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Baseball is a very tough game and the same could be said about the first base position. Being honest with a player and letting them know that the game of baseball is tough and requires on to put a lot of work in is a component that coaches need to confront kids with. Being able to hit, throw, field, run is very challenging. Having the skill sets to do those things with consistency is even harder. The problem we run into is that kids are not working hard and if they are working hard, they are working too hard on the wrong stuff. Being able to manage your time, seek out the right information, and trust the work you put in is the key and there is a lot of people who have your interest but they may not understand the best approach and way to ensure you are getting the right information to allow you to work harder. Do not let anyone tell you something cannot be developed because that is false. If you have the right information and focus on the right work then you will be able to develop the abilities and the skill sets to consistently go out and performs. There are proper fundamentals when it comes to fielding a baseball, there are proper fundamentals when it comes to digging a ball out of the dirt. You would think it is just as easy as see it and pick it up but there is a technique to it that one most obtain to get their best results. Finding instructors and a facility to gives Tulsa Baseball Training is important. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is this facility and their staff do understand these things and do everything they can to ensure a first basement is able to acquire the skills and ability to play first base at a high level.

Playing first base at the amateur level was the place where you put the kid that didn’t have much range or was slower. That trend goes away the high and higher you play the game of baseball. First base is a very hard position to play. First base is a very hard position to play and is required of one that has great skill sets and abilities, one that has great range, one that has great mobility. This position also happens to be one of which one must know how to hit and hit with power. This position is considered the hot corner and when you see how hard balls are hit into the corner you understand why it is called the hot corner. Playing first base is extremely tough and the ball are coming extremely hard and fast. If you lack range or reaction time you will not be playing the hot corner. Proper feet work and taking the right angles along with the arm action should be the area of focus when it comes to becoming a first basemen. Just because you are not making a ton of throws and not making tons to long and far throws, you still need to build your arm as if you were because you never know when they may need to you do so. You may need to be a double cut and have to make a longer than average throw, it is also a grade scale with it comes to evaluating a player. Arm strength, along with defense, hitting, hitting for power, running which are all the area of focus. You need to be able to have a strong pattern of which you are throwing the baseball. These are some areas you need to be concerned about when investing is Tulsa Baseball Training.

You need to ensure you find a Tulsa Baseball Training facility that focuses on the process and has a proven system at which they are able to get great results. Playing first base is more understanding how to read the ball coming off the bat and how to read it coming toward you and being able to read the hops and what the hops mean. When you are able to understand the position, understand the hops, understand the feet work, understand the process, understand the arm action, understand how hard this position is then you can start working on a proactive development plan in which you can work smarter instead of harder. One of the first steps we take with developing our first basemen is working on the arm action that is most appropriate for the position and work on the feet work. The arm action needs to be shorter and needs to put the focus on being quicker and in sequence. The sequence is all about the body lining up in order to effectively and efficiently let the energy transfer up the kinetic chain. The order in which the kinetic chains work is the hip fire first, transfer the energy to the torso, transfer the energy into the arm and finally into the hands and ball as it creates a whip like action. This should be expected and your arm should dangle after the follow through. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy is one of the very few Tulsa Baseball Training facility that understands this and can actually measure this. When you can measure this, you are able to make immediate improvements and when you can make immediate improvements you can get quicker results and when you can get quicker results the more the on the field performance show and is great for everyone to include the one who is looking for this first basement to play for them at the next level. Find someone who is going to tell you that playing first base is hard and is going to give you the instruction of which you will understand that the process will help you work smarter instead of harder.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Training.

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