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Good morning this conversation we’re going to have today at about time and the biggest thing for fired, understand it time you got to relax and you got a no rush. Don’t stress out work hard and smart. Do your best and forget the rest, trust the process and enjoy the journey. Find someone who give Tulsa Hitting Lessons that can teach you this process. Believe me, I was one of these guys that always wanted more and I still do that today, I have to constantly remind myself to enjoy the journey and truck the process of the journey. So don’t do the things you have to realize that things take time and then that’s good take time. So you got to learn to relax, gotta, learn not to force. It got to learn to do the work, hard work, smart and truck. That’s all going to work out, but when you start the rush thing, so you start to do the right whenever you rushed me good, good, never, really fully prepared for what is going to come what that stuff make sure you don’t rush things that you’re not ready for don’t stressed out on your stress. It is a easy thing to do. If that’s the one of the things I want. It’s, going to affect your performance, so try not to stress out and then working hard and smart. Invest in the best when it comes to tulsa hitting lessons.

So you got to work hard, but the end at the end of day to you got to work hard at the right stuff. If you work hard at the right, stop yoyo yo get much more out of it than you will. If you did work hard, but you’re not working smart, so working hard and smart very important than got to work hard and smart consistently. Every single day you got to have luke and you got to have a process that you follow every single day that allows you to continue to work hard and smart and continue to be a source of your driving, the the being against or something. Do your best and forget the rest of what you always going to tell you. What’s the worst thing that can happen in a long time to working, I can have strikeout. So what what’s the big deal about, so I can for everybody. Everybody who’s ever played this game that had struck out. Make sure you understand who gives the best tulsa hitting lessons and who does good work. So you did your back if you battled yourtel lofts thought off the ball and you still stuck out. So what you did your back, don’t forget the rest got to let that, but you gotta, let that girl you got to got to take that apartment. Everything that you do everything all day down. Look in the mirror everyday and say:did I give him my back and if you think, I’m being answered yes and you got to forget that you did the best you could. The result is what it is so, but if the answer is no, then you got to get more percent better every single day, k truck the prophet need a process that most kids don’t understand a profit. Most coaches, don’t even have been a problem, but you need a price. That’s going to allow you to get success when you want it and again that the process is going to change from time to time. So you got to be able to have a pumping that you follow a process. They were looking whatever it is, and then, lastly, you need to learn to enjoy the journey. Believe me, this is stuff that you going to learn in life in life. You going to learn that it’s about time, but you gotta learn to relax. Don’t rush, don’t stress, work, hard work, smart! Do your best, forget the rest if truck the process and enjoy the journey. If you took that the protein life I promise you, you will have a very successful life in the world war. Taking this approach on the baseball field, we take this approach that you’ve learned on the baseball field to true life.The best Tulsa Hitting lessons is Athletic Mission Baseball Academy

I guarantee you’re going to be much further. Had that most people get you something nice who got a proctor’s relaxing got a plastic, not rushing. You got to practice, but I’m going to pass. How. Do we rely meditation, irene, irish meditation? How do not drive meditation work on it tomorrow? We sit down. Coat and find out what the best approach to do thing. Do you forgot the big about to forget the rap? That’s something that you got to sit down and really think hard about. If I do my best not to get the rat did I do my best. If I did like that, the answer is yes, then you’re doing fine, but the answer is no. Then you got to you got to find a better price. If you got to find a better routine, you got to trust the process and enjoy the journey again. Everybody needs a process if you have a process that part of working left part of the work smart part. If you have a process and you enjoy the journey I promise, you can have lights at now and the baseball field, but in life. So I can remember the biggest name for fired. Understand it time for lack. Don’t rush, don’t stress, work hard and smart. Do your best and forget the ref trust the process and enjoy the journey

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