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One of the comp that we get our guide understand is the concept of quality about, and that’s the way for us to kind of measure and stay focused on the process. Athletic Mission Baseball Academy gives Tulsa Baseball Lessons and in the session we talk a lot about getting quality at bats. Rather than ignore it don’t show their nine different way than which they are able to measure and and and understanding and do what they got to do to be able to get quality at-bat and the first one is obviously hard hit ball. Don’t you go up there? Did you go to play the new hit the ball hard, then that the quality of the regardless of whether it was an out or a hit being able to square up the baseball is exactly what you were wanting to do being able to consist much we’re at the baseball at what’s going to make you a great off in the theater and being able to consistently square at the baseball at definitely going to allow you to get a mark of being able to have a quality about. The second part is going to be walked anytime. You can go ahead and get on base you’re, helping the team win but being able to be disappointed and taking your balls and strikes and being able to work the count into a walk, nothing that should be kind of a call you back. So whenever you are working account and, you are found in all pictures and year and you finally ultimately get the walk. You deserve to get a quality about and again that get you on base that gets you on team win by a man. They are made from a third way to measure call your bath going to be hit by pitch, but you can hit by pitch that again is getting into you on base again that the other day we’re trying to get on base and we’re trying to advance runs. So would you do if you sit there and you better be helping out of the way, and you said that you took a head count:the other quality at-bat and we’re going to be able to get on bathing and be able to help erectile bow and helping our team win games. Stuff and then the third part. Where would we would measure is? Are you moving a runner from first base with no out so? Did you get her? Did you ask the cute the snack bar bun, or are you allowed to be in your world over you all over to get the second base of being able to advance runners in this game? It is how you measure process of measuring a quality about. You know, still being able to sacrifice yourself to get the help, your team out by advancing runners and not being so selfish and getting hit yourself. It’s a great way to measure and get a a a quality. At-bat though that’s one thing that will help is when you can go out there and you can get the barrel control be able to move the run around. Then you deserve to get a quality. Aboutthe pathway is the score of running from third base with less than 2 hours. So when you got a runner to 90 feet away from foreign, you got to get them in the other matter. How you doing getting the barrel on the ball almost to show to that run, going to get in now, depending on the level that you’re at, but these are the amateur level getting the ball on the ground or in the air, or to the making contact with a ball that runner scores stuff and with too loud. That’s that game changer got to word of nuts going to ship the momentum our way, stop being able to score a run from third life in two hours, it’ll great about hand. Is it a week week.

We would count that other a quality at-bat turned up your measuring the process, the v, the six one is obviously a base hit any time you hit the ball hard and you get a basehead. That’s that’s the rule of base head. That’s a good and batman and robin still going to measure that contain time you get on base. Warn you get out babe, that’s going to give you a chance to get around the base middle school around stuff getting base. His is always a good thing. Now give me a base hit & barrel going out to hit the ball hard, it’s even better and that’s obviously what we’re trying to do more than anything else. It barrel at the baseball hit hard. Okay, just haven’t seen that will do. It will have a big pitch at-bat, not ending in a strikeout. So if you can, if you can go up there and you can battle, you found our picture taken ball, thickens drags hidden, drive, bound off melted, completely battling up. There then, and you get the brunt of the ball play and fix up and stick pictures or more than that., a good about we’re going to give you a call to you about there I’m good now, to put you at work in the account you’re working account of pigeon pictures pitch count is now up and he’s going to be able to be able to live much deeper into the game.

The eighth weigh will do. This is, will have a 9 picture, bad, even if the end with a strikeout. So again, where were doing you were measuring quality at-bats, so a 9 pitch at-bat. It we’re really getting deep with that picture and he making him work. So, even if you end up with a strikeout, would you get him 9 pictures never going to give you a call their back and you battled up there and then the last one? Is it’s going to be a catcher interference, so if the catcher sisters go out and in and he got that should penalize you you’re going to give her a call me about nothing that reference, so so those are the nine way the which we can keep our focus on the process and keep her focused on on just having some quality a bath. Find someone who is fulling invested in your hitters development and invest in the proper Tulsa Baseball Lessons.

So again, if you know you got to find somebody and talk to that, give talk to hitting lessons tulsa baseball lessons that will help you understand the project in and help me look at things from a different perspective and work on the process. So again, though. 9 wade word hit the ball hard burn. It up. That way the end of the day. That’s what you’re trying to do consistently barrel up the baseball, we’re going to take a walk, that’s going to give them bathed, which is going to allow us to eventually score score, runner still finding a way to get on base at, even if it take for a walk. Not when I should you could you want to hit not being selfish but finding a way to get on base for that you can score and then getting hit by pitch. A lot of kid want to jump out of the way of their pitch, so got to be able to just stay in there. Take the hit and then be able to take your base about going to help you get on base to be able to help your team won games. So don’t jump out of the way of the fed get hit by food that the great quality about sin. Again we’re moving the runner from first with no out so finding a way to get the ball down on a bun or find the ball find the way to get the ball. The opposite field of your lab big, find the way to roll get that runner from purchase that come with no out advancing a runner 90 feet. Every time is always a good thing.

On the run from third base, with less than 2 hours. After that when you got to run on 3rd grade, you got to get them in less than 2 hours, I’m getting getting the getting the babe the bat on to the ball for almost sure that we get that runner in still work hard. Get that bad. Get that runner in platinum 2 hours for the run around 3rd and good things will happen and you’ll get it you’ll get mad you or call you back and then the bass head here anytime, you get a good back there, a good, hard head! That’s going to that’s going to be a check mark! Call you about a fake picture about not ending a strike out, so remember that the 6th pitch at math, not anymore, strikeout, meaning that it doesn’t matter if you want. It should mean that you’re working account and doing good work up there 9:15 that evening, so I got to meet that. You were absolutely battling and you refused to go down quickly in and got that pitch count up on that picture. So that’s the last one of them, so the catcher interference so doing what you got to do and making sure that you know that if the catcher glove in the way we’re-and we headed there-now.

Hit ball-we get out, we get our baby. So, although there wait for us to come measure our quality about the measure, how we get on base in and keeping us broken down the process so easily if I went from, but then I went over to physically, but I actually got hit by pitch. I hit the ball hard, even though they caught it and then I move the runner from birth, respecting with no out those that are being open to today, I’m actually 242 kennel way to instead of think of yourself with the zero point. I, have it that day, you have a 1000 average, that day so kind of shift in perspective and not then sit in the great way to do things, and when you shift your perspective from that you’re going to have a lot more six. Then. When you have a lot more sub, you have a lot more confident and give a lot more confident. You have a lot more fun on a map of the games, all about the games about having fun and doing the things that again take for one games been in there and just in to develop yourself again. We need to find somebody in Tulsa Baseball Lessons who give talking baseball last night and that can help you understand the process that and to focus on the process.

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