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Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is quickly being know as Tulsa Baseball Training Facility with a unique approach. This both helps us and causes people to be hesitant, but once we are given the opportunity to present what we do, we are able to ask many questions that will allow us to answer. The first way we are unique is in that we require everyone to go through an evaluation process. This evaluation process is a very important part of what we do, this allows us to take the time and really listen to our prospect and understand who they are so we can present the best solution to their problems. This gives us an opportunity to find out who they have worked with in the past and understand what they have learned in the past. It gives us an opportunity to ask questions to make them realize how big of a problem their son/daughter is having with their development and we lay out a comprehensive strategies to improve them. Once we have signed them up then we take them through our very own and unique physical assessments. The purpose of the assessment is to identify potential issues in the body system that could potentially limit players from achieving optimal positioning. We also will go as far as taking a 3D motion analysis to help identify what issues on are going in the swing or throwing motion.

We are focus on long term results and in doing so a lot of players have ingrained patterns that are not optimal, so we have to strip down and achieve movement patterns that are going to allow them to be effective, efficient, effortless and successful. We do a lot of movement drill, meaning that they will not swing a bat or throw a baseball, they have to learn how to move their body in sequence and allow the body to deliver an effortless result. We believe you need to measure the movement pattern and understanding pressure points, the bat sensors or the arm sensors are all a by product of how you are doing the first part of the motion. Too many in the industry are only measuring those numbers and are not able to use that information to best help since they are not able to identify issues in the movement pattern.

We measure everything that we do and we break our programs down into six week interval and every seventh week we are the only Tulsa Baseball Training Facility  that conduct a evaluation week. This is a measurement to ensure we know what we are doing is working. There are a series of categories that we are looking at in the training side but we also are looking from the game result side of things. This is a very successful part of our process and we are excited to see numbers improve and result chain, this keep kids motivated on what is going to take to play at next level. During these evaluation week are really trying to understand if a player is getting stronger, if they are getting more mobile, if they are getting are stable, and if they are getting more efficient with their processes.

There are three things that Athletic Mission is trying to do, one, we want kid to have the information we as instructors wish we knew when we were players, teach kids to embrace failure, and lastly get them to think differently. This approach drive what we do every single day. We are constantly on the research for the best information we can teach our kids. We are the only Tulsa Baseball Training Facility that is structure in a way where development comes first and we are structure in a way to where we have a lot of opposites to present these kids with failing. We teach our kids to fail their way to the top. Then we are trying to get them to think differently. In the day and age of everyone trying to compete with each other and trying to do something better than everyone else, we are changing our thought process to being better than we were yesterday. We are taking the information that we are taught and thinking differently and we are able to self teach our self.

The understanding of mobility and stability is critical when you are working with youth athletes and understand their development age and what it means is very important. There are certain things kids need to work on at certain point to take advantage of what skill set or abilities they need to work on next. When you take this approach you give every kid an opportunity to maximize their potential and when they maximize their potential they have a lot of fun on the field and when they have a lot of fun on the field they have success. When they have success they have an opportunity to play at the next level.

Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has been around since 2014 and we have already been nationally recognized by Youth1 as one of the top 25 baseball academies across the whole country. Because of our unique approach and our desire to take care of kids and invest in their development, we are changing kids and parents lives forever. We are using baseball as a platform to help kids prepare and get ready for the next level because 1 out of 1000 kids that come in will get an opportunity to play pro-ball abut 100% of them can play college ball and get an education and be leaders in the real world. This is what we do what we do for. I look forward to the call I get when our kids become adults and are doing great things within the market place or in their particular industry. Fail our way to the top.

Its no wonder everyone is talking about Athletic Mission being the top Tulsa Baseball Training Facility and see how it was nationally recongized as the top facility across the country.

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