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When it comes to pitching, there’s got to be a system that you follow on. We are the facility that gives Tulsa Baseball Lessons and understand how to teach a system that gets results. That will help you focus on a process and when you can do that, you’re going to have some fun and you get you going to focus on the game with in the game at the end of the day, been able to get head without not an easy thing to do, but being able to act. If you your job, is it actually an easier thing to do so? One way we can do this is the have an understanding of the pitching pyramid process and what it is. Dude is a bunch of thing that we can do to measure what we are doing and I think that we can measure what we are doing, what we are at pictures of doing and not focusing on the other and the other team. What happened to the last time we get to focus on the other team and good thing. Nothing good comes from that, so we’ve got to be able to have a system where we can be able to constantly get guy down and do our job at pictures. So why? The way that we do it is a pitching pyramid concept and this basically a pyramid, and when you think of it the first part of the pyramid is going to be throwing strikes. So in order to throw strikes you you got it, you got to throw strikes, be able to even be a picture, so you got us gun, source dry, the next part of that it it getting getting out. So if you can throw strikes, you’re going to get your increased of getting out there going to be better, so you got to throw start where you can get guys out. The neck part is going to be the quality inn in so you can get throw strikes, get out.

You can be able to have a chance of increasing your ability to get quality any i. Don’t laugh too, that it is winning game. So if you could throw strikes, get guys, I’ll have quality inn in you’re going to win game. So this is what the whole foundation the whole process it is steamed off of, and this is why you need to focus on me. The fucking liar process. That’s going to allow you to keep this in in in the forefront of your mind, still getting guy about it. It doesn’t matter how you do it I’m getting guy that I was getting guys out and we have to have an understanding that getting I doubt it it’s our job at pictures.. It did the wrong the picture of the cake guy down okay, but it’s also are rolled off to the first strike, get caught the ending & win game, so you can either you need to think of all of their you. You hear a lot of people say:throw strikes, but just acted on one part of it and you can throw a strike and not get guys out. So you got to be able to throw a strike and get guy down. You can throw strikes, get guy that now you can that you’re going to have quality inn in. So that’s what everyone looking for their out of the picture. They want pictures back and forth trying to get out, have quality inn and they know I didn’t get bad they’re going to be able to get some wind out of the picture so drone strike it. Is it the name of the game? So that’s the first by throwing strikes. If you cannot throw up. Consistently, then you’re not going to be able to be a picture so being able to repeat your motion being able to throw the ball consistently for a strike it it’s something you have to work on all the time. You got to be able to locate all your pictures and thrown for stripes, okay and then the next part is going to be getting gas. Now it doesn’t matter how you do it if you throw strikes, if you mixed up the pigeon, if you’d be back to block the after you’re going to be able to get guy down and your whole goal, throwing strikes man and throwing ball, that is driving game balls that are struggling and suck their balls drop.

That need to be driven off trying to get guy down. But you got to be able to start to be able to get gas now so dark out and grab a fly ball. Doesn’t matter headed and I’ll be ideal, you have a strategy to be able to do or what you want when you need it, and that’s that part of the gas part of the game now the picture you got to be able to throw strikes and then we got to be able to get gas out and then we’re going to measure quality inning. So how we measure quality in this is what this the part we’re going to measure more than anything else, and this is this will measure you know whether we are still on strike and getting gas I’ll be calling the goal for our picture, that we want 13 or less dry, cleaner or pitches per inning about the quality any. With the Tulsa Baseball Lessons we track everything and know how to use this to help you develop. So if you’re, throwing 14 15 16 17 18, 19 20 pitches for any that’s, not a good thing that the longevity and not going to be there so 13 or left pitches per inning is what we’re shooting for the picture. So you got. How do we do that? We throw strikes, if you don’t throw side, then we’re not going to be able to get 13 or last picture and printing okay, throwing the first pitch strike. The name of the game. You got to get ahead of the picture of the batter, so it’s getting dry is the most important part of the game.

Getting strike want to just throw it right down the middle and end. When you have to hit it, then we get a chance to make the point that they go to eat you to go really deep within and then we’ll work on that. But but good at getting ahead of the batter is the name of the game of the picture. So you gotta be gotta work extremely hard on getting strike one. The next part is going to be over off-dry. We don’t want to med you at where you at we want to mail, you how many pictures were snoring, but we want to measure how many stripes we are throwing based on the number of hits and that works on the only we’re shooting for 60%. And. We can get 60% strike, then we’re going to have a great longevity. We’re going to have great quality starts, which in turn is going to turn into women, and then the next part is over all strike the overall pictures. How many pictures do we throw all together again? We want to shoot the 13 / any the overall banana game. The number pictures, so these are all the things that were closing out of the picture. Are the picture either think that we’re going to focus now on, instead of who the battery is? Who the team is getting? None of that matters if we’re just going to focus on throwing strike, getting guys out having quality, inning and winning the game? If you can do this, you’re going to have a lot of success in a lot of fun of the picture, it did that the measurement of fixed that’s going to be a lot higher than just showing that you either want to lock the game or that you didn’t do fyz to go. Find someone who give called the baseball last night. I got the money to get paul to be 4i.

Can the understand the process that can help you? You need someone, that’s going to teach you how to throw strikes and throwing strikes really just getting in and not work with your mechanic. Man I’m throwing the ball. Now you be able to repeat your delivery over and over and over and over, and you can do that then you’re going to have a lot of bad thoughts die. Then from there you got to be able to move the ball around the strike zone and change, be changed, plane and do whatever it is. You got to do to be able to get get out and I’ll get the get the ground or get the fly ball again, get a strike out and then I’m not to get our stuff understand that back of blithely process of getting guys out. If you can do that, you’ll have a lot of fun, then having quality, innings, 2013 pictures or less bethought strike-throwing 60% to drive, because the reef shown that 60% strike will give will give you the best longevity and for quality start and we talked to meet Wednesday. Be sure to understand that we give Tulsa Baseball Lessons, a training system that help you implement systems.  Did the overall strikes the number of picture that we throwing all together so again, these are the things that we’ve got to focus on, throwing strike, getting guys out, partying and winning game. If you can do all the other than pitching me come find the game with in the game and the game with in the game boy off  than the actual game, you can learn to change your perspective, a ship, the focus from the result to a process you’ll be surprised how how you, like the results of the results, will come out.

Baby and I flew if you get the profit part right when you get the profit part right, the result take care of yourself, and this is the part that it doesn’t matter who you are it doesn’t matter what you doing what level you’re at this is the part you got to get right and you got to find someone that can teach you how to do this, because this has to be taught. This is a mind that it’s a ship at the end of perspective, shipped and you’ve got to figure out how to do it and you got to, but it’s got to be taught, and we we are one of the only one, then that get pulse of baseball last time that the teachers there. Is it a lot of assumptions in this game. You know how to do what you do, but really everyone needs to be taught how to do things because they don’t know how you got to amber to get a never heard of that. You guys have got to learn and be taught how to change your perspective. Find a facility that gives Tulsa Baseball Lessons to implement a system of success such as Athletic Mission Baseball Academy. So again you got to have systems in place to be able to allow you to have a lot of success and the one of this morning the system is, did pyramids, the pitching pyramid, and you can get really good and have good pitching pyramid you going to have a lot of success at the picture

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