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If you live in Tulsa and you play baseball you have likely heard the latest boom and place to check out for Tulsa Baseball Training, Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has been ranked one of the top 25 training facility across the nation by Youth1. The biggest reason we feel we have been granted this recognition is because our our holistic training approach. Playing Tulsa Baseball includes hitting, throwing, pitching, recovery, assessments, mental game, approach, routines, among other things. There a lot more to it than just simply learning the mechanics of the swing and of throwing. We take the time to understand the kid, gain their trust and explain to them why we do what we do with everything we do.

Players are encourage to call us and set up an evaluation. At this evaluation we will have an in depth conversation about where you are and where you want to go as a player. We will also do a two dimension video analysis to highlight major areas of concerns. At this time we will discuss our solution and our approach. Now our solution and our approach isn’t for everyone. We are seeking serious player who want to invest time, energy, and tears into baseball. If you can make it past the first phase you will have a lot of fun, getting through this first phase is where it is most trying as you are performing new movement that are very simple but tough to get your body to do since you have a movement pathway ingrained in you that we need to undo. Once we have gotten you to understand that and signed up, then we do an assessment, and this assessment is going to help us understand what movement deficiencies you may have that is causing you to to maybe not be able to perform certain movement as efficient as possible. We have a very basic and unique setup when it comes to the assessments, and these assessments come with a corrective program. The corrective program will be used to help fix any deficiencies that we have found during the assessment. We will reevaluate these every six week. The body is always chancing, so understanding these things will help us stay on top of out body maintenance program to ensure that we do not do any damage while trying to develop as a player.

Tulsa Baseball Training Approach

The core area of teaching that we provide in out Tulsa Baseball Training is hitting and pitching. The reason why is because the limit manpower but also the amount of depth we go in to develop a hitter and a pitcher. If you can get very deep and to every little part of the swing, then you will be able to focus in depth what movement pattern we want to ingrain. When it comes to hitting and pitching/throwing, there is much more to it then mechanics. The mechanics are important and I spend the most amount of time on it as possible in the beginning but at some point it turn into hitting. Learning how to develop routines, develop an approach, work on that routine, work on that approach. If we can develop the mechanics and the approach then we are going to start separating our self from our peers and we are going to start having a lot of fun when it comes to hit the cat and mouse game of hitting and pitching.

The mental game, approach, routine develop is what separate our self from the other facility that offer Tulsa Baseball Training. It takes time and patient as a kid learned to understand what all of this means and how to incorporate into his game. And everyone develops that at their own time. When they develop this and apply it, they really start to enjoy hitting and pitching and they start to have success. When you think about their success it think about their approach and routines and mental game is why they are doing thing that their peers are not doing. Baseball is a lot of fun, but it also extremely hard so you need to gain every advantage that you can, and you do that with paying attention and zone in when the time is to zone in. When you have the level of success you are having it is important to ensure that your emotions are in check and that you are not getting too high or too low. When you get too high or too low then you emotional part of your game is all out of whack. The emotional part of the game is something no one wants to talk about but it is the most important part of the game is ensuring that your emotions are in check. If they are en check then you are able to control your thoughts, you are able to control your vision, you are able to control your mind and game. It is OK to be frustrated to the point where you are crying and brawling. I will be there to listen and provide some word of wisdom, trust that we have been there and we understand the struggle the grind and the emotional toll it takes on you as you are trying to perfect your game. Most coaches and instructors tell kids to brush it off, but they can’t brush it off, they don’t know how too. It is our job as coaches and instructors to listen and help them cope with it. The biggest thing we can do is get kids to talk to us when things are not going well. Most kids have the approach of sports defining them and that is not the case. But unless we have a real and honest conversation with them about it, they don’t know and it not right for us to assume and just tell them to brush it off. The is where Athletic Mission Baseball Academy really separates from everyone else that offers Tulsa Baseball Training.

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