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Athletic Mission Baseball Academy has to be considered the top Tulsa Baseball Training Facility because we were nationally recognized by Youth1 as one of the top baseball academy across the entire country. Athletic Mission is one of a kind in terms of why they are in business and why they developed the approach that they have.

Unlike most we proudly communicate why we were founded, and there is three very simple reason why and it draws on players after they have been a part of our culture for long periods on times. We are the place where people want to work hard, we are the place where we understand long terms and understand the importance of a process and repetition. But it comes our to our why and our core value as to why we do what we do. Today we are going to discuss ‘Our Why’.

A lot of business do not start for the right reason and therefore very few have understanding of what they do and what value they provide to their customers. We have three very simple things:

  1. We want to pass information to the kid everything we wish we knew if we were to start our careers over again.
  2. We want to be the place that get kids to embrace failure.
  3. We want to be the place to get kids to think differently.

To elaborate on each of this you will soon start to understand why we were recognized by Youth1 and why we are consider the best in Tulsa Baseball Training Facility.

  1. We want to share information to the kids everything we wish we knew if we were to start our career over again.

When you start the process of researching and trying to learn as much as you can, you start to understand a lot of things that most people do not even need to know, but good to have in your reserve just encase you need it at the right time. When you observe all of the cue out there when it comes to the mechanical part of the swing, they are all very good cues, but they are badly interpreted to the point where it is destroying a lot of swing. So part of our process is to get players to understand what they are doing and what they need to be doing. Get them to understand the real meaning to the cue they are hearing all of the time. Once they start to understand these cues and what they really mean, you start to see them making better adjustments.

The biggest problem with the industry is that it is so mechanical focus at kids point o their mechanics as soon as anything happens. Instead of taking an holistic approach we automatically turn to mechanics. And it was like that when we as instructor where growing up. Very few people where trying to get us to understand the mental approach to the game. And not just mental approach as being positive and saying nice things about yourself which is important but real mental game like how to hit and how to get hitters out.

This is part of the reason why we are consider the best when it comes to Tulsa Baseball Training Facilities because our our holistic approach.

2. We want kids to embrace failure.

We live in a world we want try to shield kids from failure and it not a good things. We tell our kids that we want to fail our way to the top. So we are constantly adjusting our training to ensure kids are failing more than they are succeeding so they can learn to measure and learn to embrace failure. When we fail we learn, when we don’t fail we don’t learn. So we want to create as many learning opportunities as possible and there is nothing better than letting kids fail and letting them figure out a way to overcome and be the best they can be. Kid are use to being told what to do all the time and not thinking for themselves. We are the only Tulsa Baseball Training Facility that has a process for letting players figure it out. They will figure it our if you let them figure it out. But if you are constantly in their ear and telling them what they are doing wrong all the time, you are not creating an environment where they are failing and learning. Kids will have lot of fun failing their way to the top, you have to make everything a competition.

3. We want kids to think differently.

Dare to be different. You have got to think differently and train differently that all of your peers. If you do the same thing as everyone else, you get the same results. Be different and think differently. When player learn to think differently, learn to think for themselves, learn to question thing they become a better players and they actually get to the point where they know more than their coaches. This is a good things, now the only problem with such is that there is a lot of eye opening to where coaches who challenge you but you know better because you know exactly what you are doing and what you are trying to do.

When you understand ‘Our Why’ you understand that we are really good and really the only Tulsa Baseball Training Facility fully invested in their career and development.

Please call us at 918-856-9167 or send us an email at info@athletic-mission.com

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