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At Athletic Mission we recognize who is in charge and we do everything we can to ensure that the one in charge is happy with the results of which their kid is getting their training. We explain to the parents that it is not always about the lessons as it is about the sessions. We explain to the parents that we have evaluation week every 6 weeks that we can evaluation and track data so that they can keep track of their kid development as well. The parent are the one we spend a lot of time educating and getting them to buy into the process. The kids always buy in as they do really well with non being over coaches to the point where they don’t know what they are doing. Because we care about parents and their return on investments we measure as much as we can and share that with them. We are the only Tulsa Baseball training facility that goes as far as keep track of development data.

The following things that we keep track of and measure are: Hitting: exit ball speed, kinematic sequence, bat speed, bat rpm, attack angle, hand speed, time to contact, mechanics, vision, broad jump, vertical jump. Pitching: velocity, command, arm stress, shoulder internal rotation, mechanics, vision, broad jump, vertical jumps. These are a few just to name off a few. These are all things that can be measured and improved. We develop each program around getting each kid to improve upon where they already are. We sell and long term approach and a long term focus. I have a vision for each kid and what i would like them to become. When each kid comes in a trains like they want to be there then you see quicker and faster results and the parents are able to pick up on that and start to really enjoy the process. Baseball is a great game which can help with life lessons and we try to help with getting the parent to understand the life value that kids are going to get from training with a place like Athletic Mission. I believe we are the only Tulsa Baseball training facility that takes this approach and does whatever is necessary to ensure everyone is happy and get the most out of their player/life development.

The kinematic sequence is measure with the kvest system that we have, it populates a report at which we are able to see instantly what we need to work on and improve. The kinematic sequence measure in which the body generate and transfer energy. We want to load and swing in sequence. The hip goes first, then the torso, then the arms and finally the hands and bat. Which most kids mess up is in that they do not know how to decelerate their body so therefore ends up over rotating or spinning which means they never really properly release the barrel. Know and learning how to release the barrel is everything in term of letting the body work effortlessly. You will see great ball flight once you understand how to release the barrel and get a true feeling of hitting through the baseball. This happens through proper uses of the hands and turning into the ball instead of guiding or manipulating. The bat sensors is what we use to measure all of the bat speed, rpm, attack angle and such. When this sensor is on we are measuring as much information as we possible can. While we want to numbers to improve what we are looking at more than anything is consistency and comparable with the average. Exit ball speed is measure with a radar gun at the moment and we are tracking consistency with it as well. Yes we want to numbers to improve but we want consistency. We do not want to numbers to be inconsistent because then this measure we have something going on with the swing. The broad jump and vertical jump is simple measured using the floor and wall. This is going to gives us an understand of power output and as we see this number improve we will see the rest of the data improve as well. When we have all of this data we look at the mechanics and make adjustment to anything that the data is showing us that we need to improve. Every six week we will remeasure and ensure that we are always doing the right thing in terms of our swing. With pitch we are looking at a lot of the same thing, we want to ensure that we have a good foundation of being able to throw and consistently throw the ball in the strike zone. Just like with hitting the focus is in the consistency in which the movement and the results are happening. We are focus on arm care as well which is a big part of our program. The consistency in doing the arm care ensure that our arm is trained and ready for the workload that it is about the get over the course of the year. We again we do everything not only to help the kids improve and achieve a dream of their but the ensure that parents are seeing quantified results which will let them see progress and comfortable with the investment that are making in the Tulsa Baseball Training with Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. We care deeply about each kid and each parent, and because we care deeply, we want to ensure that each kid and each parent understands that development is not a linear process – its more of a go up and get knocked back down and plateau out kind of a process.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Training.

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