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One thing that we have been with our college guys is that when they leave us a lot of time, they tend to get away from what they got them there. We help our guys understand through out Tulsa Pitching Baseball Lessons. They get away from their routine to get away from the drill and they get away from your thought process. They don’t keep me in the loop and then what happened to say they go backwards and it ain’t time to go backwards is not good, but you know a lot of times. A lot of people think that when they go to college that they’re going to have great coaching, that’s going to allow them to help them get them to the next level and and that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are waiting on somebody to do something for you, you never going to make it. So you got to own your processing, that’s what we do. We would try to give you guys enough information. Give you guys a routine give. You got the process so that you guys can take her in on it and take it and then go do great thing, but the moment you get away from now. The moment you get away from trusting the process. The moment you get away from your routine is the moment that you’re going to you’re not going to do well and I doing well, it’s really fall back on you. You can’t blame can’t think of ingrid pointing blame somebody for something that you haven’t worked on so understanding. All that is is the key. So whenever you are talking to a college guy, you have to make sure that and where I found and is, if you document things for him a lot of times or take that information and do something good with it. So we tried to do that. We tried to give them as much documentation as possible. That’s going to allow them to do things that they need to do and when i, when I say that I’m talking about a process in which the information is presented. So if you have enough heat the paper like a like a step-by-step flowchart, then they have a tendency to really remember it’s hard to understand what they’re doing and if you laid out that way and then they so you got her. You got to find that you got it, you got it going to college and dva and everything that you did to get there. It’s not a great idea, though, find out no work with work with somebody like athletic mission. Who will help you own a process who helped me develop a process? Who will help you be all that you can be when you want to be so? Try to remember that going to college does not mean you’re going to get great coaching going to college does not mean that you deviate from everything that you’ve done to get you that level going to college does not mean you’re going to have to staff. Just because you got the college you got to put in the work you got to remember. Everybody knows how to do the hard work, but very few people know how to do the smart work and when you can be the guy that does the smart work you’re going to be light years ahead of you, the everybody else so make sure you’re spending time on the smart work make sure you’re spending time on owning your own process. In the end, you have to find someone that will help you and Athletic Mission Tulsa Pitching Baseball Lessons is designed to do that.

Make sure you spend time developing your own routine, make sure you understand who you are make sure you understand what your approach is. Make sure you understand what it is you’re trying to do in general, the make sure you have all of this understanding before you go to college and before you try to do something different than what you doing now we tend to tell our guys that everything that they need to know we tell him their profit. Would you on their routine? We tell them how to do without him want to do it and then they they they taken their own it and that’s what that’s what you need, then you got to take that thing. Bob, proctor the same process with you everywhere that you go and when you can do that, your your have the tremendous amount of success so again don’t get wrapped up in in the coaching of it, because the coaching is not that good. The coaching at any level is not that good. You got to find somebody that you trust, find someone that you could talk to. You find someone that isn’t going to be little. Tulsa Pitching Baseball Lessons is only as good as the people who understand how to communicate. You over talking about wanted to do something a little differently. You got to find someone that you trust and they’ve been that circle has to be very small and when you can keep the small things, good things will happen okay so again the higher you go up, the more you got to own it when you’re younger yeah I need to look into coaching because they’re going to lead to give you some of the basic and then when you get to the bout 12 years old time frame. Now you got to start working with someone who understand what they’re doing and how’s it going to take you to the next level and when you do that, you’re going to be very impressed with the process, you’re going to be very impressed with the thought process, you’re going to be impressed with your routine and you’re going to be very impressed with your result and your performance, and when you can get the results in a performance where you wanted, then you’re going to do great things out in the field. Okay, so I understand all that and use that to your advantage. You yourself, you just out the rounded up with people that want you that, like you and then that’s going to help you and be careful, everybody think there is everybody, think you were going to make you think that have your best interest, but really they don’t but make sure you find the right people and connect with the right people that have the right thought process now make sure now what happens with me when guys go to college, they start to lose the type of training that they do athletic mission.

We do brain training, we do vision training, we do balance training. Will you got a constantly trade? Your vision, your brain and your body balance your body movement. You got to train the division. Does that the thin aspect, the brain processing, the brain decision process, did then in the reaction of the body you got to get to the point where your body a good act, accouting what it needs to do, based on the vision of the eyes and not get to the point where you’re thinking about mechanics in uvalde, looking for a c4, make sure that you are making sure that the ball is flow down in the only you do that to see the ball into the baseball and when you do that the boston slow down you’re, going to have a lot of fun is going to be a lot of fun. To hit, is going to be easier to hit you’re going to be able to pick up ball sooner, but now we’re a lot of coaches messed up to, but they don’t train that stuff. They don’t tell you what to look for when the look where to look for anything like that they’re drinking or something that you guys know how to do everything from a lot of calls. Guy did a lot of guys know what to do. They just don’t know how to do anything, so you got to teach him how to got to quit. Assuming that god know what to do, but they don’t. They have zero understanding a deal clue. What you’re talking about nobody at the clue? What you’re talking about but make sure that you have a very clear picture of what you’re trying to do and make sure that guide understand that could a lot of guys do not I stayed all the time they all know what to do, but they don’t know how to do anything again. Just tell me lies all this:make sure that when you go to college, you have a prophet that your phone make sure you are doing something that help you get where you are now never had that if you never had anybody sit down with you and show your process show your routine work with you on your work. Would you and your game plan then yeah we’re going to have to problem, so you might want to start listening to someone halfway. Hopefully. They know a little bit more of that level, but a lot of times they don’t. They don’t know anything more than your high school coach and your high-school girl doesn’t know anything alright.

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