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The latest thing we have discovered that will greatly assist our clients is vision training. We are the only facility giving Tulsa Baseball Lessons that goes as far as ensuring everyone has good vision when they are playing the game of baseball. There is a difference between eye sight and vision. Eye sight is simply the ability toi see something clearly, the so called 20/20 eyesight. Vision goes beyond eyesight and can best be defined as the understanding of what is seen. Vision involves the ability to take incoming information, process that information and obtain meaning form it. 100% of vision happens in the brain; its about how your brain perceives and processes the information that the eyes pick up. There are nine different visual skills of which we are trying to get our players to learn at our Tulsa Baseball Lessons.

  1. Dynamic Visual Acuity
  2. Tracking
  3. Focusing/Accommodation
  4. Peripheral vision
  5. Vergence flexibility & stamina
  6. Depth perceptions
  7. Imagery
  8. Sequencing
  9. Hand-eye & hand foot coordination.

To explain in further depth:

Dy manic visual acuity has to do with seeing object clearly while in action and moving. For baseball players having excellent dynamic visual acuity at long distance is crucial. Tracking allows one to track the path in which the object is moving quickly, in our case the baseball.  Focusing/Accommodating is the ability to rapidly and accurately change your focus from one distance to another. Peripheral Vision allows you to take advantage of the outward extremities of your vision or things you can see out of the corner of your eye while your focus the majority of your concentration focus on a fixed point. Depth perception allows you to precisely judge the speed and distance of objects that are moving toward or away from us. Imagery is the ability to produce good mental imagery.Sequencing is the ability to visually organizes information.Hand eye coordination is the basic of any athletic skill and refers to the accurately processing visual information and responding with the necessary body movements.

This has been a game changer for us and understanding what we need to do to develop players. You have never seen a professional athlete with poor vision. The vision has to do with your posture, you balance, you brain ability to process information. When you get the eyes, brain and body working together more efficiently then you are going to be a much better player in the long run. I tend to think that vision need sot be the first and foremost thing before you spend much time on the mechanics and mental approach. You need to let the body flow and let the brain get out of the conscious mind. When you are letting the body do it very best then you are very quite and relax with the eyes and your visual system. This is become a central part of our Tulsa Baseball Lessons.

We start everyone off with a assessment and when we do during the assessment is the visual acuity, dominance eye, eye teaming, near point conversion. From here we will have the player execute the infinity walk and which they are learning to use both of their brain but also a great eye exercise. Then we will have a player do our coordination charts. The coordination chart has to do with the eyes working together and the brain processing the information and then the body responding. Within shorts amount of time, they are able to repeat what they are doing but at a much faster pace and will allow them to slow the game down to process information to do good work. What we have been able to see with player improving their vision is that they are able to process information so much better and therefore can make quicker decision as to what they will be doing with whatever they are going to be doing. We are the only facility in Tulsa that give Tulsa Baseball Lessons that comes close to even providing the information that each player gets through he understanding of the vision training and eye.mind, body connection.

We will see lots of play gain incredible ability to use their eyes and use their mind to successful improve their abilities on the baseball fields. Once they are able to improve this ability on the field then they will start to reach their potentials as baseball players. If the players are not able to successfully execute these drill then they will not be able to understand why they are not able to develop. There are nine attribute of a great hitter to include: superior eye sight, superior pitch recognition, superior plate discipline, superior guess ability, superhero mental toughness, superior work ethic, superior strength, superior fast twitch muscles, and finally superior mechanics. These are the things you need to work on the most and when you are able to improve these things then you are able to become the best version of themselves. When we give Tulsa Baseball Lessons we are to ensure that we develop all these things that they are going to need to be a great players.

So the process goes as followed, understand that you need great vision as the cornerstone of being a great players, you need to have excellent breathing ability when you play, and you need mechanics to just fall into place whenever you are able to let eh body work and just texture what your vision and your brain says. We live in a time where it is completely backwards, we are so hung up on the fact that you need great mechanics, which is true but you have to get the conscious mind out of the way and just let your body rake over after your vision receive the input and the brain processes is and sends a signal for what to happen.

You have to think about Athletic Mission Baseball Academy who was ranked by Youth1 as a top 25 baseball academies across the entire country when you think about investing in Tulsa Baseball Lessons to understand the college recruiting process.

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