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Hitting a baseball hard with power is actually pretty easy to do when you have a swing that is in sequence. In sequence meaning that the we generate energy from the ground, transfer it from the hips, to the shoulder, to the arm, to the hands and finally out to the barrel of the baseball bat. In doing this, you have to understand how the body works and you have to understand how to measure this. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is by far the leader when it come to Tulsa Power Hitting in that we can measure and improve the order in which ones hits. We use technology that measure how one move rather than the final output. The big thing the industry is using to measure all these things are with bat sensors, and that show the finial results not how to body is moving to generate those final results.

The equipment we use is the k-vest system, which gives us kinematic data which will tell us how efficient we are with how we are moving and any potential deficiencies we have have in our body. One thing we have to understand is that our body moving efficiently will create effortless power which is what we want and what we are trying to create here at the best Tulsa Power Hitting system at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. There are handful of things we have to look at when we are trying to determine how a guy moves in terms of his strength and stability and mobility ratio. Hitters that are super mobile typically do not have the stability required to hit eh ball hard. Hitters that are super tight often do not have the mobility to get into certain position throughout the swing. Everything that we are trying to do it get hitters to understand where and how power is generated and has to be generated effortlessly.

When we look at our process of developing power hitters we take a look at everything, we do our best not to overall someone swing and work with what they have and are doing. We look at their setup and will likely keep it unless it effects them getting into a good hitting position. They we look at their grip and there is a certain way we want to grip the bat, in the groove where our fingers and hand meets. We want pressure in the bottom three fingers. This is going to allow the whipping action that we desire in the barrel release. We like to see guys with a more vertical bat so they can get more of a turn going with their hands, instead of their arms.The turning of the hands, the back hip, and the ground is how we generate power hitters. Once we have figured out their stance and their grip and where they and how they are holding their bat, we are looking at the load of the swing. We want to load to be more of toward the dugout approach rather then the catcher approach. This will get the slack out of the system and allow one to unleash into the baseball. This load will suddenly load the torso and we will load the scap region as we start to unload the hips to delay rotation of the shoulders. This will cause the arm to continue loading and the hands to continue to load. As the transition sequence happens the hip is the first thing to come forward as the arms load and are going back. This will create a tremendous amount of stretch in the core region which will create a rubber band effect. Once the hitter has unloaded the hip and decelerated the hips the torso picks up speed and decelerates while the arms and hands take over and finally release the barrel into the baseball.

The one thing that is poorly taught in today instruction is deceleration of hips and shoulders and letting the barrel release. The hands provide a lot of the power in the swing giving that the hip can rotate the body quickly. Good hitters do everything they can to resist rotation and let the launch of the swing rotate them. Once the swing launches, then the body projects forward as you launch the swing. So let your scap resist rotation and let the launch rotate you. When you feel this move, the swing is effortless, and easy. You want effortless power and our ability to teach that is way we are the go to for Tulsa Power Hitting instructions.

Once you have a good understand of the swing and where and how power is generated, you then learn to be disciplined to wait for a pitch you can drive. Home runs are mistakes and getting a good pitch to hit. Getting a good pitch to hit means being patient and wait for a ball that you have seen over and over that can drive the ball through the wall. This is one of the hardest things to do, is waiting for a pitch and not swinging at a pitch because it is a strike, but you got to learn to work on it in practice so you can transfer it to games. Tulsa Power Hitting is as simple as having a swing that utilizes the ground and sequence and letting the barrel release into the baseball. Once you learn this swing and learn to wait for a pitch you can drive then your chance of success goes up. Given that you are in a mindset of hitting the ball hard and not getting hits. If you walk to the plate and is confidence and barrel up the baseball you are successful. States and result are a by product of those two things.

Remember think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy when you are thinking about the best in Tulsa Power Hitting. It is the only way to go.

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