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When we work with god, we always try to tell him that the more people you have on your team that are good with what they do, the better off you’re going to be, and one of those guys that we work with we work with a guy who they pt and he’s also has a strength and conditioning in front of his business, and this is the guy that we have on our. Tulsa Baseball and strength training with you. You recommend everybody on our team. If they want to be better, they want to get stronger. They want to get healed. I really want to get balance. They got to go work with a pt physical therapy and strength conditioning guy stuff. It’s going to help you in everything that you do it’s going to make you stronger and make you faster. It’s going to make you more powerful. It’s going! It’s going to help you redo the injury, there’s a lot of benefit to being able to have a strength, conditioning physical therapist people on your teamwhen. You have that and you have the right fit, and then you have a great hitting code to the great building code. You was also incorporating division part and the balance part of your game. Then you’re going to start to see a lot of things really start to take off. So that’s where you got them, you got to be willing to make investment to have the right people on your team because trust me, it’s worth it. It’s worth it for you to have the people on the team. That’s going to allow you to do the things that you need to do to be able to leave the game and when you can 16 the game, everything is worth it and you’ll never make it. But you learn from baseball the movement guild that you learn from fendi conditioning all of that stuff. If you can make it all work all of that stuff going to help you out tremendously.

So when you have that understanding, then you start that kinda on your process, so you need to be able to have a guy’s. You said hey, this is the guy go to the head and throw with this is the guy that go to any help me with my prayer, for you helping my mental game, this? The guy go:do this the guy go to if I get hurt. Either of these are the type of thing that you need to be a part of, and when you can have all of that on your team, then you should be able to stay on top of your performance like no other, but that take some initiative on your part and it takes them commitment to commit to everything that you guys are going to do and you guys can commit I promise. You you’ll get results. You’ll get the result that you want, but you got to do it. You got to find it and ideally, the people that you work with. They have somebody on their team already, so you got to be able to be able to kind of find that if they don’t, they need to buy. No here we we spent a lot of time trying to find people to add and we’re very picky about who we take, and we have a gentleman by the name of rob right around the corner. Who does a great job for us? He does all of our orthopedic assessment. He does our our our physical evaluation do all day you come outside and you need to provide a tremendous amount of resources. Do our guys help me to help me to know what guys are working on so that we can work around it to you know the more I know damn the more the better off going to be so does that. That’s what you want? You want that type of relationship. Now we did the good thing. Is it then? Don’t guys have network? They have contacted the great great paternity of guys that can help your kids get better and at the end of day, that’s what everybody look for those two, nobody trying to take credit for anybody. You know I shouldn’t everybody just trying to help every kid get better and if we can do if everybody can fly a small role in that, then great things are going to happen to a lot of lot of guys, so that the statues-you know what we’re looking at now and that’s just where, where we’re heading and eventually you know, we’d love to be able to do all of that in how man, maybe at some point we will go right now. You are a lot of guys. If they try to do it all. You know they tried to beat the pt guy tried to be be be a small part and it fine god that are better than you to go. Do things that you need to do so that’s what that’s! What we’re good at we’re good at understanding. What your limitations are the odds of you becoming a great athlete in being what you want to be it’s going to increase and improve dramatically you’re going to be so far ahead of you. And I’m going to be funny. So there’s the process that we’re looking at. You have to have a good team that team again a pitching guy up, throwing guy baseball, pitching hitting throwing, rocks and staying. So when you have all of those things, then you got, you got a physical therapist. You have a chiropractor. If you have a nutritional code, you have a yogurt card, whatever it is, whatever you need to be. A part of your team need to find it and we need to make a part of your team and you need to do it and do it all in got to go all-in with it. Tulsa Baseball is the best place to come and learn about this process.

You can go half on everything. You got to go all in on what you guys are doing and so yeah again remember. We have me personally, we we’ve got a luckily. The physical therapy also has 20 conditioning he’s. Also got rehab e dolphins got a lot of those things in the place which is great and then that’s where all those things kind of kind of work together on and it again you know what the team we all work together, so I’ll call rob up the hey. Tell me a little bit about you:don’t ever want what do I do we have? What are we working. That’s where Tulsa Baseball can help you in the process. What? Are you doing what? What do I need to be aware of? What do you know? What can I do? What can I do and it’s great because you know at the end of the day, I don’t have to wait for me, but I know where he’s at what he’s doing, and all that oh yeah once again highly highly highly recommend. If you want to be a great player, a player that reaches his potential, you need to find several people on your team and you need to find people that are all basically on the same team. You know because they all believe in the same vision. They all know what they’re doing so, when you can do that, then everybody is able to do some stuff when, when you have the physical aspect of the the mental stuff, the vision stop thug and that’s that phone that can do the balance mobility work. They come to do some metro game. Then they go to rob and they’ll. Do that for out evaluation, rehab assessment, bulldog strength and conditioning specialist, and it works really really well for what we’re doing I’ve got to I’ve got a chiropractor who I believe it is really good and then he he doesn’t cook stop. But it’s all it’s all good. We go hand-in-hand. All of it.

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