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One of the biggest things that we do, in our Tulsa Hitting Lessons, when it comes to helping our player that we get them to really understand I self, knowing thyself is the. What we’re trying to do to the only way for you to get better at the player at the person is to know exactly how good you are and how bad you I know what you’re saying the weaknesses are in end know what you doing, what doesn’t get you going what’s good to? You was not good for you and everybody different. That’s what we try to tell you got that everybody different and you got got to find out what what it is for. You so want to break watching that we tell guy do why? Do you play baseball hat I think the reason:why is it this game so hard and they’re harder the game is, it is hard to be on top all-time. Only failure to show me lie down in this game that you got to remember why you play if you can keep the y in your picture in your head the whole time you doing there then you’re going to have a better chance of being able to stick it out brother why’d, you can roll out every time you get frustrated every time. You fell right in time. If something doesn’t go your way, did you going to hate this game so got to understand the? Why you play and you gotta understand you know what that means in terms of what you should produce in your performance, so knowing thyself and it it’s so important and no one why you play when the going gets, tough, keep you playing and it’s got to be stuff like it’s got to be stopped me I like to make you like competing or you like, having fun or you better get. It can’t be you or how I play my bad I can’t I play, because my brother and I know it can’t be that it’s got to be something that you love to do and you got to have a y behind it. Otherwise this is never going to work out for youthe walk. We get them to understand that question. Tulsa hitting lesson are done at the one and only Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. Then we asked them to what do you love about baseball, so there’s the y, but then we want them. What do you love about it? There are a lot of people say you know, I love to challenge or I love having fun or there do you know everything different is a lot of thinking about last dragon ball. There’s a lot of stephen baldwin, this game that make the very very challenging and the challenging part of it was fun. The challenging part of what brings life lesson, but counting part, is what we do every day to try and get better at the learned, and how do you still can transfer over into her alive stuff, and it really was important. So the why you play is what what you do when the going gets. Tough, why you love about the game and other things that you got to focus on the most, because this game is hard and am so when you start to focus on things that you like something that you want to do more than i. Think that you don’t like, then you start to have a little bit. Of course, that’s stuck to have a little bit want to, because you’re, focusing on the things that you love about it, okay and that thing time, the next question going to be. What do you hate about baseball and knowing what you hate about baseball important, because that’s an opportunity for you to kind of shit the perspective. So whenever I have the guy, what do you hate about baseball all-time those taste up like we hate the crackers or we hate the boom and roll or we hate the the the the routine for we hate the deliberately of it.. All that stop it did they only understood what the purpose of it was never see why they do what they do then they’re the perspective of a chain. That’s what I feel like we got to change the perspective of why you hate it? Why you hate that part of the game and when we change the perspective of it you’ll be surprised a lot of times. They just don’t understand why they do what they do. They don’t understand the purpose behind a so that’s that’s why I backed up important from now. The other thing you have to do is you have to be an actor. I will tell her. We got to be actors, actor your job to be an actor know what I mean by that is you got to act differently than you feel? So if you are actor you’re going to love the actor part of you is going to love everything that you hate about, baseball and you’ll, be you’ll, be impressed with how much you like me when you start to change your attitude about things, then, when you become an actor you’re acting and you don’t really like it, but you’re acting like you do so. Therefore, the attitude changes and therefore when they had to change-and you start to be impressed with how much does a happy life example practice stretching your i, don’t tell guys stretching what is the purpose of stretching to get ready to play ok google? What is it I mean you getting loose, couldn’t hear you have an opportunity to unwind from the day so use that time to use your breath drive to really understand. What’s going on, really try to get supper, ready, really try to feel your breath and really thought the kind of think about your game plan. Think about you practice plan think about what you going to do then be ready to go prior to what you doing so what you hate about baseball, i, believe if you change the attitude toward it, you will, you will find you will find a lot of different things. The best Tulsa Hitting Lessons are done with the best of it, at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

So then, the next question the last year, what player do you admire motor? What qualities does he have that you admire? This goes back to remember when you were young, can you tried to emulate batman? Well, we are somewhere along the line we get older. We think that’s not cool anymore, and actually it’s really a really good strategy to keep trying to emulate guys find a big wig. With that you really like you like how I play this game you like? What about try to pretend your him. Try to emulate him to try to emulate. Hit approaches. Attitude eat there for a reason. Without to do you like about him to pretend like you’re him, do you can’t do any wrong when you start to get that link that you are a guy who got the highest level at the big lutz doing very, very well so emulate your favorite player and to do other stuff again where at you know why? Because it’s going to get that the public think I’m in love, changing the perspective of the hate and immolating your favorite player

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