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Every young kids that plays the game of baseball in Oklahoma is trying to find Tulsa Power Hitting system that will allow them to advance and play the game as high as their abilities will let them. Power hitting is a matter of using the ground efficiently, using your body, being on time, and catching the ball out front.

Along with be able to do things right on the baseball side of things, we need to do well on the strength side of things as well, everything from our legs, to our core, to our arms, and fingers. This is what the movement is suppose to do and will assist with the ability to increase our ability with Tulsa Power Hitting. The most overlooked aspect of baseball power hitting will be the hands and the wrist and forehands. It it he last peace of the puzzle and the peace that is going to be holding the bat and be giving the hitter a hence to hit the ball hard with ease.

The core, is the are in which we are trying to ensure that hitters get a good grasp on because the connect the lower half and the top half and we must understand that this is the bridges and a very key part to a baseball players ability to throw harder but also hit harder. If you are able to increase the strength of that then you are able to effectively transfer energy and the enter getting transfer efficiently will improve our ability to ensure that we do not get hurt in the process of trying to be a a power hitter at the next level.

After we have a pretty good talk during out Tulsa Power Hitting Session, then we get into the process of making sure one is balance and while they are balance make sure that they are in the good position to drive the baseball out front. Once they are able to adopt the mind set of what they are needing to do then they are able to see how we are seeing the swing come together and the process that it is going to take for them to get the most out of their Tulsa Power Hitting Session.

At Athletic Mission Baseball Academy, we talk a lot about catching the baseball out front and the reason we want to catch the baseball out front especially when we are in our Tulsa Power Hitting Session is because the max bat speed will happen and you are able to catch the ball as the bat works its way back up into the plane of the pitch.

As you can see now how we position our Tulsa Power Hitting session as a way to ensure that you are going in the right direction when it comes to getting to the next level, once you are able to do that and understand that then alot of things can start to happen within the swing – hitting through the ball with proper direction is going to be the next key thing that we must understand in the process of developing power.

When we talk about hitting through the ball, we are talking about holding the line and taking the hands in a direct path to the ball. This is going to allow the barrel to stay in the path and allow the barrel to continue to work through the middle of the field. Once players are able to understand this, its gamechanger in terms of how effortlessly then hit the ball and how they drive the baseball.

The last part we have to talk about is how the leg works in the swing. The back leg is bearing the weight and moves the weight forward into the Tulsa Power Hitting motion. Players need to be sinking into the ground when they are moving forward. We tell guys they should feel their feet when they are striding forward. They should also feel the weight on the inside of their legs. This is going to allow them to use the ground and apply the concept of the swing being from the ground up. The ground is whats going to deliver the swing and the ground will deliver the energy into the ball.

When guys can get that right and they transfer the energy through the core without losing energy, then they are able to do some amazing stuff with the baseball. The swing must be effortless and it must happen in one fluid motion.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Power Hitting to understand the college recruiting process.

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