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When it comes to throwing and pitching timing is very important. If you are not able to get into the proper position at the proper time, then you are at risk of being another statistic. So understanding this and ensuring you find the proper facility to give you the best Tulsa Pitching Lessons. There are a lot of things that we take into consideration when it comes to developing as a pitching, but arm care and recovery are very important. The timing aspect we are talking about when it comes to throwing and pitching involves getting the hand/baseball on the inside of the elbow. The problem we typically see is the power t position is what is being taught and because it is being taught a lot of throwers and pitchers are late on their ability to get their timing right.  When the arm doesn’t get into the proper spot at the proper time then we expose the arm for potential injuries. Anyone who give Tulsa Pitching Lessons number one priority should be to ensure that their client doesn’t get hurt. We take the time to try and understand each client and understand the issues that have felt or dealt with when it comes to their arm. When we do our assessments we find that a lot of kids due to what they were taught have timing issues and with the timing issues they have arm problems and with arm problems they are not able to stay on the mound and help their team win. We take a lot of pride in knowing that when you are pain free and when you are pitching and pitching well it is a lot of fun. Make sure your know and understand who knows and understands this when you go as far as making an investment in Tulsa Pitching Lessons.

Everything starts at the evaluation where are take the time to video your throwing and pitching session. When you watch it on film you are able to slow it down and get a good understanding of what is happening in terms of the movement pattern. The sequence of the throw, just like hitting, needs to be from the ground up. The hip needs to accelerate and peak out then decelerate, when hip decelerates the torso quickly accelerates and peak out and decelerate, when that happens the arms quickly accelerate and decelerate and finally out into the ball. The sequence has to happen for throwing to be effortless and it has to happens for us to increased our chance of being on time and it has to happen for us to reduce the chance of injuries. During the evaluation, we explaining the process of throwing and how we want to get there. The wording we like to use is to leave the ball behind you as long as possible. What this will do is let the ball eventually get whipped through. We understand this and have a very simple process that we take guys through to have the desire sequence and timing. Make sure that anyone you are thinking about for Tulsa Pitching Lessons understand the process and what is needed to keep you healthy with good sequence and timing.

When we get you into the program then you put you through an assessment to see if you can even do the moves that you are needing to do. If you are able to do the move s then we go straight into the drills, if you are unable to do the moves than we put you through a corrective exercise program. There is a four to five part series to the drill, if you are able to get the the process right you will progress however we do  not progress until you get the first part correct. We start at the end point so that we can teach our body what the process is and what needs to happen. The first drill we start with them facing the net and bring their arm back as far as they can go until their arm bend down behind them and then quickly let the body pull the arm through. When that happens you will start to regain the movement that everyone has to be able to throw hard. From their we will have them get into a split stance opposite way and start to feel the hip shoulder separation. When you can feel the hip shoulder separation then you are on your way to a good throwing sequence pattern. From this position we are now in the power position and doing everything we can to keep the ball behind us. Then we put their arm into a parallel to the floor position and have them go through the pattern that is needed. The the are in the low position and going through the pattern and releasing the ball. Finally they put it all together and start to understand how the arms works and moves. Then we do this with a walking step and finally as a fielder in a fielding position. These are important drills that i feel everyone who is learning how to throw should implement and do not move on until you have mastered one of the area. Find a facility and or instructors that understands this and has a proven process or system to making you an efficient throwing and or pitcher. Athletic Mission has been the go to for Tulsa Pitching Lessons because we understand this process and we understand what it takes to make guys better. We do not copy proven concepts out there, we develop our own concept. To recap, everything starts with an evaluation and at the evaluation you learn a lot of about the pattern you possess and why is it hurting you, then we have an assessment to figure out what is going on, and finally we have a drill series that we do over and over and over.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Pitching Lessons.

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