When a player hits to be about eighth grade is the time where they need to start focusing on the profit that’s going to take to get them to college because this process is not just about getting to college now just bode you it’s about doing the thing that you have to do to get the skill stat that you need that come out of the track you a college coach and a professional so that’s what we do we have a conversation and did this is this conversation happened during our Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service that we offer Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. Through the process is really simple as really are getting getting you. And what is going to take the play college baseball and the first thing that has to happen is one we have to understand labor kid really wants to wants to go to college because of the kids really does not want to go to college and then the called baseball lifestyle and the commitment is going to be a challenge do these are things that we cover in the Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service.

Once we’ve identified that a kid really want to go to college then we got to get them to understand what it’s going to take to be able to commit called baseball Keenan what that called Lifestyles going to be like as a a college athlete. Because when you go to college to play baseball you are committed to playing baseball almost every day all day because the School part part of it and then after that every waking moment that you have that available it dead do the game of baseball and that’s great you know if that’s the way you know if you get to that level you want to play baseball you love the game and you’re doing all the things that you can do to help yourself get better and just enjoy the game while class but that’s where the called baseball lifestyle really comes into play and these are things that we talked about the Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service. Once we figured that out and made the kid that he really want to play then we have to get done to spend that there is a financial committee we have to understand the process of scholarship is very misunderstood we have to understand that is only 11.7 with called baseball but I mean on 35 kids on the team that only 11.7 scholarship with 35 players so this is something you have to understand it did there give you Financial committee and then you know the baseball money will come in school money will come in and Third Way being paid for but yeah. What that is so that’s the next part of the Commerce what is the financial committee i’m looking for an order for me to play called baseball in these are the things that we’re going to cover and we talked about during all of our Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service.

So now we decided that we want to play called baseball we can handle to call the baseball lifestyle and we have the financial commitment now we have to look at our skill step do we have the skills to be able to play the game at a much higher level if not then we need to develop them and we need to develop them early and often you need to go to a plate like Athletic Mission Baseball Academy near not only get your Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service but also go there and get your skill development training and conditioning in the mental game and all those stuff that’s going to come in the play and help you develop and develop at the baseball player who can play the game of baseball in college. What most people don’t realize is most people do a backward did they try to seek exposure making the back working to help him get to the next level when in reality if you develop your skills and develop your talent then the Danube exposes going to come otherwise you going to go and you’re going to get exposed because you’re not hot you’re not putting them the number that they need that they have to have for them to the game type of Interest so whenever you’re not doing that but now you’re your first impression pretty bad and then didn’t you’re putting yourself in a really bad position because now they’re saying that you don’t have to steal that to be a certain level so you got to go back and you got to really work on developing your skills and wouldn’t and you need to work at somewhere that has a plan for you than one hope you someone like Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. They do have a process that you have to follow that’s all designs for you to play at the next level. And these are all the things that we go over to In and Out in the Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service Conversation.

You would think that playing the game would be easy and then everything will be black and white but you know while in the school education part a 3.5 3.5 matter where you go a throw 95 and throwing 85 at 2 big different thing they’re on 85 and throwing 85 at two different it really interesting what needs to happen what I need to work for a kid to be able to fly the next level and this is the part that the evaluation part that people don’t understand how you were being evaluated turn to your skills. An important thing. And I will go to the thing that we talked about it and we go over at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service. And this is where a lot of people get really confused and concerned and upset because they don’t understand the process and they’re spending a lot of money and a lot of men and you get a lot of different things hoping that it would be the the Silver Bullet instead of coming in with a plan and really understand what you’re trying to do what we’re trying to accomplish and what it’s going to cost we are going to do all that with the really understanding what the heck is going on and once we have all the Thunder stand in the prophet really isn’t that hard now there is a lot of work involved in a lot of time involved you got to work hard you got to work the price if you got to work the system and if you do that you’re going to be able to go fly somewhere and neither only to think that we cover at the Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

For now. And we’ve done a couple thing we have decided that we want if I called baseball we have decided that we want to commit to the called baseball lifestyle we have understood the financial committee are we going to come with being able to play college baseball now we understand that we need certain skills in the numbers need to be where they need to be for us to be able to can be even be considered as a prospect for a particular to school and what we need to do if we need to really understand what those numbers are what their prices are and then make sure that we can fit the criteria of what they’re trying to do because unless we understand all that there’s no way we’re going to be able to figure out how we can do XYZ so when you sit down and you think about all the things that have to happen it it’s really important that we understand that you know unless you have a third-party really help I really understand the process that can really take you through the process and really can develop you just like we do at athletic Mission Baseball Academy and in the things we talked about during Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service there’s a lot of guessing and hoping that things will go the way that she go and relying on people instead of being proactive in the process of trying to figure out where you want to do with the rest of your life. But whenever we’re proactive and approached the coaches like and they love to hear from player that that want to play for him and do all the things they have to do so whenever the this we have to understand that the conversation need to be between the player and the coat not the pendants code but the player and the coach because the cook trying to gauge whether this guy really want the play form and if he’s hearing from the parent and there’s no interest no enter their initiative on the fire then that’s saying a lot about the prior to the code in them in and then about the parent sell-by date you know what it is. Berry compote croc that beryllium nodded really simple product that if you willing to buy it and understand it and you’re willing to follow a process and you’re willing to have a Converse with me over at athletic Mission Baseball Academy in disgust. Tulsa College Baseball Recruiting Service then won’t be able to have the really good, see was going to take you to play the next level

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Off-Season Baseball Training to understand the college recruiting process.

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