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When people first year by athletic mission the one thing that they noticed, the things that we do that are different and I would tell people there are more efficient way to do things if you’re willing to learn, then so, don’t be afraid to try something different. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is the leader in Tulsa Hitting Baseball Lessons. That’s only if you’re not getting the results that you want. What we have seen and what we have found is everything works. Some things work better than others. Nothing works for ever so what we’ve been able to do is really help god find a different process, help them find a different sense of knowing who they are have a different type of training structure to where they can actually be the best they can be in there after you going to be training all the things that they need to be able to succeed in the real world. We’re talking about movement, we’re talking about vision, we’re talking about dallin, we’re doing we’re training all the things. Everything will thing that we do try to get brain activity and everything, but I got the body react so doing something different and it’s scary sometimes and then there’s a chance that I can take a little bit of a setback. But I promise you when you go forward, it’s going to be it’s going to be, and that’s what that’s what our guys are starting to realize it takes more than one year, though you got to think about it. You’ve been playing for x amount of years. You been doing things a certain way, I acted on time, but now you have to undo it. So we be going to first use a little bit of a struggle. It’s always a pretty good year, the third year, and always really good so trying to put together the prophet that trying to understand and learn as much as you can learn gain the confidence that you need truck york on from truck to work you for the end and if the results are going to be there, you just have to trust that you have to put in the work at the truck to get to understand what you doing and why you’re doing it. So when you do that, I understand that it may be different. It’s really not i, just a different thought process. So, when you think of when you have a different thought process, then you’re you’re you’re the way you move the way you do things or change a little bit. So that’s what we talk about when we say hey try to try to do something different, and then you know what a lot of time to when you do something different. You start to really have the feeling of failure in the more you fail, the better you’re going to be, and that’s why that’s? Why we like our very first process because you’re going to fail a lot and brush writing for a lot of guys, but the guy that keep their attitude under control, keep the and get the braces. Are the guys they’re going to break through it quicker? So it’s whenever you start to have an attitude about the whole thing and really did blow it off mentally.

Then you never going to get the results that you want, so understanding that trying something different be open-minded about it. Do what you got to do and I promise you good things will happen, but you got it. You got it embrace that and if you don’t embrace it, then it’s never going to be good. So, whenever, whatever you come to athletic mission, you got to think about okay, I’m, going to be putting in work I’m. You have to think hard about investments in Tulsa Hitting Baseball Lessons. Looking at the big picture for the first time, you’re actually going to have a big picture, focus and stay good. What you’re doing now, which is what a lot of guys fall into, is what am I doing now, so that I can give you. Those now know you got to get ready for the next level and when you get ready for the next level, the thought process is I got to have a routine I got to have I’ve got a train and training involved in involve the three three core component division does the balance and the movement, the ones you going to corporate all that into a a practice studying then good. Things are really going to start to happen and it’s going to be a lot of fun to watch and it’s going to be a lot of fun to ask you and then again, that’s the heart of the practices, the better and when I say harder about your make. Guy sweating burn them to the ground. No I’m, talking about making incorporated multitask, where they got to do multiple, different things that one and when you can, when you can create a situation where they have to do multiple things that one then now you’re creating a situation where they have to focus on the future, where they have to be aware now you’re creating a process where they fail, probably more than 50% of the time, and that’s a good thing. Trust me:that’s a good thing when they’re failing, because we live in a culture where we drive the shield kid failure and because we’re shooting kids better, they don’t handle it very well. I got news for you, man, the real world, you’re, going to fail. They going to fail a lot, so you got to be able to embrace the process of failure, and when you do that now you start the kind of really really start to train you really. You want your practice to be hard. No, you do it dirty if you’re going to practice and you’ll, never be your man, never failing you’re, not doing it right. You need to struggle the whole time when you practice so understand that put into work, try something different and you getting into it again.

You know when we say something different, we’re talking about the training. We’re talking about using your vision or talking about using your brain was talking about letting that dictate of your body movement, we’re talking about the structure or talking about routine we’re talking about mental game. We’re talking about you know little mobility ware, we’re talking about structure that can allow you to become what you want to be at the baseball player. So when you do that now we start to see huge improvement. We got issued result now. The key is it taking everything that you’re learning everything that you doing and take it to the field? Now it’s not sexy, because you got to do something a little different then, and it’s not fun, but I promise you that the boring work that you put in before the game. That’s going to be just as important, if not more important than anything that you guys going to do that day. You can’t do something at raining and I doing a game. You can’t do something again, not doing the training, so you got to do they got to go together. That’s where the routine comes in, got to do this back name thing that you do a practice and games. Tulsa Hitting Baseball Lessons are truly unique at Athletic Mission. So that means you got to get your vision work in. You got to get your eye, mind body, connection work. Then you got to get your warm up in. You got to get your product that then you got to own your process. Everybody’s. Going that way, I’m going that way, I’m going the opposite way of everybody else, because I know that if I follow the herd, I’m going to get the same results as they all gifts, I want something different I want a different. The result so I’m going to go this way where I can get better results, and then you know what they’re going to laugh at you they’re going to critical, doesn’t matter. It does not matter again. It’s all about you! Only your development, owning your prostate, do whatever dude you got to do to go to the next level. Did you know what, if you’re going to fail your going to fail doing it your way? Okay, not the coaches way! Now, there’s something that we’ve done the people that agree with me on that fine. As long as you own it and tell me why then I’m going to I’m going to let you go man I’m not going to hold you back I’m going to let you do what you got to do to help you become the best player that you can be, even if it’s something that I disagree with, but you better be able to have a good and and good understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing and most guys don’t. But you will get to the point where you will I promise I have to be in it and it had to happen again, don’t be afraid to do something. Different I mean Steve jobs. That think differently show me the very first ever trillion-dollar company. That was that by steve, jobs. I said that thinking differently again, don’t be afraid to try something different. When you think different, think Athletic Mission for Tulsa Hitting Baseball Lessons.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Hitting Baseball Lessons to understand the college recruiting process.

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