. You do not want to keep track of things that are outside of your control, such as stats. You need to measure the process, the routine, the results in terms of the process of getting the results. When you start to know and understand how to measure success then you will have more success. Find you a Tulsa Softball Hitting Instructor that will help you with this.

During our training session we are trying to get player to the point where their game results is what we are measuring. when we take this approach we can give our self a better chance of focus on the process and controlling our emotions. Softball is a very emotional game and one needs to be able to control it and you do so by taking out events that could potentially have an emotional impact. When you are able to do so, you can stay the course. You can stay focus on the process, you can stay focus on your routines,you can stay focus on their vision and apply purpose to every single thing that you do. When you bring focus and clarity to the process you start to appreciate things much more and start to have more of a process that is going to get you to succeed in life. Hitting is extremely hard and to be able to get the swing down, as well as have a purpose to everything you do is a bonus. When you wake up every single day and you have a vision, clarity and a purpose you are able to do great things, but everything you do has to be tied to a why because then everything you do will serve a greater purpose and it will bring success. You start this process by having your hitter write everything they do throughout their practice to first step a routine then you go and have them list out why they do what they do and if their why doesn’t tie to the vision of what you are wanting then you need to get that out of your routine. You can still live but you need a set routine that is tie to the vision of what you are wanting and if you can do that and be consistent with it then you are able to take the next big step into your development. Make sure that you connect with a Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons who can help you find your purpose and find clarity in everything you do.

When you tie great mechanics with great clarity and a vision for what you want, then you are able to have great game results. Everything you do in practice now has purpose and a sense of being, everything you do in your routine now has a sense of being and why you do what you do. Everything need to have common reasoning behind it and do great thing to help you with your routines. When you start getting tied up into the results and launch angles and other talk like that of the modern day then you risk focusing on the wrong things, and when you focus on the wrong things you are. Make sure you are thinking about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy when you are thinking about Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons. When a high school coach goes against a guy who is trying to get better and a guy who wants a different perspective, then you need to let a player do that because if you are not then you have and Athletic Mission Baseball Academy does one the best Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Softball Hitting Lessons.

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