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One of the very first lessons that kids get when getting throwing lessons is extend their arms and make a T. We are even seeing this being taught as high up as in the high school and college level. There are consequences to teaching this approach and if you do not understand the consequences to not performing these throwing pattern properly then you will see an increase in these kids arms hurting specifically in the elbow and anterior shoulder. When you get the arm extended like that we are risking the arm being in the proper position during foot down position therefore this is not the best thing to be teaching. You need an instructor who understands this and who understand the risk the arm is taking when certain milestone throughout the motion isn’t met. Our instructors know and understand this which is why we are among the best and the most referred when it comes to Tulsa Baseball Pitching Lessons.  What a player needs to understand is that you need to understand how to throw first and foremost before you learn to pitch. Pitching at the lower levels is just playing catch with the catcher. If the catcher moves outside then you throw the ball with the catcher to the outside part of the plate. Pitching and throwing is a mindset. When you think about pitching as throwing and just having to get the hitter to hit the ball so my defense can make plays they you are able to get the right approach and just focus on letting the body work.

When we teach kids how to throw we take the arm spiral approach. When you take the arm spiral approach you are able to wind the arm up and unwind the arm. The ball will be kept behind you body as long as possible. You need to ensure that you have the mobility to be able to get the arm the maintain behind you as long as possible. When are are able to do that then to body can work efficiently to get the energy transfer efficient and let the ball just get whipped toward the zone. You want to maintain enough tension in your arm to maintain a ninety degree bend in your arm throughout the entire throwing motion. When you do this then your arm works more like a pendulum and get into a perfect timing position when the front foot gets down. When the front foot gets down, you want to be able to get the arm at a ninety degree angle with the ball slightly on the inside of the elbow. If the ball gets on the outside of the elbow like the power T position does is where we put the arm at risk of the elbow injury and anterior shoulder injury. When this happen we have the forearm fly-out concept and if the forearm fly-out concept drags the arm through the position and finally through the zone and a lot of kid have the throw with the arm across their body and miss their consistency int he strike zone.

The drills we do is first act like they are throwing with the javelin at which they extend their arm straight out and bring the arm straight back until he arm bends and eventually get behind their head. When the ball get behind the head and the arm gets to end range of motion then we use our body to project the body forward and this will allows us to get the upward rotation that is necessary to throw the baseball with consistency. The next drill we will do is to have them turn 90 degree to the target and have the arm into the power position which is not the power T but the power position is when the ball is on the inside of the elbow forming a ninety degree angle. The we are trying to get them to feel the process of keeping the ball behind them as long as possible. When they do this we cue them to keep the ball behind their ear. When they are in the foot down position, the ball will be behind the ear. When they start rotating and keep the ball behind them the ball will maintain behind their ear until the rotational force finally whips it around and releases the ball. This is a whipping action that is force by the body movement and not a movement that we force upon ourselves. After that we will put our throwing into the throwing arm at ninety degree and parallel to the ground. From this position they are feeling the arm work up and stay behind them as long as possible. They will feel a scap load and just happens and is not forces. You do not want to force the scap load, you want the scap load to just happen. This drill does a great job getting this done. After that we will have them put their ball down by the rear hip and learn to feel the elbow bring the elbow up and load the scap and externally rotate the arm and keeping the ball behind you as long as possible then brings the whip around to release the ball. Last we will put it all together and making sure that each kid passes through each position that they already went through. Make sure you find someone that gives Tulsa Baseball Pitching Lessons that understand this as well as we do at Athletic Mission Baseball Academy.

It is important to get connected with the right people when it comes to throwing. With arm injuries at an all time high it is important to ensure that you do not become a statistics because you do not understand the impact to teh power t position teach. Approach Athletic Mission Baseball Academy to for most advance to up to date proven Tulsa Baseball Pitching Lessons. You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Pitching Lessons.

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