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We are seeing an all time high of kids getting hurts and we have developed a culture of which kids do not communicated when their arms are hurting them. This is not okay. When you come to Athletic Mission for Tulsa Pitching Lessons we are trying to get kids to feel comfortable about coming to us and being honest about whether their arms are hurting them. We have developed a process that is centered around getting a lot arm care, repetition, and recovery. We have an actual process that we have kid follow and a proven process to get kids arm stronger and healthier to withstand the workload they will be taking. When pitchers first come to us, we use the evaluation to try and understand where they are experiencing pain. Where they are experiencing pain gives me a good understanding as to what is going on with their throwing motion to potentially cause those issues. If the mechanics look good, we are looking for any deficiencies in their movement pattern. We then take the approach to fixing those deficiencies to ensure we can minimize injuries.

Our process starts with warm up. We put our pitchers through a warm up that pretty through and we want to make sure that they are sweating when they are done. If they are not sweating then their body is not fully warm up to start the throwing process. The warms up focuses on  opening up the shoulders, opening up the hips and twisting action to ensure the body is stretched are ready to use those muscles and movement as necessary. This is a good thirty. minute process. We are the only Tulsa Pitching Lesson that spend that much time on the warm up process. Each of our sessions are an hour long, we cannot get a fully and safe session in thirty minutes. After the warm up we have them do resistance bands work. We have 4 different band series and we expect guys to do something different each time they come in so they do not get use to the same movement over and over. These bands are tough and are designed to get the little muscles that contribute to throwing the baseball. We want theses bands to be an addition to make the muscles in the area strong. After the bands we move them over to a shoulder tube series which is designed to oscillate the area, get blood flow, and get the contraction aspect going. One thing that has become popular in Tulsa Pitching Lessons is the use of plyo balls and heavy balls. We are a fan of the plyo balls but not so much for the heavy balls until the player if physically ready to withstand that type of blow to the arm.

After we have done all of those, we spend a lot of time working on our mechanics, and by that we specifically spend a lot of time trying to get into the hip and letting that set up the entire chain of events. We will repeat lots of repetition by simply having guys do a lot of work with either the sock or the towel. These allow us to focus on the mechanics while not withstanding the blow to the arm while throwing all the time. Repetition is important when it comes to throwing and is important when we are trying to capture a throwing pattern. We cannot throw 200-300 balls everyday to get our reps, which is why using the throwing reps are important. Don’t just go through the motion, be deliberate with your throwing program and you will see great results. The use of the sock and the towel help us with it. They will then start to get a better understanding of how the hip works and how the entire mechanics work and when that happen we really start to get guys to learn our to get hitters out.

Getting hitters out is the name of the game. Being able to command the baseball and throw it when and where you want it with take off and adding speed is how you get hitters out. We teach our pitchers to throw three different fastballs that can be thrown at three different speeds. Then we get them to understand effective velocity and how to get hitters out. Once they are able to master fastballs and get hitters out then we want them to learn how to throw a change up. The change up is ideally 8-10 mph slower than the fastball. With the use of effective velocity, it is very easy to achieve that difference and make the ball come in even slower. We are the only place that give Tulsa Pitching Lessons that goes as far as ensuring guys to get hitters out and understand how to sequence the throwing motion to have success in getting hitters out. From here it is repetition, repetition, repetition. we live by the 10,000 hour rules and we live by mastering things and getting repetition. Then we want guys to be thinking about the game all the time. The last part of the entire process is recovery and with recovery we are trying to get the arm strong again and get blood flowing through the area of help with aiding the repairing of the arm. We also put guys on the MarcPro which has been the latest and greatest technology for pitching arm recovery. The other thing we use for recovery is the freeze sleeve which has been a great tool for our guys and the flexibility of it and being able to wear it while doing others things is really nice. We a lot use the voodoo flossing bands, which is designed to compares the area and let the the joint regain its mobility. We also use the cupping therapy which has been great for providing more blood flow to the tissue that is needed of it.

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