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I want to talk to you a little bit about a concept of the college, recruiting process and what is going to take for you to get recruited in envy. Tulsa Baseball at Athletic Mission will guide you through the process. Never do the things that you want to do and play this game at a high level. That’s what you desire the one thing that you have to understand it in order for anything to happen to be able to play this game too high level, two things that the opportunity to better than you really are, and you know what what the field every single day they see the type of caliber player they do every single day. They know they’re better than anybody out there saying yeah. Can we feed this level talent every single day? We see this level consistency every single day. We do this level of so there’s a lot of things that you have to take in consideration. Whatever you want to go start, this called recruiting process edit. The conversations I have a lot I tell people all the time. If you get the right number to the right place, you had the grade. Good things are going to happen, and you know very few people don’t buy into that, but you know it is what it is where you have to understand. Is that you’re also a guy who is being here you’re, basically competing with millions of other people for the same job, and when you compete with that many people for the same job, it’s harder to get. So what do you got to do to get yourself in front of the card you and get to know who you are, and this is where we, where we talk about, you got to market yourself that the first thing you got to do if you got to get exposure and you got to take the initiative and you got to do that on your own. So when it’s, when you stayed take the initiative, you got to make video, you got to put yourself out there, you got to reach out to coach. If you got a cock, if you spend your network, you got to ask coaches to call people, you got it. You just got to. You got to build a relationship with all of these coaches and when you can build a relationship they’re going to think this is the type of person that I want to be around, and so now this is the type of person that want to be around. Let me go see what type of player, yet let me go see what type of when you get all three of those lined up. The coaches are going to start falling for you, okay, but when you only have a say, you go great relationship with coaches that are above your caliber, but now you’re going to be going to you got a great relationship. The school there were the baseball talent, not there. So if you don’t get those three combination right, you’re not going to be talking to you not going to be able to do very well so again got to get yourself out there when what we use. If we tell guys and youtube you twitter use facebook, you would ever use the avenues out there that are free and in you do all the work.

The coaches want to hear from you in the recruiting services a bomb so bad. They first started it was it was. It was good, but it’s gotten so bad where to email, the coaches all the time and in the end of emails and coaches coaches, that don’t even match the qualification of the fire. A lot of these people that do the recruiting thing. They don’t understand the sport, they do a generic hey, we play they do what your dad that have a guideline of what they follow and they don’t understand the game and then baseballs are so that’s where the recruiting firm in missing the boat, because they’re they’re taking the identity element, which is the player on the picture they say hey. We want to go here. The rest and yes, sir, will do that and that’s all they’re doing then that’s not how it works, and it’s definitely not. If you did the three things online up the relationship, the grave and the baseball field, it’s not going to work out, so you got to start a line in yourself when you got to have someone who’s honest with you about where you are. You got to start a line in yourself with the position of potential places of where you want to go. Okay, so try to try to work on that ass back to work on where you want to go based on your skills and your grace, and when you had the skill to the great you understand, what are your options are? Then you need to work. I go in and develop a relationship with the coaches, it how you do that you send an email to pick up the phone. You sent him a text you and you try to follow him on twitter see. If you can’t get that, don’t do the dm, don’t they don’t want the dm, but if you can send them a message and try to develop a relationship with them. Twitter’s the head cold and read the article on your thoughts as your thumb on that I want to potentially go play for and don’t don’t give you don’t be honest with you and then the end. That’s. What you want! You want to be able to have that type of transparency with the coaches and when you had that type of transfer, then they know what they’re getting into with you and they’re going to take. If your eye. What your thoughts are that’s going to really struggle code entered because now you’re taking the time to read an article and try to try to grow yourself and believe me that that goes a long way that I have to give that i. Invest in good Tulsa Baseball training.

Do that here when I have a kid that doesn’t hey man, I went home and I’m watching youtube video i, don’t know what I’m looking at but I really like what I see and that’s. Why do guys about that? Because I got a guy who really want to learn and when you really want to learn good things, it’s unbelievable things start to happen and the relationship you develop are just great. So try to keep all that in mind. Getting yourself out there at the first part that want to do. You got to remember the difference between getting exposure getting recruited and getting an offer for their 303 step to it, and you got to get them all but got to get the first part right. You can’t get the you can’t get the offer without getting recruited. You can’t get recruited without getting the exposure, so you can create your own exposure and you sure to create your own composer hard work. Did you got it. The key is being consistent and that’s where we want to help you out we’re going to take you to the front of the guy do, but we want to be your accountability partner. You be consistent, then, once you’re consistent and everything if you’re convicted in everything good things happen, and it did make it through teen. It’s consistency. When you can do that, then I promise you cuz you’re, going to notice this they’re going to know that he’s very consistent, I’m posting his video. What he does and very consistent I’m posting article that he think would benefit him he’s very consistently and he did really working hard to get himself out. There believe me, coaches will take notice and they got your name down and then try to try to figure out who you are and what kind of player you are and what kind of what kind of beating you are and when you have those combination together. Good thing start the half for you and when you have good things happen for you, it just did just so. You know I breathe. Now you can enjoy and relax and play baseball know that you got a chance to go play called baseball college education. Would you do ultimately ninety 99% of parents here one they want you to join their the college experience they want you to be able to play sports. You want to head and been because it’s the reason why I think it’s really important. It is because of the relationship you will develop. The the people that you were me see the advantages of that you will have, because you play a college sport over a guy who did so there’s a lot of benefits.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball to understand the college recruiting process.

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